Golf Ibiza: Recommendation for the best golf courses on the island (+ real estate tips)

Golf Courses Ibiza – In fact, there are no golf courses in Ibiza, there is a golf course in a prime location above Eivissa (Ibiza Town) and below Roca Llisa (one of the most exclusive villa neighborhoods in Ibiza): Golf Ibiza. A small but nice golf course, fitting to the island. The big advantage: you can reach the golf course quickly, from many important places on the island. You are looking for a villa in Ibiza, but do not know exactly where and how? Contact us and / or read more here: Villa Ibiza.

Golf course map: location in Ibiza

Golf Ibiza is located in the southeast of the island, only about 10 minutes from the “island capital” Eivissa and below Santa Eulària, the second largest city on the island.

Address of the Golf Club:

  • Ctra. Jesús a Cala Llonga
  • 07849 Santa Eulàlia

Directions from:

  • Ibiza Airport – 15 minutes
  • Eivissa – 12 minutes
  • Sant Jesús – 5 minutes
  • Roca Llisa – 2 minutes
  • Santa Eulària – 8 minutes

Golf course terrain from above

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Therefore, a view from above, on the terrain of Golf Ibiza. Golf Ibiza actually consists of two golf courses with 9 and 18 holes, almost all with large greens.

Golf Club Restaurant

Imagine it’s 18°, the sun is shining. Now imagine it’s February, in the middle of winter. That’s why so many are drawn to Ibiza.

In the square: virtual tour

Thanks to Google, you can go directly on a virtual tour.

Living, directly at the Golf Club?

Just as in golf hotspots like Marbella, there are properties in the immediate vicinity of the golf club. For example, this small gated community called “Campo de Golf Ibiza”.

Are you looking for a property in Ibiza? I will be happy to help you as a consultant to find the right property, according to your wishes.

Directions from Eivissa / Roca Llisa

If you’ve only been to Ibiza briefly, or not yet, here are two prominent landmarks to get you there. Eivissa as the island capital and Roca Llisa as the hotspot and villa district (immediately nearby).

Route: Ibiza (Eivissa) to Golf Club

From Ibiza (Eivissa) to the Golf Club you need only 12 minutes by car. Even after arrival by plane an option to get directly into the island life.

  • Travel time 12 min
  • Route: 9.1 km via PMV-810-1

Route: Roca Llisa to the Golf Club

The journey from Roca Llisa to the Golf Club takes only 6 minutes.

  • Travel time: 6 min
  • Route: 2.8 km

Living on the golf course? Apartments and Villas

You would like to spend time in Mallorca for weeks or months at a time? Many use the winter time and are for some time in Mallorca. Popular with golfers are also real estate, directly on the course. As a real estate agent, I will gladly support you at any time in the acquisition of real estate.

Villa Ibiza: Where to buy?!

Exclusive island tour, villa neighborhoods and realtor tips – You want to buy a villa in Ibiza? Villa with pool, close to the beach and / or airport, quiet near the bay or close to the city with all shopping hotspots. Here you get to know you right and important parts of the island in Spain / Balearic Islands. Which location is worth buying according to my experience? Which parts of the island do I recommend to customers? So that you have a quick overview in Ibiza, divided into A, B and C location. Maybe you already know our Lukinski Real Estate Rating, in which we rate cities in Germany with over 50,000 inhabitants, in 3 categories: From good A-locations to more affordable C-locations. From Eivissa and gated community in Es Cubells, to Cala Vadella, to Sant Antoni.