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Selling an apartment in Cologne-Junkersdorf – Find out everything you need to know about selling an apartment in the elegant Junkersdorf district of Cologne. From prices per square meter in Junkersdorf to valuation to real estate marketing, with our tips you are well prepared for a successful apartment sale. Also: Hiring a real estate agent or selling an apartment privately? – Welcome to Cologne-Junkersdorf! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne-Junkersdorf

Chic Junkersdorf inspires not only with its picturesque location including green belt, but also with its good connections to other parts of the city and the very high quality of life. Junkersdorf also stands out as a strong national and international business location. A number of celebrities have settled here, such as actress Mirja Boes, presenter Frauke Ludowig and soccer player Hannes Löhr.

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Therefore, in Junkersdorf you can count on a fast apartment sale:

  • Exclusive location
  • Several parks and green areas
  • Strong economy
  • Very good connection
  • High quality of life

Between Hürth, Müngersdorf & Weiden: Map

The Veedel is located in the Lindenthal district and borders Müngersdorf, Hürth and Weiden. The Cologne district of Lövenich, as well as the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Frechen are also not far away by car, bus and train.

Now a look at the mesolocation of Junkersdorf:

Popular residential area: Marsdorf & Stadtwaldviertel

Junkdersdorf is home to popular neighborhoods, such as Marsdorf and the Stadtwaldviertel. In the north of Junkdersdorf above Jungbluthgasse and Kölner Weg, housing prices are particularly high. Similarly, between Donauweg and Statthalterhofallee, as in the Stadtwaldviertel. More on the exact prices per square meter in a moment.

Here are our guides:

Jungbluthgasse, Donauweg & Co: High prices

If you own an apartment in Junkersdorf and would like to sell it, you can enjoy an average of 4,350 euros per square meter. In order to determine an exact selling price, the property valuation is important. This requires expertise and specialist knowledge. Find out here what needs to be considered in a valuation and which factors affect the value of your apartment.

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The banks of the Rhine are not far from Junkersdorf:

Das charmante Rheinufer mit etlichen historischen Brücken und Häusern vor strahlend blauem Himmel

Guidebook: Planning, Valuation & Marketing

Old building apartment, penthouse or maisonette – Good preparation is half the battle. Have you applied for the energy certificate and collected invoices for any tradesmen’s services? What factors influence the purchase price? And what should you pay attention to during sales talks? You can find out everything you need to know here.

Preparation: Important documents

For the sale of your property you need numerous documents. The extract from the land register, the energy certificate and building plans, floor plans, proof of modernization and renovation, as well as documents on ownership are just a few examples. The more comprehensive you can document the details of your property, including all work carried out, the more professionally you can sell the property.

You should prepare these documents:

  • Land register excerpt
  • Energy certificate
  • Construction plans
  • Floor plans
  • Evidence of modernization and renovation
  • Documents on the ownership

Valuing real estate: Determining the purchase price

The valuation takes an important position in the sale of houses and condominiums and serves as the basis of all serious offers. On top of that, a professional valuation prevents the sale from being drawn out due to an excessively high offer price or your property being sold at a loss below its actual value.

During the valuation, an authentic market value is determined

These factors affect the value of your property:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Surrounding infrastructure
  • Equipment
  • Year of manufacture
  • Building condition
  • Market situation

Real estate marketing: Exposé & viewings

The exposé with all the details and meaningful images takes a lot of time and must be created without errors. Then you are faced with the question in which portals the advertisements will reach your target group without wastage. The preparation and placement of the sales ads alone present owners without experience with a difficult and time-consuming task. In addition, interested parties negotiate and basically try to undercut your offer price in order to acquire the apartment at a lower price. Again, we recommend trusting the expertise of a real estate agent.

The real estate marketing at a glance:

  1. Create exposé
  2. Create advertisements (online & offline)
  3. Real estate tour
  4. Sales talks

Not only existing properties can be found in Junkersdorf. There are also some new-build apartments:

Modernes Mehrfamilienhaus mit Balkonen und roter Fassade

In advance! Sell property with or without a broker?

Without core competence and know-how in negotiations, or with emotions, which are always involved in privately used real estate in Cologne-Junkersdorf, satisfaction with the result is more of a coincidence. In addition, the sale of real estate becomes very stressful, takes a lot of time and can lead to financial losses if expertise is lacking. But a private real estate sale also brings advantages. Here are some tips:

Sell property privately: Tips

Many owners imagine that selling real estate is easy. Especially at a time when asking prices are skyrocketing due to high demand, valuation and market research are put on the back burner in terms of comparative prices in Cologne-Junkersdorf. When selling apartments, you should switch off your gut feeling and consider concretely whether you can conduct tough negotiations and enforce your ideas in terms of price and settlement.

Here’s what you should look for in a private real estate sale:

  • Conduct market analysis in advance
  • Determine the value of the property
  • Always judge without emotion

Real estate agent: advantages

Private sellers not only invest a lot of time in the sale of apartments, but also spend a lot of money on the implementation of their plan. If you sell your property through a real estate agent, you make cost-saving decisions and can invest your valuable time in your business and private life. You benefit from a perfectly determined market value, professional viewings with interested parties, negotiation skills and a complete handling of the contract up to the notarization. You decide who you want to sell your property to.

These are the benefits of having a broker:

  • Avoidance of costly errors
  • Less stress
  • More time for private life
  • Higher success rate

Selling in the media metropolis: XL guidebook

With over 1 million inhabitants, the media metropolis on the Rhine is one of the hubs in NRW, but also in Germany. Located in western Germany, the city borders other metropolitan areas such as Düsseldorf and Bonn. The media city can be found directly on the Rhine and can be divided into different parts and districts. Neighboring cities include Düsseldorf, Bonn and Leverkusen. Cologne stands for media, TV and press like no other city in Germany. That is why the metropolis on the Rhine is constantly growing. Südstadt, Altstadt, Ringe, Ehrenfeld or Sülz, where is the best place to live?

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