Living on Mallorca: Puerto de Andratx, Son Vida, Bendinat & Deià- buy real estate in luxurious location

Living in Mallorca: This is probably the dream of many. If you are interested in buying a luxury property, Mallorca would probably be ideal for you alone, as a couple or even for your family. Real estate is always a good investment and a very good investment. Invest in a life of luxury, exclusivity and privacy. Spend many of your days on the popular Balearic island, visit exclusive restaurants, go shopping in the hottest boutiques, play in one of the many golf clubs or spend exciting days and nights in the glamorous marina. In Mallorca there are no limits to your lifestyle. Buy your property and get advice from a luxury real estate agent in Mallorca.

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City and districts of Mallorca: Life in the Balearic Islands

Especially in Mallorca, there are many exclusive and trendy neighborhoods where you can live. Before buying a property, however, you should look at the advantages of each area and find your preferences. Especially for a holiday home or a second home, the location is one of the most important criteria when buying, which is why we will present the most exclusive and especially the most private residential areas for you here. Peace and security are the most important aspects. Feel protected in your home and forget the stress of your everyday life. Here you will find all the important facts about the perfect location on Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca & Bendinat: advantages of city and country life

If you are interested in buying a luxury property, you will almost always need to consult a real estate agent, who will assist you with the purchase decision and the transaction. With this you also discuss your preferred location, so that he can look for the right villas and present them to you. You should ask yourself the following question: do you prefer the hip city life, the tranquility of the countryside or a mixture? If you want to combine the advantages of city and country life, areas like Palma de Mallorca, especially Son Vida and the town of Bendinat are ideal. Both offer the privacy and exclusivity and you are still close to the capital of the island and can live out your luxury lifestyle. In the following article you will learn more about these two communities.

Peace and privacy in Puerto de Andratx and Deià

If you prefer an even quieter and more secluded area for your property, towns such as Puerto de Andratx and Deja are very suitable. Both are exclusive residential areas with a lot of privacy, security and tranquility. Because of this, you’re likely to see a lot of celebrities there. In Deja the atmosphere is very idyllic and natural. The architecture is not modern or new, but consists of traditional stone buildings. In Puerto de Andratx, on the other hand, you will see a lot of modern new buildings. Decide what you personally find more beautiful and choose your favourite.

Puerto de Andratx – Camp de Mar: exclusive properties in a quiet area

You are interested in buying an exclusive property, want to build a holiday home or a second home on Mallorca and are now looking for the right area? Then you should definitely take a look at the town of Puerto de Andratx. Most of the villas in this town are built on the slopes of the Tramuntana mountain and therefore offer an impressive view over the sea. Puerto de Andratx and the smaller and equally exclusive town of “Camp de Mar” have for years attracted many wealthy buyers from all over Europe who are particularly interested in buying modern designed properties. Both places offer a beautiful landscape with a traditional atmosphere and a lot of privacy.

Property prices: 4.5 to 18 million euros

Porte de Andratx: Villas in the southwest of Mallorca & directly at the sea

Porte de Andratx is a seaside town, located in the southwest of the island and the expensive properties are some of the highest in Mallorca. The town is about half an hour from the city of Palma and the airport PMI. La Mola” is considered to be a particularly well-known and exclusive district. This is very popular because of the luxurious villas with underground garages, infinity pools and the particularly high location. Should you be able to purchase a property in this area, you will certainly have a magnificent view over the sea, the harbour and the valley. The resort of “Camp de Mar” is also only a few minutes drive from Puerto de Andratx and is particularly striking because of the many new buildings. Those who own a property here are offered a lot of luxury. Besides the beautiful white sandy beach, there is a golf course nearby and you can do many activities like sailing or hiking. Although there is tourism, Camp de Mar is very quiet and you have many retreats.

  • Population Puerto de Andratx: 11,300
  • Area Puerto de Andratx: 82 km²

Cityscape: Cultural offer in the valley of the Tramuntana mountains

The townscape of both areas is particularly characterised by the backdrop of the Tramuntana mountains and the beautiful landscape. In addition to the many exclusive restaurants, bars, boutiques or the Yacht Club, this part of Mallorca offers you a cultural society. Especially in summer you can visit many art exhibitions in the CCA Andratx, concerts or events. Also the society in Puerto de Andratx is mixed and international. Locals, people from all over the world and celebrities live together and enjoy the privacy and tranquility that this place brings. For example, you might meet Brad Pitt or ABBA singer Anni-Gried Lingstand, who enjoy the privacy.

