Apartment & house for sale Hamburg: valuation, documents, procedure

Apartment & house for sale in Hamburg – You want to sell your apartment, house or apartment building here? With my little free guide about selling real estate in Hamburg, you can prepare yourself. What belongs to it? From the most important documents, over the evaluation, up to sales emphasis in the individual districts (at the end of the councellor). Because, “good planning is half the battle”! Hamburg real estate is extremely sought after, but you should still avoid the typical mistakes when selling. This is what you should know for your apartment sale and house sale in Hamburg. Do you have questions about valuation and sale in Hamburg? Contact us.

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Various documents need to be obtained for the house sale. Your prospective buyers are also looking for information about the building permit, the building description and have legal questions about the property. Before the planned sale, the following documents should be available for the sale:

  • Energy certificate (mandatory when placing the ad)
  • Land register extract and cadastral map
  • Living space calculation
  • Building description
  • Floor plans, elevations
  • Building permits
  • Evidence of maintenance, modernization and repairs

Contact authorities and offices in good time so that the documents are available in good time and in full. We will be happy to help you obtain some of the documents. The documents are not only required at the time of sale. The energy performance certificate is already obligatory when the first property advertisement is placed and must be presented to the prospective buyer at the viewing without being requested to do so.

Always allow enough time and costs if documents have to be requested first!

Do you have everything together yet?

Checklist: House sale in Hamburg

With my small house selling tool you can easily collect the most important documents for your house sale in Hamburg. Tip! Here you can find more real estate tools from my real estate app. You can also find more on the topic including the process, risks and much more here: Selling a house.

Checklist: Apartment sale in Hamburg

The quick checklist for your apartment sale in Hamburg:

Checklist: Selling an apartment building in Hamburg

Here I have an extra guide, as selling from data room to prospect acquisition is a bit more complex:

House & apartment evaluation – Step 2

Whether it’s a spacious apartment in an old building, a bungalow on the outskirts of town or a luxurious single-family home in the north of the city, experience shows that owners set a selling price that is significantly too high. The home is loved and a lot of time and effort has been invested. The tasteful and high-quality interior design is often of little interest to the prospective buyer when selling the property and price premiums are not accepted.

Potential buyers are primarily interested in the technical condition of the property and the room layout. If you plan a quick renovation to increase the value or renovation of your property with the help of craftsmen in Hamburg, Hamburg architects & Co. this can increase the value of your property immensely.

The following questions will affect the purchase price of your property:

  • What needs to be remediated in the short term?
  • What is the condition of the property?
  • Are the bathroom and kitchen to be modernized?
  • How is area layout and the stairs of the house?
  • How far away are kindergarten and school?

Read the most important facts about the assessment in Hamburg here:

No time? No desire to stress with interested parties and buyers?

Exposé, Buyer Acquisition, Negotiations & Co. – Step 3

Now it’s time for you to go on the offensive. You have all the documents for the sale together, so you can provide excellent evidence of your offer price. Ideally, this is also supported by a well-founded property valuation. Now it’s time to approach the right people.

A small apartment is easy to market in real estate portals, but in Hamburg you can also expect 200 responses directly. Which 5 of them offer sufficient financial security? Invitations are followed by viewing appointments, individual conversations, negotiations and later the purchase contract and your notary appointment.

There is a lot to consider! Learn the most important here:

Hamburg real estate prices

Here is an example of the development of real estate prices in Hamburg. You can see the real estate prices for condominiums in Hamburg in 2023, broken down by existing and new construction.

Statistik: Immobilienpreise für Eigentumswohnungen in Hamburg von 2008 bis 2019 unterteilt nach Bestand und Neubau | Statista
You can find more statistics at Statista

Sell in… – Hamburg districts

Hamburg is not only home to Germany’s largest port, but also to a large number of major companies, publishing houses and media agencies. The Hanseatic city impresses not only with its strong economy, international flair and growing job market, but also with its many chic neighborhoods. Whether family, single, student or entrepreneur – everyone feels at home in Hamburg. While families prefer the quiet Rotherbaum, singles and couples enjoy the colorful city life in HavenCity. And the city’s suburbs on the edge of the Elbe also have something to offer.

Read more here: Sell property

Blankenese: affluent district with a view of the river Elbe

Adjacent to the popular residential district of Rissen, lies the luxurious district of Blankenese. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and nature that this unique residential area has to offer. The high elevations make for a unique picture. Unique is the stair quarter: behind this quarter hides a residential area with old fishermen’s houses, which can only be reached on foot. Thus, a project for car-free living is realized. And the view of the Elbe also adds to the charm of Blankenese.

Rissen: Chic suburb on the banks of the Elbe River

The popular district of Rissen is located west of the elegant Blankenese and the exclusive Othmarschen. The westernmost district of Hamburg, directly bordering Schleswig-Holstein, is home to around 15,900 inhabitants and covers an area of 16.65 km². In addition, Rissen belongs to the district of Hamburg-Altona and is one of the luxurious suburbs on the edge of the Elbe.

Othmarschen: Exclusive district with high quality of life

In the middle between the exclusive Blankenese and the quiet Rotherbaum is Hamburg-Othmarschen. Here it is bursting with sights, restaurants and cafes, which are not only very well known and popular in the neighborhood, but directly in the whole city. The proximity to the Altona fish market and the unique view of the Elbe River also add to the unique flair of the district.

Hafen City: Luxurious place to live in the center

The Hafen City district is located in the heart of Hamburg and lies south of Hamburg’s old town. The districts of Rotherbaum and Harvestehude are also not far away. The Hafen City district is highly modern and has only been developed in the recent past. Since 2003, the redevelopment of the Hafen City district has been taking place in the center of Hamburg. Among other things, new residential areas are being created here between Kehrwiederspitze and Elbbrücken. Ten city quarters with modern residential buildings are being built in the former harbor area.

Harvestehude: A distinguished district in transition

Enclosed by the Outer Alster and the Isebekanal, the district is located in the district of Eimsbüttel and is the neighbor of the districts of Grindel and Schlump. The popular Rotherbaum district borders to the south and the sought-after Hafen City residential area is also not far away.

Rotherbaum: Upscale district on the edge of the Alster lake

The Rotherbaum district is located north of the city center. It borders the popular Harvestehude district to the south and is also not far from the modern Hafen City residential area. 16,000 residents have already settled in the district with its Tudor-style villas.