Selling property in Rissen (Hamburg): Valuation & estate agents for house sales – Tips

Selling real estate in Rissen – selling an apartment, a multi-family house or your own property. Due to its proximity to the Elbe, the chic district of Hamburg-Rissen is very popular with buyers. After all, the local Elbe beach offers you a great panorama, which you can easily reach via hiking and riding trails. Thus, the elegant Rissen is in no way inferior to the other districts Blankensee, Othmarschen and Harvestehude. You want to sell your property in Hamburg-Rissen? Here we give you an overview of everything that needs to be considered when selling your property. In addition, everything you need to know about property valuation and off market – Welcome to Hamburg-Rissen! Back to: Selling real estate in Hamburg.

Hamburg-Rissen: chic suburb on the banks of the Elbe

Hamburg is not only home to Germany’s largest port, but also to a large number of major companies, publishing houses and media agencies. Thanks to its character as a Hanseatic city and Hamburg International Airport, the city-state is one of the most important logistics locations in the country and impresses not only with its strong economy and stable job market, but also with its chic districts. While families prefer the quiet Rotherbaum, singles and couples enjoy the colourful city life in HavenCity. And the city’s suburbs on the edge of the Elbe also have something to offer.

District: map and location

The popular district of Rissen is located to the west of the elegant Blankensee and the exclusive Othmarschen. The westernmost district of Hamburg, directly bordering Schleswig-Holstein, is home to around 15,900 residents and covers an area of 16.65 km². In addition, Rissen belongs to the district of Hamburg-Altona and is one of the luxurious suburbs on the edge of the Elbe and is home not only to the most exclusive properties in the city, but also the most expensive streets in Hamburg.

Hamburg-Rissen is a diverse district that not only inspires with its many monuments, exciting attractions and old buildings, but also with its many green spaces, parks and forests. It is also home to several nature reserves and is especially popular with tourists and local Hamburg residents during the summer months.

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Sell real estate: Apartment, house, apartment building

Selling a property is a decision you have thought about for a long time. There can be many reasons for this. Whether divorce, family relocation, better job opportunities elsewhere or inheritance – the property should not only be sold at the best possible price, but also as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is where it pays to call on the expertise of a real estate agent. An estate agent is not only familiar with the necessary documentation, but also with the various types of houses and apartments. In addition to the use of the property, year of construction and surroundings, the type of property also influences the purchase price.

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So before the sale, the first thing to do is to evaluate the property:

Real estate valuation: Valuation for the sale of real estate

During the valuation, the value of the property and therefore also the purchase price is determined. Therefore, the valuation should always be carried out professionally in order to achieve a realistic purchase price. Only then do the other steps take place, such as checking the creditworthiness of the potential buyer, scheduling the viewing appointments and drawing up the purchase contract. But how can you value your property correctly?

Here you will find all the guides and tips at a glance:

House sale in Hamburg-Rissen: Procedure & valuation

Multi-family house, single-family house, plot of land or condominium: Real estate in Hamburg, especially in Rissen, is very much in demand. Especially because they are located outside the city centre. Hamburg-Rissen almost has the character of a village in the middle of the metropolis. The real estate prices in Hamburg are among the highest in Germany. Selling real estate at top prices: In Hamburg-Rissen therefore certainly no problem.

Procedure: Apartment building, apartment & land

You want to sell your property? Whether it’s a villa in Blankensee, an old apartment in Rissen or a cosy bungalow in Rotherbaum – the process of selling a property always remains similar. After an initial consultation with the real estate agent and the subsequent valuation, the real estate exposé is prepared and several viewing appointments are scheduled. Once the right buyer has been found, the creditworthiness is checked and finally a purchase contract is drawn up.

  1. Appointment with broker
  2. Determine value
  3. Preparation of the exposé
  4. Marketing to the right target group
  5. Organise viewing appointments
  6. Check the creditworthiness of the buyer
  7. Conclude the purchase agreement with the buyer at the notary public’s office

Selling your property in Hamburg-Rissen is therefore a time-consuming affair. Nothing for “on the side” in the evening. A real estate agent uses all his knowledge, experience and his many contacts, so that your house, land or apartment is sold quickly at the highest price.

Determine the purchase price: Valuation of the property

What is my house worth? This is the question facing everyone who wants to sell their property in Hamburg-Rissen. Is this an “expensive” district? Should I raise the price if there are many interested parties? What influence does the bus stop in front of the front door have on the value of my house? Everyone can already see: There are many things that are important when determining the value of a property. Only the expert can calculate the right value.

Property valuation factors: size, room layout, location & Co.

Property type, infrastructure, equipment and surroundings. Many factors influence the valuation of the property and thus also the subsequent purchase price. For example, if you have renovated your property with the help of a craftsman, architect & Co. renovated your property, this can increase the sales price immensely. The time of sale also plays an important role. So don’t give away any money here!

