Golf course Mallorca: recommendation for the best golf courses (+ real estate tips)

Golfing in Mallorca! What can be better than Mediterranean climate in all seasons, lush greenery and especially such a wide choice of golf courses, as here in Mallorca. In fact, you can play in over 20 clubs. To save you a lot of time searching for golf courses, I have written down my recommendations for golf courses in Mallorca. Clearly arranged in a list, from Son Vida, Son Gual, Alcanada, to Andratx. You are looking for a villa in Mallorca, but do not know exactly where and how? Contact us and / or read more here: Villa Mallorca.

Great choice: 20 + clubs in Mallorca

As a real estate agent, I am asked many questions, but one is particularly important: Which golf course can you recommend? Discovering all the golf courses in one tour is impossible. Discovering all the golf courses in this list is quite easy. My 10+2 recommendation for you.

All golf clubs / courses in one map

First an overview, in this map I have noted all golf courses in Mallorca for you:

Golf Son Vida: Directly in Palma de Mallorca

Son Vida is – according to personal taste – the villa district in Ibiza. As part of Palma de Mallorca, here you can enjoy all the advantages of the city, at the same time you have your peace and anonymity if you wish. In Son Vida, however, the golf course is also one of the most beautiful on the island and should be visited by you once, if you have the time.

As an alternative to Son Vida you will get to know Golf Son Muntaner, in the immediate vicinity.

Son Vida Golf Course on the map:

Golf Son Vida from above:

T-Golf & Country Club

Many, really many prefer to spend their time in Mallorca in the southwest of the island. Why? Here the sun shines the most intense and longest (evening sun). The ideal golf course for those who spend their time in Palma Nova, Santa Ponta or Torreno is the T-Golf & Country Club.

Directions to the T-Golf & Country Club:

View from above (drone):

Golf Son Gual

A little east of the island’s capital is Golf Son Gual. Also a first-class recommendation for golf fans on Mallorca. Here you have no sea view but even more “real Mallorca”. As an alternative to Golf Son Gual you will get to know the Golf Park Mallorca, only a few minutes away by car.

Golf Son Gual on the map:

Golf Son Gual Mallorca from above:

18 hole private club

Golf Son Muntaner

Golf Son Muntaner is located almost directly next to Son Vida and offers itself especially here as a direct alternative, for some variety. From here you have views in the direction of Palma, sea and also the landscape of Mallorca’s inland in view.

Golf Son Muntaner on the map.

Golf Son Muntaner from above:

Golf Park Mallorca

The Golf Park Mallorca is again a good alternative to Golf Son Gual. Also, a tip for those looking for a villa in Mallorca Santa Eugènia, small but nice, in the middle of the inland.

Golf Park Mallorca on the map:

Golf Park Mallorca from above:

Golf Son Antem

If you are already in the region, Son Antem is the 3rd tip here on site. If you drive from Palma de Mallorca towards the southeast, you will almost automatically pass Son Antem, as can also be seen here on the map for the approach.

Golf Son Antem on the map:

Golf Son Antem from above:

Vall D’or Golf

To visit Vall D’or Golf, you have to go to the east of the island. But the journey is worth it, because away from Palma de Mallorca it is of course “always quieter”. Fewer tourists, fewer visitors, more quality. Despite the longer journey, you should have the Vall D’or Golf Course on your radar.

Vall D’or Golf on the map:

Vall D’or Golf from above:

Club de Golf de Son Servera

We stay directly in the east of the island and come from my recommendation Vall D’or Golf to another recommendation on the east coast of Mallorca: Club de Golf de Son Servera.

Club de Golf de Son Servera from above:

Club de Golf Alcanada

Can you top the Club de Golf de Son Servera? Year, with Club de Golf Alcanada, located on a peninsula, with real 270° sea view.

Directions to Club de Golf Alcanada:

Club de Golf Alcanada from above:

Real Golf de Bendinat

Bendinat is one of the top addresses in Mallorca, as you may have already read in my guide Villas in Mallorca. Of course, there is a golf course here as well, but you might want to check out the recommendations above before playing a few rounds here. The course is good, but not very good.

Real Golf de Bendinat on the map:

Real Golf de Bendinat from above:

Capdepera Golf

How to find Capdepera Golf:

Capdepera Gulf from above:

Club de Golf Andratx

Last but not least, as always – Club de Golf Andratx must be on the list, as Port Andratx is also one of the most exclusive addresses on Mallorca.

Directions to the Club de Golf Andratx:

Club de Golf Andratx from above:

12 golf courses, 12 recommendations

These were 12 golf courses and 12 good recommendations for your next match in Mallorca. As soon as there are new golf courses in Mallorca, I will test you and decide if you make it to the recommendation list or not.

Living on the golf course? Apartments and Villas

You would like to spend time in Mallorca for weeks or months at a time? Many use the winter time and are for some time in Mallorca. Popular with golfers are also real estate, directly on the course. As a real estate agent, I will gladly support you at any time in the acquisition of real estate.

Buy Villa Mallorca: Where to buy?!

Island tour, villa neighborhoods + realtor tips, all in one guide! Villa with pool, unique views of Palma, secluded coves or hotspots like Son Vida (suburb of Palma) and Port Andratx, in the west of the island. Mallorca is the buyer magnet in the Mediterranean and in Spain when it comes to real estate. There are many hotspots, but only this island combines “the big city life” with beach, nature, sun and tranquility – in the secluded villa neighborhoods. Some have been visiting the island for 5 or 10 years and know exactly in which area of Mallorca they want to buy, others are still undecided about the right location in Mallorca.