Selling property in Blankenese (Hamburg): Single and multi-family houses – Tips

Selling real estate in Blankenese- selling an apartment, apartment building or your own property. The Hamburg district of Blankenese is one of the most attractive districts in the Hanseatic city and is in no way inferior to the popular districts of Othmarschen, Rissen and Hafen City. Whether you are looking for an exclusive villa on the edge of the Elbe, a loft with an incredible view of the city or a spacious detached house – you want to sell your property in Hamburg-Blankensee? Here we give you an overview of everything you need to know for a successful property sale. Also: The topics real estate valuation and off market – Welcome to Hamburg-Blankensee. Back to: Selling real estate in Hamburg.

Hamburg-Blankensee: Affluent district with a view of the Elbe River

Hamburg, with its very attractive northern German location, is one of the most sought-after areas in Germany. The economy is stable, the job market is booming and the cultural diversity paired with the cool flair of the north makes the unique charm of the Hanseatic city. Thus, not only families, couples and students are attracted here, but also wealthy people from the fields of sports, music, film and television. Whether you are looking for a property as an investment or for your own use, each of Hamburg’s districts has its own uniqueness. From the quiet Rotherbaum to the lively Hafen City – everyone can find their home in Hamburg.

District: map and location

Adjacent to the popular residential area of Rissen, lies the luxurious district of Blankensee. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and nature that this unique residential area has to offer. The high elevations make for a unique picture. Unique is the stair quarter: behind this quarter hides a residential area with old fishermen’s houses, which can only be reached on foot. This is a project for car-free living. And the view of the Elbe is also part of Blankensee’s charm. Living in the Elbe suburbs – that is what many people want. So look forward to many interested parties and a high sales price.

The affluent district convinces with its half-timbered fisherman’s houses and its pre-war villas. Almost the entire district has a view of the Elbe. In Hamburg-Blankenese you will find attractive properties in the middle of a district that is characterised by a high quality of life. Plenty of greenery and numerous parks invite residents to stroll and spend time in nature. In summer, the district appears like a mixture of a Scandinavian and Mediterranean holiday paradise.

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Sell real estate: Apartment, house, apartment building

When it comes to the success of the sale, over 70% of all owners agree: the property should be sold at the best price and without a long wait – that’s why you choose a real estate agent in Hamburg. A competent real estate agent not only accompanies you through the entire sales process, but also advises you on the subject of taxes and finances. An experienced real estate agent is also familiar with the different types of houses and apartments.

More on the subject of selling in Blankensee in a moment. Here is an overview in advance, with further information and tips:

One of the most important steps in selling real estate is the appraisal of the property:

Real estate valuation: Valuation for the sale of real estate

During the real estate valuation, not only the value of the property is estimated on the basis of several factors, but also the purchase price is determined. The value of your property is not based solely on the pure material value of the house or apartment – i.e. the costs of construction, renovations and modernisation, craftsmen and architect, but is also dependent on other factors.

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Selling real estate in Hamburg-Blankenese

You want to buy a property directly after the real estate sale? Or you want to buy an apartment building in order to then rent it out lucratively? Whatever the reason for a quick property sale, if you have decided to sell a property in Blankenese, you will not have to wait long for interested parties for your property. Blankenese benefits from a fantastically beautiful location. This also affects the value of your property. Above all, this applies to houses, condominiums and plots of land that have already been designated as building plots or declared as building land. As rents and land prices are the highest in Hamburg together with Munich, you will also benefit from the high property prices in Hamburg.

Expert support for the sale of real estate

We are happy to support you in the sale of your property. As an online broker, quick accessibility is one of our strengths. Decide for a stress-free and successful real estate sale, let us advise you on all questions concerning your real estate sale. This includes the preparation of an exposé and the placement of advertisements as well as the support of interested parties. What types of financing are available? Which costs are borne by the buyer? And can you sell your property tax-free? These questions are also answered by an estate agent. The local real estate is in great demand. After all, the Elbe suburbs are home to the most expensive streets in Hamburg. That is exactly why privacy and discretion are so important here. So if you would rather sell your property off market, your trusted real estate agent will advise you on that too.

