Living on Ibiza: Talamanca, Sant Josep & Jesús- exclusive property on the luxury island

Living on Ibiza: This is probably the dream of many. The famous luxury island of the Balearic Islands is particularly popular and especially respected by many celebrities. If you can party here in one of the famous clubs with world-famous DJs, you belong to the elite! If you are currently looking for a luxury property, Ibiza would be an ideal choice for you. The island offers a lot more than just exclusive parties. Luxury is definitely part of it, because Ibiza offers you so much. In this article you will learn everything about the most desirable locations for real estate in Ibiza. Start your search with your real estate agent and invest in a property as an investment. Relax in a trendy beach club during the day and end the evening in a high-class restaurant. If this sounds good to you, you should definitely read on.

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City and districts of Ibiza: life on the Balearic Islands

Ibiza has some beautiful places to buy a villa, house or penthouse. The popular Balearic island offers a lot of luxury and is especially popular with celebrities and the elite. If you are currently looking for your holiday home on the beach, you should definitely take a look at the places presented here. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the luxury hotspots and show you where it’s best to live. See for yourself and invest in a property.

Talamanca, Sant Josep & Jesús: Real estate on the coast

Talamanca, Sant Josep and Jesús are absolute property hotspots on the island and you can find some luxurious properties to invest in there. Talamanca and Jesús are close to the island’s capital Eivissa/Ibiza Town. You can spend a relaxing day and an exciting night here. The location of the two places makes them particularly popular. Especially in Jesús there are not many tourists and you can relax privately in a beach club. In the evenings, however, you can quickly get to the party metropolis and party with the biggest celebrities. Sant Josep, on the other hand, is a bit out of the way and can be found in the southwest of the island. The place is located on a mountain and you will have an impressive view with your property. Here you can relax in privacy, go to trendy designer shops or visit one of the beautiful beaches.

Talamanca: resort with marina and beach clubs

Talamanca is a well-known place in Ibiza and is located close to the island’s capital, Eivissa. If you are currently looking for a property in this area, Talamanca would be ideal for you alone, as a couple or as a family. The small town is very centrally located and you have many different ways to spend the day and evenings there. Go shopping, spend a few hours in the sun on the beautiful beach or do water sports. There is also plenty of entertainment in the evening and at night. Visit a high class restaurant or explore the party scene in Ibiza Town. Talamanca is very diverse and you will find many luxurious properties here.

Depending on the size, properties from 500,000 to 6 million euros can be found here.

Luxurious real estate in an ideal location

Talamanca is a small town on Ibiza and is located northwest of the island’s capital Eivissa. You can reach it in 15 minutes by foot. Furthermore, the airport IBZ can be reached in 10 minutes by car. Talamanca is therefore ideally located and you can reach all the important locations of the island very quickly. The 800 meter long sandy beach of Talamanca is also very well known and is one of the largest on the island. There is a wide range of restaurants, cafes, water sports facilities and a beach club.

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Visit: beautiful place near the capital of the island

Talamanca is a popular holiday resort near the island’s capital Ibiza Town. The small town is often called a recreational area, as tourism is not very pronounced in this part of the island. During the day you have the opportunity to spend a relaxing beach day in the beach club and swim in the turquoise water. Relax in the sun, drink a few cocktails and enjoy yourself. In the evening you have the possibility to have an exclusive dinner in the marina and then start the nightlife in one of the many clubs and bars. The famous club “Pacha” is only 10 minutes away. Here, world-famous DJs play and you are sure to meet a few stars.

  • Resort
  • Exclusive dinners in the marina
  • Close to famous and big clubs

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Visit here yourself the beautiful city, with the many small streets and beautiful villas of Talamanca.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia: Hotspot of the elite

The village of Sant Josep is one of the richest municipalities on the island of Ibiza and a hotspot for the elite. If you are currently looking for a suitable luxury property, it would be advisable to take a look at what is on offer in Sant Josep. Surrounded by the most affluent people, this municipality gives you the opportunity to relax and spend private, relaxing days on the island. Experience exciting days on your own or on a rented luxury yacht and end the day in a chic, high-class restaurant. This is a great place to spend time with your friends and family and live out your luxury lifestyle, which is why buying a property here is really worth it.