  • Beautiful landscape
  • Cultural society
  • International, many celebrities

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Palma de Mallorca: exclusive villa district in the Son Vida Hills

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic island of Mallorca and therefore best known. Despite the many tourists, the largest city on the island offers some exclusive corners where you can live luxuriously and privately. While in the city interior you will find more apartments and penthouses, the so-called “Son Vida Hills” offer some impressive villas with a breathtaking view of the bay of Palma. This neighbourhood is one of the most exclusive and expensive residential areas in Europe. So if you are currently in Mallorca and looking for the perfect luxury property, you should definitely take a look at this area. The architecture is a mix of modern and contemporary designs, among which you are sure to find your dream villa. Whether it’s magnificent, classic modern, with its own spa or infinity pool. You will find your perfect property in this district.

Real estate prices: From approx. 2 million euros up to 22 million euros.

  • Population: about 450

Son Vida: Noble quarter with city proximity

The location of the posh Son Vida-Hills district is also ideal. It’s in the south of the island and west of the capital. It’s just a 15-minute drive to the centre of Palma and a 20-minute drive to PMI airport. There are also activities to suit you. Visit one of the three exclusive golf courses, which are located around the core of Son-Vida. For boat lovers, the glamorous marina “Puerto Portals” is in the immediate vicinity and takes about 15 minutes by car. So the location of the villa district is ideal. Especially for people who enjoy peace and privacy, but still want to live out the luxurious lifestyle, Son-Vida offers the perfect mix.

  • Near Palma de Mallorca
  • In the south of the island
  • Golf courses, marina

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Cityscape: many green spaces, nature and leisure facilities

Son Vida is particularly attractive for city and country lovers. The small neighbourhood near Palma lies at the foot of the Tramontana mountains and offers plenty of peace and green spaces for relaxation. You can relax in nature and avoid the tourist hustle and bustle of the capital. Nevertheless, you can quickly be in trendy boutiques, high class restaurants or beach clubs. Even the beach is usually quiet in high season and you can reach it by taking a small staircase. Spend your time walking or hiking in the nature, do water sports or go golfing. Son Vida offers a wide range of recreational and leisure activities, making it ideal for couples, families and retirees.

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Here you can get your own picture of the area in Son Vida.

Bendinat: High-end area of Mallorca

The town of Bendinat is known for its exclusivity and luxury properties. This area is often called the high-end area of Mallorca and is especially ideal for families. Almost all villas have a large pool, lots of green spaces and are close to the sea. Yet you are away from the tourist hustle and bustle and can enjoy peace and privacy. Live your privileged lifestyle in your dream villa, go to exclusive restaurants or play golf. Bendinat is ideal as an investment in a second property.

Property prices: 1.5 to 11 million euros.

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Real estate directly at the sea in impressive hilly landscape

The village of Bendinat is located in the southwest of the island of Mallorca and is about 20 minutes from the capital Palma and just 10 minutes from PMI airport. The exclusive place is located directly at the sea and in a hilly landscape. The most expensive properties are to be found in old Bendinat near the beach promenade, as these are located above the hill and therefore an impressive sea view is a prerequisite. The space and property selection is very limited and exclusive. In this area it is not allowed to build a new house on an undeveloped area, because meanwhile all green areas are under nature protection.

If a luxury property is on the market, it usually sells out quickly, so it’s worth working with an experienced luxury real estate agent.

  • Population: about 500
  • Area: 250 ha

Cityscape: privacy, no tourism and many beaches

The municipality of Bendinat has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The town is not a tourist destination, so it is not overcrowded in the high season, yet there are no problems renting a property here during the holiday season, as the place has enough enthusiasts looking for luxury accommodation. The golf course is also a highlight. You have the option of buying villas with a direct view of the course to get a magnificent view. The neighborhood is well-kept and peaceful, you have access to several beaches and are still quickly in the capital.