Quick and stress free property sale with the help of an estate agent.

Properties in Hamburg-Blankenese are very much in demand and you must expect increased enquiries. The same applies to viewing appointments, which can give a better impression than the exposé. Leave the often stressful communication and appointment setting to the experts. This way you can enjoy a quick real estate sale and still have time for your work, for private things and for your hobby.

Here is a summary of some of your broker’s responsibilities:

  • Preparation of the exposé
  • Marketing of the property
  • Real estate valuation
  • Coordination and execution of the viewing appointments
  • Credit check of the prospective buyers
  • Settlement

Frequently asked questions for sellers

You want to buy a property and are now in a hurry with your current property sale? Whether it’s a semi-detached house in Blankensee, an old apartment in Harvestehude or a detached house in Rissen – as a property seller there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. Have you already found a new property? Do you also want to sell the fixtures and fittings of the property? And is there a pre-sale right?

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Here are the most important questions you need to ask yourself as an owner before selling:

  1. Do you have a follow-on property in mind?
  2. Is there a need for renovation / refurbishment of the apartment?
  3. Are all records and documents available?
  4. Are early repayment penalties payable?
  5. Are the declaration of partition, building insurance, minutes of the owners’ meeting, utility bills, list of rents, etc. available?
  6. Are there lists of the maintenance of the condominium (maintenance costs)?
  7. Should inventory be sold?
  8. Is there a right of first refusal?
  9. Value of the apartment?

You want to sell a property in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg? Due to the attractive location and the many leisure activities and sights, more and more people are moving to the city with over a million inhabitants. Find out here how you can best benefit from the city’s popularity and achieve a high sales value:

Do you already know? Rissen

Are you interested in other properties in Hamburg? We inform you about real estate sales in the most popular districts of Hamburg. Rotherbaum or Hafen City? We present you the most correct information. You want to learn more about the district Rissen? Then take a look at the following article:

Hamburg: Real estate in the Hanseatic City

Hamburg is the only metropolis in Germany that offers a port feeling. Every day, thousands of containers reach the city via the port facilities. That is why so many people are drawn to Hamburg. Not only is there a flourishing Hanseatic economy, Hamburg is also home to major media houses, advertising agencies and, of course, a correspondingly large number of real estate agents. Above all, the Elbphilharmonie with its unique architecture stands for Hamburg.

Hamburg property market: Overview

Many apartments, lofts and penthouses offer unique views. Perfect for people who work a lot and therefore seek relaxation within their own four walls. Hamburg is not only the hub of the global economy, but with a high standard of living, impressive architecture, a diverse culture and a good geographical location, it also offers an attractive place to live for families, singles, couples or entrepreneurs and investors.

Living in Hamburg: Popular districts & residential areas

The Hanseatic city, Germany’s pearl in the north, is full of life and forms a centre for business and lifestyle. While the Elbe suburbs inspire with their proximity to the shore and the many villa districts, HafenCity and Speicherstadt enjoy great popularity due to their central location. Historic Harvestehude, culturally upscale Uhlenhorst and charming Winterhude are also among the most attractive places to live in the city. Find out all about the prices per square metre and properties in Hamburg’s most sought-after districts here. Read more here: Living in Hamburg.

House, apartment and land for sale in Hamburg

While Othmarschen and Rotherbaum impress with their historic charm, the residential areas of Blankenese and Rissen delight with their views of the Elbe. And the modern Hafen City and progressive Harvestehude also enjoy great popularity. Do you want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your own property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in Munich, you’ll be well prepared. Plus: everything you need to know about property valuation, estate agents & the process. Click here for the overview: Selling real estate in Hamburg.

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