This is what matters in determining value:

  • Type of property
  • Size and section of the plot
  • Living space
  • Floors Number
  • Number of rooms
  • Age of the property
  • Time of sale
  • Location

Only those who combine these factors sensibly will get the right value of their property in Hamburg-Rissen. By the way: You don’t get the value of your property if you know the price of houses, apartments etc. that are similar to your own! And another tip: When selling a house, emotions have no place. A good real estate agent determines the value of the property only according to the facts.

Tip! Find here even more info & tips around the topic of evaluating a house.

What mistakes you can avoid when selling a house

You would like to buy a property? Or you want to buy an apartment building in order to rent it out lucratively? The sale of your current property should of course take place quickly. If you would like to sell your property in Hamburg, then there are a few mistakes to avoid. Poor preparation, an unrealistic purchase price or sudden additional costs: Here are the biggest sources of error that you should avoid.

  1. Poor preparation (e.g. lack of knowledge of the local real estate market)
  2. The selling price of the property is incorrect (such as “purchase price at that time + x%)
  3. Indiscriminately “plaster” marketing portals and advertising pages
  4. Only be available to the interested party at selected times
  5. Conceal possible defects
  6. Underestimate additional costs (such as for an appraisal, renovations, etc.)
  7. Leave the purchase contract to the notary alone

Real estate agent or private sale?

It takes a lot of time and experience to sell your house in Hamburg-Rissen yourself. It already starts with the right exposé: The photos must present the property advantageously, but should also not “lie”. Organising and carrying out viewing appointments costs a lot of time. And at the latest when negotiating the purchase price, handover date, etc., the knowledge and experience of the estate agent are in demand. One thing becomes clear with all these points: Selling your property privately in Hamburg-Rissen is demanding, costs a lot of time and can lead to real mistakes.

Selling a house with the utmost discretion – This is how Diskret brokers work

Diskret-Makler cannot be recognized by an office sign. Diskret-Makler is also not a protected job title. However, discreet brokers take care of the sale of your property in a very special way.

Discretion is paramount for off market sales

Because: “My home” – for most people, this means the epitome of security, protection, privacy and, above all, a whole host of stories that take place or have taken place within their own four walls. Those who want to sell their property, especially the one they have lived in themselves, sell part of these stories along with it. With the sale of an apartment building or a rented apartment, this emotional state may be somewhat less intense. But again, the owner/seller and his property are connected by many stories. However, discreet real estate marketing – also known as a “secret sale” – presents the agent with very special challenges.

House sale in times of Corona

It is still too early to name the effects of the Corona crisis on the real estate market. There are currently two different positions among real estate experts. Some say that real estate as “concrete gold” still retains its value and continues to increase in value, especially in locations such as Hamburg and the surrounding area.

On the other hand, it is said that the value of a property also depends very much on the disposable income of potential buyers. If this income falls, for example against the background of the current crisis, then the demand for real estate falls – and with it the prices. Anyone who wants to be on the safe side should therefore implement their sales plans now.

Conclusion: Now is the best time to sell your house

House, land, apartment: Who wants to sell his property in Hamburg-Rissen at the best price, should do it now. Interest rates are low, the economy is still stable, the search for good real estate is great! With the help of experienced brokers and real estate experts, the sale succeeds safely, quickly and easily. Did you know: The broker is only paid when the purchase contract is concluded!

Hamburg: Real estate in the Hanseatic City

Hamburg is the only metropolis in Germany that offers a port feeling. Every day, thousands of containers reach the city via the port facilities. That is why so many people are drawn to Hamburg. Not only is there a flourishing Hanseatic economy, Hamburg is also home to major media houses, advertising agencies and, of course, a correspondingly large number of real estate agents. Above all, the Elbphilharmonie with its unique architecture stands for Hamburg.

Hamburg property market: Overview

Many apartments, lofts and penthouses offer unique views. Perfect for people who work a lot and therefore seek relaxation within their own four walls. Hamburg is not only the hub of the global economy, but with a high standard of living, impressive architecture, a diverse culture and a good geographical location, it also offers an attractive place to live for families, singles, couples or entrepreneurs and investors.

Living in Hamburg: Popular districts & residential areas

The Hanseatic city, Germany’s pearl in the north, is full of life and forms a centre for business and lifestyle. While the Elbe suburbs inspire with their proximity to the shore and the many villa districts, HafenCity and Speicherstadt enjoy great popularity due to their central location. Historic Harvestehude, culturally upscale Uhlenhorst and charming Winterhude are also among the most attractive places to live in the city. Find out all about the prices per square metre and properties in Hamburg’s most sought-after districts here. Read more here: Living in Hamburg.

House, apartment and land for sale in Hamburg

While Othmarschen and Rotherbaum impress with their historic charm, the residential areas of Blankenese and Rissen delight with their views of the Elbe. And the modern Hafen City and the progressive Harvestehude also enjoy great popularity. Do you want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your own property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in Munich, you’ll be well prepared. Plus: everything you need to know about property valuation, estate agents & the process. Click here for the overview: Selling real estate in Hamburg.