So if you’re looking to combine the benefits of beach and country living, you’re sure to find it in Bendinat. Beachfront properties in particular are a rarity, but you can find them here.

  • Quiet, private atmosphere
  • Neat neighborhood
  • Golf course nearby

Here is a view of the streets in Bendinat.

Deià: artists’ village of Mallorca

Dejà is known as the artists’ village of Mallorca and promises exclusivity and privacy. The small village with the famous “High Dejà” attracts many celebrities and wealthy due to its special location, making it the perfect place for a second home. At the highest point of the mountain are the most expensive properties with the best views of Cala Dejà, a beautiful bay in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains.

The traditional area is particularly historically valuable. The tradition should be preserved, which is why the construction of new buildings is prohibited. If you have the opportunity to buy one of the sought-after properties on the Tramuntana mountain, you will be offered a special view, a lot of privacy and the perfect sun exposure. This is why this area is so popular and sought after.

Depending on its size, a property can cost between 1.2 and 17 million euros.

Real estate on the northwest coast: impressive landscape

Deià is located on the northwest coast of the island of Mallorca and is about 40 minutes by car from the capital Palma and the airport (PMI). The town is located on the Tramuntana mountain range at 400 metres above sea level and promises breathtaking views with plenty of privacy. The most desirable and expensive properties are located at the top of the mountain and range from the Belmond La Residencia to the mountain stream.

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This area is also known as “The Sunny Side”, as this is the part of Dejà where you can get the most sunshine. The traditional surroundings, stunning mountain scenery and uniform design of the architecture are considered particularly popular, which is why properties on this side of the island are so popular. It usually takes a 30-minute walk to get to the stone beach of Deià.

  • Population: 620 (2018)
  • Area: 15 km²

Townscape: Idyllic, picturesque and traditional

The village of Dejà is particularly known for its idyllic landscape, the many olive trees, the picturesque surroundings and of course the impressive mountain scenery. The small artists’ village, where Pablo Picasso once lived, acquires through the uniform architecture and the traditional stone houses a very own and special charm, therefore this place is particularly popular and exclusive.

You will be offered a wide range of excellent restaurants, boutiques and galleries where you can spend relaxing days and evenings. Nevertheless, the landscape and nature is unspoiled, and you can hike and bike ideally. Another absolute highlight is the 70-metre long pebble beach bay with green-blue water in the middle of the high mountains. Here you also get a choice of exclusive restaurants and quality food.

  • Impressive mountain landscape
  • Unified architecture
  • 70m pebble beach cove
  • High quality, exclusive restaurants

See for yourself the beautiful surroundings of this artists’ village and take a look at the traditional villas.

Puerto de Andratx, Palma, Bendinat & Deià: Real Estate in Mallorca

As you’ve already learned, Mallorca has some exclusive neighbourhoods where you can buy property. Invest in a property abroad and in your dream villa in the most popular destination of the German. Spend relaxing days, weeks or months on the Balearic island and live your privileged and luxurious lifestyle to the full. The hottest beach clubs, most exclusive restaurants, most expensive boutiques and most glamorous marinas. Mallorca has it all and you can choose the location of your villa according to your preferences.

Conclusion: Summary, comparisons & Co.

Overall, you can say that the most famous and luxurious places are listed here. In the capital Palma and the adjacent Son Vida Hills you can combine the benefits of an exclusive city life with the tranquility and privacy of the countryside. This is especially beneficial for families as you can enjoy a wide range of leisure activities. In Puerto de Andratx you will have a little more peace and quiet and be more isolated from tourism. This place is particularly popular and stands out because of the high-priced villas.

Bendinat is also known as a high-end area and can score especially through the ideal location. However, if you are more interested in a quiet and idyllic villa, the artist village of Dejà would be very suitable for you. Between the impressive mountain landscapes and the traditional stone houses, you can relax in this place many days a year and pursue hobbies such as hiking or cycling.

  • Son Vida: very exclusive and luxurious
  • Puerto de Andratx: more peace and privacy
  • Bendinat: ideal location, quiet and close to town
  • Dejà: traditional, impressive landscape