Price of a villa: 1.5-10 million euros

Real estate in the southwest of the island

Sant Josep de sa Talaia is located in the southwest of the island of Ibiza, about 15 kilometres from the island’s capital, Eivissa (Ibiza Town), and a 10-minute drive from IBZ airport. The name of the village comes from the mountain “sa Talaia de Sant Josep”, as the small town is located at its foot. The mountain is the highest on the island at 475 metres and if you have a property on this mountain you will be offered spectacular views over the sea and the island. The municipality has over 85 kilometres of coastline at its disposal, so you will have a wide choice of beaches and coves with crystal clear waters.

  • Population: 24,000
  • Area: 160 km²

Sightseeing: situated on a mountain with a beautiful view

Inland, you can admire some beautiful landscapes and different architectural styles, especially in Sant Josep. The classic white houses are particularly popular. The charming town now offers a wide range of leisure attractions, restaurants and shopping. Go hiking on the famous mountain or have a relaxed dinner in one of the first class restaurants. If you feel like a more relaxed shopping trip during the day, you can visit one of the many designer boutiques.

  • Individual architecture
  • Many leisure attractions- restaurants, designer shops

If you don’t have time to fly to Ibiza, we offer you the possibility to see the special architecture and atmosphere digitally.

Jesús: exclusive lifestyle in a perfect location

Jesús is a small town in the south of the island of Ibiza and is located near the island’s capital Eivissa. The special thing about this suburb is in any case the ideal location. Who owns a property here, is offered a lot. During the day you can stroll through the small streets, shop, go out to eat or enjoy a few rays of sunshine on the beach. Despite this, you can enjoy exciting nights in the capital. Party in exclusive clubs with the hottest celebrities, enjoy your time and live the lifestyle.

Real estate prices for villas: 1.5- 4.5 million euros

Real estate in the south of the island

Jesús is located in the south of the island, north of the capital Ibiza Town. You can reach it within 8 minutes by car. Also the airport IBZ is close to the small town and you can be there in 11 minutes. So Jesús has an ideal location, is centrally located and you can do a lot in the capital of the island. Also the leisure offer in Jesús does not leave much to be desired. Besides some restaurants, bars and cafés, you will find a beautiful bay called S’Estanyol in the small village. The 50-metre-long sandy beach offers beach clubs and other small restaurants as well as the possibility of snorkelling and diving. It is the perfect place to unwind during the day and relax after a night of partying.

  • Population: about 4,500

Sightseeing: private retreat with few tourists

The small village of Jesús offers above all rest and relaxation. It is not teeming with tourists and therefore owning a property in this area is ideal. A great advantage is especially the proximity to the city. You have the possibility to spend exciting nights in Ibiza Town and relaxing days on the beach of Jesús. The small suburb is very close and you can reach all important destinations in a short time. Use this area as a retreat on the popular island and spend relaxing days, weeks or months in your dream villa in Ibiza.

  • Fewer tourists
  • Near Ibiza Town
  • Island retreat

Don’t have time to fly to Ibiza to see the beauty of this place for yourself? Then take a virtual look around and explore the city

Talamanca, Sant Josep & Jesús: Real estate in Ibiza

As you have already experienced, Ibiza has some interesting and beautiful regions where it is worth buying a property. So, if you are looking for your luxury property by the sea, Ibiza would be the ideal choice for you. Here you will find party holidays as well as some beautiful places with bays, beaches or marinas. Visit the different regions and be impressed by the beauty and nature of this island. Maybe you are there right now? If not, feel free to explore the island digitally. In this article you can see the most beautiful areas with Google Maps.

Conclusion & comparison: Which place suits you?

There are some beautiful places in Ibiza where you can invest in a luxury property. The small town of Talamanca is probably one of the first places to go when it comes to elite and luxury. Here you’ll find plenty of leisure, relaxation and exclusive activities. If you want to live more privately, away from the tourist metropolises, Sant Josep would be perfect for you. It is located in the southwest of the island, about 15 kilometres from Ibiza Town. Here everything is a bit quieter but still luxurious. There on the mountain you will be offered a breathtaking view, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and many designer shops. Also Jesús offers some advantages. Especially the location of this place is excellent, as it is not directly in the island’s capital, but you can still reach everything quickly. There are few tourists here and you can relax in your holiday home. Nevertheless, you have the possibility to visit trendy clubs in the evening and live a luxury lifestyle.