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5 real estate location tips for cafés: Scale like Starbucks

Growth like Starbucks: Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of running a successful café? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will explore the secrets of the success of “Coffee Fellows” in Germany, a café chain that has held its own against giants like Starbucks. We’ll take a closer look […]

“Hollywood” sign: Real Estate Investor Story from “Hollywood Land” – you never would have guessed!

I have to share this investor story with you! You know the famous “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles (USA). Did you know that the world famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles has a really fascinating story behind it? And did you know that it was actually about real estate? My little story of Villa Tour […]

The Line (Saudi Arabia): Location, photos + videos of the construction project

A 170-kilometer-long, 500-meter-high mirrored line will soon cross the Saudi Arabian Desert. People will live and work in it. Another superlative project, following the recent inauguration of the mirrored concert hall. “The Line” will be the name of the city with over 9 million inhabitants. Under the title “What if we could start again” only […]

Rent house / apartment house for sale: Location, condition, valuation, broker, taxes + All steps in selling

Rent house / apartment building sale – You want to sell your rented house and have questions about the process, real estate agents, valuation and appraisal of your apartment building? Here you will find all the important answers to the first questions and the complete checklist for the sale, in 18 easy steps. First get […]

Istanbul becomes island: shipping, Bosphorus, history and future – Video Doku

In Capital Investment Istanbul I have already reported a little about Istanbul. The city has the largest airport in the world. It is the largest city on two continents (Europe and Asia). Half of the economic output in Turkey is located here. The city itself is stronger than the whole of South Africa. Mainly due […]

Have real estate appraised: Apartment, house, apartment building and land – free of charge

Real Estate Location: Investing in… – Lukinski Rating / Investment Atlas Germany

Risk Champions: Worst D / D Ratings in Germany – Lukinski Rating

Lukinski Rating – D-rated cities have high risk, because their entire structure is extremely stagnant or even reduced. Economy, inhabitants, infrastructure, that all are indicators. D-Ratings are definitely not for beginners. Here you need not only experience, but also very good local knowledge to find the few, profitable properties. However, you will hardly ever experience […]

Top A / A+ Ratings: Hidden Champions for Capital Investments in Germany – Lukinski Rating

A / A+ ratings means fairly secure performance. Perfect for investment properties with low yield but high, later resale value. At the same time a strong inflation protection. However, in metropolises like Munich, nothing for real estate beginners without sufficient equity. A / A+ ratings in Germany Lukinski Rating – You want to invest in […]

Large cities in Germany (up to 500,000 inhabitants): Where to invest? – Lukinski Rating

Lukinski Rating for Major Cities in Germany – Often more interesting than the metropolises, the numerous major cities in Germany. From east (Leipzig) to west (Bonn), north (Rostock) and south (Nuremberg). Here you will find good yield properties with A and B ratings. Here you will find the individual evaluation for cities in Germany from […]

Metropolises in Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Co. – Lukinski Rating

Lukinski Rating for Metropolises in Germany – Here you will find all 17 metropolises with more than 500,000 inhabitants. You should definitely avoid the top 8 for your first investment, because there are no or only very difficult returns to get here. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Co. Here you will find the individual evaluation for […]