Living on Norderney: Buying real estate on the East Frisian island – tips, viewing and prices per square metre for house, flat & property

Living on Norderney – as one of the seven East Frisian Islands, charming Norderney delights with its fairytale beaches, unique island flair and colourful mix of nature and culture, history and modernity. You would like to move to Norderney and buy a house or a plot of land? Would you like to invest in an exclusive home of your own or in a property as a capital investment? Find out everything you need to know about living on Norderney, from the most famous sights to prices per square metre, top locations & Co. – Welcome to Norderney!

Living on Norderney: Elegant island flair with charming suburban atmosphere

Are you looking for an exclusive holiday home away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland? You want to enjoy the fresh sea air, fine sandy beach and romantic sunsets? Privacy, tranquility and discretion are important to you? Then you have come to the right place! Live on Norderney, live with the tides and feel the unique freedom that only island living can bring. All about the most attractive residential areas on the island more in a moment.

Norderney: Map & Location

Norderney is one of the seven inhabitable East Frisian Islands in northern Germany. The island covers an area of 26.29 square kilometres and stretches over 14 kilometres from east to west. The widest part of the island measures just 2.5 kilometres and is located in the centre of the island.

Places of interest: Lighthouse, local museum, Cape & Co.

Bömmels Bimmelbahn invites you on a two-hour exploration tour through the island, the lighthouse and windmill inspire as a highlight in the landscape and the museum of local history is the perfect place to go for an interesting and rainy afternoon. Norderney may be a small island, but it has so much to offer. Whether art, culture or history – it never gets boring here.

Some of the most popular attractions include:

  • Bömmel’s narrow gauge railway
  • Norderney lighthouse
  • Norderney windmill
  • The Cape
  • Wilhelm Dorenbusch Observatory
  • Museum of local history
  • Kurtheater Norderney

Sightseeing: A tour of Norderney

Nature and entertainment, suburban flair and romantic sandy beaches – the island of Norderney combines everything your heart desires. In the west lies with the city the center of the island, in the north and south shine fabulous sand dunes and untouched nature and also the east of the island with its historic shipwreck invites you to discover. Join us on our tour of charming Norderney.

City centre: relaxed suburban flair and elegant boutiques

In the west of the island lies the eponymous town of Norderney. This is not only home to most of the island’s residents, but also to exclusive cafés, small restaurants and elegant boutiques.

Untouched nature: Breathtaking sand dunes in the north

Probably the most beautiful sand dunes in Germany can be found in the north of the island – and also one of the largest dunes. See more here:

Living on the seashore: house and apartment Fischerhafen

Properties near the shore are particularly popular. The fresh sea breeze, the gentle sound of the surf and the fairytale landscape make living here attractive.

Real estate & prices per square metre in Norderney

Renovated loft, spacious beach house or exclusive villa – everyone can find their dream property in Norderney. The best residential complexes in Germany can be found here. No wonder, after all Norderney is next to Sylt at the top of the list of the most exclusive island resorts in the Federal Republic. Above all houses, which are older than 3 years, and new building dwellings are in demand. Some new apartments with a view and modern direction can quickly cost over 10,000 euros per square metre.

Here is an overview of all prices per square metre:

  • Buy a house (existing): 6.788 €/m²
  • Buy a house (New): 3.301 €/m²
  • Buy apartment (existing): 10,060 €/m²
  • Buy apartment (New): 10.555 €/m²

Conclusion: Living on Norderney

The East Frisian island inspires not only with its island flair and the breathtaking nature, but also by its proximity to the mainland, the good infrastructure and the exclusive real estate market. Anyone who owns a property here can consider themselves lucky. After all, properties are highly sought after and are usually already off the market after 90 days. We therefore recommend that you contact the real estate agent you trust. An experienced real estate agent will not only advise you on the purchase of real estate, but also on finances, taxes and off market.