Most expensive streets in Germany: properties, districts and prices per square metre – List

Most expensive streets in Germany – Berlin, Munich, Sylt & Co: The German metropolises are home to some of the most luxurious properties – no matter what type of apartment it is, whether it’s a loft, penthouse, maisonette apartment, villa, detached house or even the compact apartment. Inselstraße in Berlin, Königinstraße in Munich and Südliche Seestraße on Lake Starnberg: Only those who can afford it live here! Would you like to buy a property here? Find out everything about Germany’s most exclusive streets, what makes them so special and above all: how much a square metre costs here.

Buy real estate in the most exclusive streets

From Harvestehuder Weg in Hamburg to Annastrasse in the north-west of Frankfurt and Tegernsee in the south of Munich – the German real estate landscape is quite respectable by international standards. And not only that: Anyone who thinks that the most expensive streets in Germany are only to be found on the mainland is mistaken. Nowhere in Germany are properties as sought-after and exclusive as in Sylt. More about how much a square metre costs here in a moment. Here are the most expensive streets in Germany at a glance.

Berlin: Kurfürstendamm, Tiergarten & Co.

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but also an attractive location for international companies, a stronghold of German culture and a popular place to live for couples, singles and students. The capital of Germany is a breathtaking city in every respect. No wonder, after all, almost 4 million people call it home. Thus, the metropolis inspires with its lively and diverse cityscape, its high historical value, its turbulent nightlife and its stable economy. While Kurfürstendamm is one of the most luxurious shopping streets in Europe, the area in and around Berlin-Mitte, Tiergarten and Charlottenburg are home to the city’s most exclusive properties.

The most expensive streets in Berlin include:

  • At the circus, Werderscher Markt
  • Breitscheidplatz
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • Island Road
  • Klopstockstraße
  • Kurfürstendamm
  • Paris Square
  • Savignyplatz

The most expensive street in Berlin is Inselstraße.

Inselstraße in Berlin

The Inselstraße in Berlin-Mitte inspires with its exclusive location. The banks of the Spree River are within walking distance, the city’s most important monuments and sights are only a subway ride away, and for those who need a break from the colorful hustle and bustle of the city, the many green spaces and parks offer a relaxing change of scenery. Property prices here are around 23,000 euros per square metre.

Up to 23,000 euros per m²

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The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia inspires with its luxurious quarters, exclusive villa districts and its breathtaking skyline. The comprehensive good infrastructure, the diverse shopping facilities and the internationally positioned local economy also make Düsseldorf a superlative city. Düsseldorf’s attractiveness is also reflected in the local real estate market: especially the streets in the Old Town and Oberkassel are among the most exclusive residential areas.

Here are the most expensive streets in Düsseldorf:

  • Old Town
  • Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring, Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring

The most expensive street in Düsseldorf is the Altestadt.

Old town in Düsseldorf

The Altestadt in Düsseldorf is not only the most expensive street in the entire city, but also the most beautiful. The banks of the Rhine can be reached on foot, the historic Burgenplatz is only a few minutes away by car and Düsseldorf’s city hall is also at home here. One of the most famous shopping streets in Europe is also nearby: Königsallee. Property prices here are around €13,500 per square metre.

Up to 13,400 euros per m²

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Frankfurt am Main

With a population of about 750,000 and an area of almost 750 square kilometers, Frankfurt am Main is one of the important German metropolises. As one of the most imposing German cities, the Hessian metropolis of Frankfurt is in no way inferior to the other cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The standard of living is high and the economy stable. While students appreciate the colorful nightlife, the strong banking and financial sector attracts mainly entrepreneurs and investors here. Thus, not only apartments in the city centre are popular here, but also villas and detached houses on the outskirts of the city.

Here are the most expensive streets in Frankfurt am Main:

  • Anna Street
  • Siesmayerstrasse

The most expensive street in Frankfurt is Annastrasse in the north-west of the city.

Annastrasse in Frankfurt

Properties in Frankfurt’s North End are particularly sought-after. Not only is Siesmayerstrasse located here, but also the most expensive street in the entire metropolis: Annastrasse. Here, property prices are around 11,000 euros per square metre.

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Strong economy, sea air, international orientation – all this makes Hamburg in the north of Germany. Hamburg has its very own charm, shaped by its unique history, maritime shipping and the many international residents from all corners of Europe. It is not only home to families, students and entrepreneurs, but also to famous faces from the worlds of film, television, music and sport. This, of course, makes the Hanseatic city’s real estate market particularly attractive. So anyone who owns a property in Hamburg can consider themselves very lucky.

See some of the most expensive streets in Hamburg:

  • By the quay
  • Bellevue
  • Elbchaussee
  • Great Elbe Strait
  • Harvestehude road
  • Midway
  • Beautiful view
  • Strandkai

The most expensive street in Hamburg is Harvestehuder Weg.

