Energy and technology: Energy efficiency in technical installations & security systems

Energy and technology – Many value-adding components of a house fall into the area of energy and technology. If you wish the stress-free sale of your real estate, we offer you as real estate agents gladly our individual services. This also includes the preparation of an exposé. This serves to describe your property to all interested parties who respond to the advertisement.

Comparison of new and refurbished buildings: energy and technology

New houses often convince with a very high standard, while older buildings often need renovation in the area of energy and technology. Energy efficiency has a very high priority when building or renovating a house. For new buildings, there are regulations that every builder must comply with. For example, an energy-efficient heating system must be installed in combination with a solar thermal system. There are also requirements for the insulation of the exterior walls, the roof and the windows. In the context of a renovation, you can also comply with the specifications. There is currently no legal regulation for renovations. However, building owners benefit from significantly lower energy costs. Since the costs increase regularly, you will save a large part of the investment again over the years. In addition, you make an important contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Independence from the energy supplier

Many building owners would like to be largely independent of the energy supplier. They also like to avoid buying oil, especially since the tanks needed for oil heating take up valuable space in the basement or in an outbuilding. In addition, gas and oil heating systems are not counted as renewable energies. Heat pump heating systems are becoming increasingly popular. You can opt for air heat or geothermal heat.

Cost recovery through solar thermal system

Heat pump heating systems require electricity to operate. In many regions it is possible to extract geothermal heat. Air source heat pumps are installed as an alternative. The high energy costs required to operate the heat pump are covered in whole or in part by a solar thermal system. This is installed on the roof of the house or an outbuilding. The electricity is fed directly into the heating system and the energy circuit of the house.

Power surplus or resource shortage?

If more electricity is produced than necessary on bright days, this can be stored in a battery. If the solar power is not sufficient, the capacities in the battery are accessed. Only when these capacities are also exhausted is the service of a local or national supplier required. This means that you have to sign a contract. However, you only use this for a few weeks a year.

Solar thermal system and heat pump heating: an economical combination!

If you install a high-performance solar thermal system in combination with a high-quality battery, you can operate your heating system for most of the year without additional energy costs if you use energy sparingly. In addition, the combination of solar thermal system and heat pump heating meets high energy efficiency requirements. You use renewable energies and relieve the grid by producing and storing your own electricity.

Technical annex

The demands on the technical installations in houses and apartments have risen sharply in recent years. The possibilities of technical installations are very diverse. During a renovation, all electrical wiring should be replaced. New cabling for the installation of a network or for elements of the smart home system can be laid in cable ducts or under the floor. This makes it easier to install or expand components at a later date.

Commission a specialist to safeguard your system

When installing a technical system, protection is very important. This is especially true for powerful appliances such as the electric stove. The washing machine and dishwasher should also be installed safely. With these devices, water and electrics work together and under no circumstances should an electric shock occur. The design and installation of the fuses should be done by a professional. A main fuse is required to protect the entire electrical system. In addition, the circuits are provided with individual fuses.

Modern systems look better in the exposé

It is advisable to completely replace older security systems with new components. This not only serves the security, but also has a positive effect on the resale value of the house. Modern systems from the field of energy and technology find a special mention in the exposé and increase the purchase price for the property. Potential buyers are willing to pay a little more for a house that is technically up to date.

Further information on the subject of house building

Here you will find further information and tips on the subject of house building.

Building materials: concrete, wood, stone, glass and plastics

Building materials are indispensable for the new construction of a house, but also for the renovation. Materials such as wood, stone and concrete are predominantly used. But plasterboard, glass and various plastics are also used. Building owners can influence the type of building materials. Basically, it is important that you pay attention to high quality. It doesn’t matter whether you are overseeing the construction of a new house or opting for the renovation of an existing building. The building materials used are usually used for decades. They are exposed to a very high degree of stress, both on the outside and inside. When using building materials that have qualitative limitations, minor renovations are often necessary at short intervals. You can prevent this by selecting high-quality building materials.

Interior fittings for new buildings and renovations

The interior finishing of the house includes the design of the walls, ceilings and floors. In addition, the installation of the electrical systems, the heating and the water circuit takes place. Stairs and doors are installed and fixed fixtures are integrated in the kitchen and bathroom. When building a house, interior finishing takes about the same amount of time as the construction of the building up to the topping out ceremony. The interior fittings can be very individually designed by the builder. Not only with a new building, but also in the context of a reorganization a new planning of the interior fittings is possible. If an extensive renovation with a change in the internal structure of the house is planned, the house should be empty for the period of the construction work. Otherwise, the renovation will be difficult.