Lake Starnberg: most expensive roads & real estate in the five-lake region

Lake Starnberg: Lake Starnberg is part of the “Fünfseenland cultural landscape” and is located in the south of Germany near the state capital Munich. The Fünf-Seen-Land is part of the Upper Bavarian region and, in addition to Lake Starberg, also includes Lake Wörthsee and three others. Lake Starnberg is not only an attractive holiday destination, it is also one of the most popular places to live in Bavaria. Cultural richness, unspoiled nature and the quiet and relaxed atmosphere make the communities around the lake a popular place to live. The rich and beautiful feel at home at Lake Starnberg. Whether it’s a holiday home on the shore, an apartment, a detached house or an exclusive villa with a view of the lake as a permanent residence – not only German celebrities can be found there, but also non-European aristocracy, successful entrepreneurs and wealthy heirs.

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Most expensive roads around Lake Starnberg

Around Lake Starnberg and in the entire “Fünfseenlandschaft” cultural landscape, there are numerous plots of land and properties which are particularly sought after due to their proximity to the water and nature. Here, in the middle of the beautiful landscape, a property is ideal as a main residence or as a holiday home and is a perfect investment. The real estate market in this area is very popular and those who are lucky enough to own a house here in a prime location can consider themselves very lucky and enjoy a lot of comfort.

Overview with the most expensive roads

Before we want to go into the most expensive streets in Hamburg with information such as location and prices per square meter: Here is an overview of the most expensive streets with the associated district. The purchase prices for properties here range on average between €11,800 and €25,000 per square metre.

  • Front lake road
  • Celtic Road
  • Lakeside Road
  • South lake road

Südliche Seestraße: Real estate with a view of the lake

While the north of Lake Starnberg convinces with its small town feeling and the community of Seeshaupt in the south with its family atmosphere, the east of Starnberg is considered a former residence of German nobility. And it is precisely here that the most expensive street in all of Bavaria is located, with its breathtaking view over the entire lake. Property prices in the southern lakeside street are around 25,000 euros per square metre.

The price per square metre here is

Maximum price up to 25,000 €/ sqm

Here you will find top addresses like:

  • Ammerland Sailing Club
  • Water rescue Ammerland

Southern lakeside road at Lake Starnberg (map):

Get a picture of the southern lake road yourself and explore the area in a virtual way!

Vordere Seestraße: Real estate at Lake Wörthsee

In contrast to the other streets, vordere Seestraße is located on Wörthsee, which, along with Lake Starnberg, is part of the “Fünfseenland” cultural landscape. Here are numerous beautiful properties in the midst of nature and directly on the northwest shore of the Wörthsee. Most of the properties offer a spacious property including a large garden. In addition, many have their own jetty including private lake and beach access. Here you can also moor a small boat. There is a small harbour including a beach bar in the vicinity.

The price per square metre here is

Maximum price up to 11,800 €/ sqm

Here you will find top addresses like:

  • Beach bar “Seaside resort
  • Ross Swamp
  • Hiking area PP Wörthsee

Vordere Seestraße at the Wörthsee (Map):

The area around the Wörthsee is beautiful and has a lot to offer. Make yourself a picture and explore the lake in a virtual way!

Keltenstraße: large plots in the middle of nature

Keltenberger Straße is located to the west of Lake Starnberg and is in the district of Pöcking. It stretches directly next to the Pöcking-Possenhofen sports club and is about two kilometres from the lake. On the Keltenstraße you will mainly find large estates with spacious properties and green areas. In addition, there is a small piece of forest southeast of the road. Due to this location near the lake and in the middle of nature, Keltenstraße is one of the most expensive streets on Lake Starnberg.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 12,450 € / m²

Here you will find top addresses like:

  • Sportclub Pöcking-Possenhofen eV

Celtic Road at Lake Starnberg (Map):

Seeuferstraße: Real estate with private lake access

The lakeside road is located on the eastern shore of Lake Starnberg and offers some numerous properties, which are highly sought after. In particular, the large plots and estates are especially popular and promise a lot of luxury. A further advantage is the private lake access, which offers some properties. Many properties are equipped with their own house jetty, so that you can access the lake from your own garden or even moor a small boat.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 22,550 € / m²

Here you will find top addresses like:

  • Holiday apartment on the lakeshore
  • Ambach Chapel
  • Farmhouse Hirn

Lakeside road at Lake Starnberg (map):

Why not explore the area yourself and take a virtual look at the surroundings!

Overview: Most expensive residential streets at Lake Starnberg

Sources: Image / Engel und Völkers / Lukinski

Street City / Region, District Maximum price / m²
Celtic Road Lake Starnberg, Pöcking 12,450 Euro
Lakeside Road Lake Starnberg, eastern shore Ammerland 22,550 Euro
South lake road Lake Starnberg, eastern shore Ammerland 25,000 euros

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Living at Lake Starnberg: villa, property, apartment

With a population of around 1.7 million, Munich is not only Germany’s third largest city, but also one of the country’s strongest economic centres. It is also famous for its high quality of life and the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity Thus, Lake Starnberg not only enjoys great demand as a holiday destination, but also as an attractive place to live.