Harvestehuder Weg in Hamburg

Enclosed by the Aussen-Alster and the Isebekanal, the Harvestehude district is located in the Eimsbüttel district. Harvestehuder Weg is also located here. Property prices here are around €16,000 per square metre.

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The Bavarian capital impresses with its beautiful architecture, a wide range of cultural activities and a high standard of living. As a historic art and cultural metropolis, Munich fascinates families, couples, students and young professionals. Entrepreneurs and investors are also attracted by the proximity to the Alps, the multitude of breathtaking lakes and the proximity to the Italian coast in the south. As Germany’s third largest city, Munich also stands out for its very low unemployment rate, as well as its strong technology and science sector. No wonder that hardly any other city in Germany is as expensive as Munich. Whether you are looking for a spacious villa in Maxvorstadt, a renovated apartment in Glockenbachviertel or a modernised detached house in Bogenhausen – here you will find the most luxurious properties in Germany.

So the list of Munich’s most expensive streets is long. See for yourself here:

  • Elizabeth Square
  • Fleming Street
  • Klenzestraße
  • Queen Street
  • Lake Road
  • Mandlstrasse
  • Maria-Theresia-Straße
  • Müllerstrasse
  • Schellingstraße
  • Sophienstraße
  • Stone Street
  • Zuccali Street (North)
  • Driveway (south)
  • Titian Street
  • Montenstrasse
  • Bäumlstraße

Among the most expensive streets in Munich are Königinstraße, Seestraße and Mandlstraße in Schwabing.

Queen Street in Munich

The former art and cultural district of Schwabing is home to Königsstraße. The properties here are among the most exclusive in Germany. Property prices here are around 20,000 euros per square metre.


Norderney is one of the East Frisian islands in the North Sea. Only seven of the 12 islands are inhabited. With its almost 7,000 inhabitants, Norderney is the most densely populated island of all and delights with its unspoilt nature, picturesque beaches and multitude of sights and monuments.

Here are the most expensive streets in Norderney:

  • On the west beach
  • Kaiserstrasse
  • Knyphausenstraße

The most expensive street in Norderney is the street Am Weststrand in the west of the island.

On the west beach in Norderney

The street Am Weststrand in Norderney convinces with its proximity to the beach. Several bars, restaurants, playgrounds and green spaces are also located here. Whether it’s an exclusive holiday apartment with a view of the sea or a permanent residence away from the mainland – everyone feels at home here. So if you want to buy a plot of land on Am Weststrand, you have to reckon with 11,200 euros per square metre.

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Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg is located just under 40 km from the centre of Munich and is thus midway between the Bavarian capital and the popular residential and holiday resort of Tegernsee. Grünwald is also not far away by car. Cultural richness, untouched nature and the quiet and relaxed atmosphere make the communities around the lake a popular place to live. German celebrities in particular appreciate this. So be prepared to run into one or the other famous face here.

Here are the most expensive streets at the Starnberger See:

  • Front lake road
  • Celtic Road
  • Lakeside Road
  • South lake road

The most expensive street on Lake Starnberg is Südliche Seestraße in Münsing.

Southern lakeside road at Lake Starnberg

While the north of Lake Starnberg convinces with its small town feeling and the community of Seeshaupt in the south with its family atmosphere, the east of Starnberg is considered a former residence of German nobility. And it is precisely here that the most expensive street in all of Bavaria is located, with its breathtaking view over the entire lake. Property prices in the southern lakeside street are around 25,000 euros per square metre.

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Sylt is and remains an island of superlatives. And there in many respects. The proximity to the North Sea and the unspoiled nature makes the clocks tick differently here. While a large number of European holidaymakers from the mainland are drawn here in summer, the autumn and winter months are all about peace and relaxation. This is also reflected in the purchase and rental prices. Nowhere in Germany is real estate negotiated as expensively as here.

Here are the most expensive streets on Sylt:

  • Heideweg / Heidewinkel
  • Meadow Path
  • Hoboken Way
  • Osterheideweg

The most expensive road on Sylt is Hobokenweg in the east of the island.

Hobokenweg in Sylt

Also called the ‘street of the super-rich’, Hobokenweg outstrips all other streets in Germany in terms of price per square metre. Only those who can afford it live here: From wealthy heirs to successful corporate executives. Nowhere else in the entire Federal Republic is it as expensive: property prices here are in fact around 35,000 euros per square metre.

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Those who sometimes need a break from the colourful hustle and bustle of the big city will find it at Lake Tegernsee. The lake is located south of Munich and is easy to reach by car. Thus, the communities around the Tegernsee inspire with their idyllic landscape, the high level of discretion and the breathtaking nature. While the breathtaking view over the Tegernsee and the adjacent valleys is the charm of the Leerberg, the communities of Gmund, Wiessee and Rottach convince with their proximity to the lakeshore.

