Mobile home for sale – popular form of housing for holidays and weekends

Mobile homes enjoy great popularity. The possibilities for use are very versatile. As camping holidays are now considered modern and are popular with all age groups, mobile homes located in scenic locations have a very high occupancy rate. This is not only true for the holidays, but all year round. In addition, there are many people who are interested in buying a mobile home to spend their weekends or an entire summer. If you are in possession of a mobile home that you want to sell, you have very good chances in the federal states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate to complete the sale at short notice for an attractive price.

Mobile home – a small definition

The name mobile home already says a lot about the use and the form of housing. It is a house that is made of wood or finished elements. It can be transported after construction and thus be used mobile. Commonly, such use is mostly in the construction industry. Many mobile homes that serve recreational purposes are permanently built. They may be located on your own property or on leased land. If you are looking to sell a mobile home, the size and features, as well as the status of the land on which the mobile home sits, will determine the purchase price. The future use of the mobile home may also affect the purchase price.

Container elements for mobile use

Container elements are mainly used in construction, but also in holiday camps and school hostels as well as in campsites with simple equipment. These mobile homes are needed to provide employees who do not live nearby with an overnight accommodation option that is inexpensive. Long commutes should be avoided because of the time saved. Many construction professionals who are mobile and only home on weekends opt for this type of housing when working on a construction site. However, offices for emergency personnel coordinating construction and for security guards are also housed in mobile homes.

Containers made of ready-made elements that can be easily transported and set up are often used. These can be heated and have modern sanitary facilities. Sometimes the containers can also be arranged on top of each other on several floors. This saves space and allows several containers to be heated together, as well as a common connection for the sanitary facilities.

Due to their flexibility, these containers are also often used as holiday homes. Especially in holiday camps and at the edge of campsites this mobile form of housing is very popular.

Motorhomes for road transport

Mobile homes can have their own chassis. However, they cannot be compared to caravans or mobile homes used for camping holidays. Mobile homes usually weigh several tons and can only be moved with a truck or a large towing vehicle. It is not uncommon for them to be over-wide. They are not suitable for regular travelling. However, they have the advantage that they are relatively easy to move to another location after a sale.

If you want to sell such a transportable mobile home, the price is usually defined only by the value of the mobile home. The buyer can place it on his land. The use is mainly on campsites and garden colonies, but also in holiday resorts. The furnishings can be upscale with several living rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen, so these mobile homes can sometimes fetch very good prices when sold.

Mobile homes made of wood – the top class

Wooden mobile homes are very popular. They come in many different sizes and the features vary depending on the use. The mobile homes are appealing in appearance and can be used in a variety of ways. Many buyers are looking for a property like this for the weekends. Properties that are close to the house or apartment, so there is no need to travel long distances, are in high demand. Alternatively, there are buyers who deliberately choose a property in a scenic location and are willing to take a longer drive to get there. You can expect to pay an attractive price for such a mobile home if it has a kitchen and bathroom. Several rooms, if small, are also considered attractive.

Mobile homes with several floors have been developed for small footprints. Many buyers find it attractive if a sleeping area can be set up under the roof. The variants are so versatile that an individual description in the exposé is very important. In combination with the pictures, the prospective buyer gets a comprehensive impression of the mobile home and its possible uses.

More tips for real estate sellers

Selling real estate in all facets:

Sell without land

Most mobile homes are on a lot at the time of sale. As a rule, they are to remain there after the sale. In principle, however, you have the option of selling the mobile home without a plot of land. In this case, however, it is important that you ensure that the mobile home can be transported and reinstalled in another location. With wooden models, disassembly is often possible. It is important that you state the appropriate uses in the synopsis if you are using the property for other purposes and only want to sell the mobile home. In terms of pricing, it is advisable to take into account the cost of transport and possible dismantling.

Sell with land

Permanent mobile homes that are located on a plot of land in an attractive location are particularly popular. This is especially true for plots of land that can be purchased as property. If you would like to sell a mobile home on a freehold plot in the various regions of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, you can look forward to lively interest in your offer. This is especially true if the property is in an interesting location near water or a local recreation area. Before selling, it is important that you find out whether there are plans to have the land declared as building land by the city or municipality. In this case, you can ask for a higher purchase price.

Sale on leased land

Many mobile homes are located on leased land. This means that you can only ask the purchase price for the mobile home and any landscaping of the garden, but not for the land. It is also important that you inform the owner of the land of your intention to sell. Sometimes he may want to have a say and agree to the sale. The lease and other obligations, such as for the use of the land if it is in a garden club, must be assumed by the new occupier. Thus, it is important that you clearly define all costs, regulations and requirements on the part of the association or the owner in order to avoid misunderstandings. If the mobile home is to be sold in order to relocate it to another place, the owner’s permission may also be required.

Conclusion: handle the sale of a mobile home professionally

If you are in possession of a mobile home that you want to sell, there are several specifications and guidelines that you need to follow. This is especially true if you do not own the land on which the mobile home will be located during the sale.