Here are also the most expensive streets around the Tegernsee:

  • Bad-Wiessee
  • Gmund
  • Rottach-Egern

The most expensive streets on the Tegernsee are in the municipality in Rottach-Egern.

Rottach-Egern on Lake Tegern

One of the most popular residential areas is Rottach – a community south of Lake Tegernsee. Compared to Leerbach, the villas and apartment buildings here don’t have the greatest lake views, but they do inspire with their proximity to the village centre and the lakeside. Especially individuals who do not like to live on top of the mountain like to settle in Rottach. Property prices here are around 15,000 euros per square metre.

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Baden-Baden, Juist, Constance & Co.

Baden-Baden, Juist, Constance and Stuttgart are also home to the most expensive streets in Germany. As always, several factors determine the price per square metre. These include, above all, location, infrastructure, the local cultural offerings and the safety of the residential environment.

Here are some more of the most expensive roads in Germany:

  • Lichtentaler Allee (Baden-Baden)
  • Beach promenade (Juist)
  • Alpsteinweg (Constance)
  • At the Bismarck Tower (Stuttgart)
  • Feuerbacher Heath (Stuttgart)

Most expensive residential streets in Germany: By city

Sources: Image / Engel und Völkers / Lukinski

Street City / Region, District Maximum price / m²
Lichtentaler Allee Baden-Baden, city centre 10,000 euros
At the circus, Werderscher Markt Berlin, Center 15,000 euros
Breitscheidplatz Berlin, Center – euros
Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Center 9,750 Euro
Island Road Berlin, Schwanenwerder 23,000 Euro
Klopstockstraße Berlin, Tiergarten 9,100 Euro
Kurfürstendamm Berlin, Center 9.800 Euro
Paris Square Berlin, Center 10,200 Euro
Savignyplatz Berlin, Center – euros
Schiffbauerdamm Berlin, Center 9.300 Euro
Old Town Düsseldorf, Old Town 13.500 Euro
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring, Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring Düsseldorf, Oberkassel 10,000 euros
Anna Street Frankfurt, Nordend-West 11,000 Euro
Siesmayerstrasse Frankfurt, Westend 10,000 euros
By the quay Hamburg, HafenCity 10,000 euros
Bellevue Hamburg, Winterhude 12.000 Euro
Elbchaussee Hamburg, Elbe suburbs 12.000 Euro
Great Elbe Strait Hamburg, harbour edge 15,000 euros
Harvestehude road Hamburg, Harvestehude 16,000 Euro
Midway Hamburg, Harvestehude 10,000 euros
Beautiful view Hamburg, Uhlenhorst 12.000 Euro
Strandkai Hamburg, HafenCity 12.000 Euro
Boardwalk Juist, Juist 16,400 Euro
Alpsteinweg Constance, Petershausen 10,000 euros
Elizabeth Square Munich, Schwabing 12.000 Euro
Fleming Street Munich, Bogenhausen-Herzogpark 15,000 euros
Klenzestraße Munich, Glockenbachviertel 10,000 euros
Königinstraße, Seestraße, Mandlstraße Munich, Schwabing 20,000 euros
Maria-Theresia-Straße Munich, Alt-Bogenhausen 18,000 Euro
Müllerstrasse Munich, Glockenbachviertel 25,000 euros
Schellingstraße Munich, Maxvorstadt 10,000 euros
Sophienstraße Munich, Maxvorstadt 13,000 Euro
Stone Street Munich, Haidhausen 10,000 euros
Zuccalistr., Northern – and Southern driveway avenue, Tizianstr., Montenstr., Bäumlstr. Munich, Nymphenburg 10,000 euros
On the west beach Norderney, Norderney 11,200 Euro
Kaiserstrasse Norderney, Norderney 10,100 Euro
Knyphausenstraße Norderney, Norderney 10,000 euros
Front lake road Starnberger Five-Lakes-Land, Wörtsee 11.800 Euro
Celtic Road Lake Starnberg, Pöcking 12,450 Euro
Lakeside Road Lake Starnberg, eastern shore Ammerland 22,550 Euro
South lake road Lake Starnberg, eastern shore Ammerland 25,000 euros
At the Bismarck Tower, Feuerbacher Heide Stuttgart, Killesberg 10,000 euros
Heideweg / Heidewinkel, Wiesenweg Sylt, Kampen 28,000 Euro
Hoboken Way Sylt, Kampen 35,000 Euro
Osterheideweg Sylt, Kampen 30,000 Euro
Bad-Wiessee Tegernsee, Abwinkel 15,000 euros
Gmund Tegernsee, Lake Tegern 12.500 Euro
Rottach-Egern Tegernsee, Rottach-Egern 15,000 euros