House sale from A-Z: The 8+ most important steps for Worms

Selling real estate in Worms successfully? That should be no problem with the right partner at your side! Because the number of inhabitants of the Nibelungenstadt is growing inexorably from currently about 87000 towards the 100,000 mark. It is obvious that the search for living space has a sparse effect on the price development of houses, apartments and land.

With this development, Worms is in line with the trend of the so-called “B-cities”, i.e. smaller cities in the vicinity of larger conurbations. For Worms, its proximity to the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar regions is decisive in terms of its attractiveness as a place to live. As a city itself, Worms also has a lot to offer! Shopping centres, cultural offerings and a decent connection to the transport infrastructure of motorway and rail allow the city’s residents to get to Frankfurt, Mannheim etc. quickly.

If you want to sell your property in Worms, there are many things to consider. Above all, you should be well acquainted with the property prices in relation to their location in Worms. Even small mistakes here can have costly consequences and sustainably reduce the proceeds of the property sale. It pays off to invest in the experienced real estate agents of Lukinski Lukinski and let the house or apartment sale be carried out by experts. With our many years of expertise as real estate agents for Rhineland-Palatinate, among other places, you will achieve the best possible price for your property and save a lot of time and nerves at the same time.

Here’s what you should look out for when selling a house or apartment

As an owner, you are interested in a good asking price and want to avoid your property changing hands for less than its market value. For a house, an apartment or a plot of land, it is therefore advisable to opt for a professional, objective and independent valuation. Emotions, which are automatically present when selling an owner-occupied property, stand in the way of rational valuation and negotiations. The preparation of a professional appraisal for your property is one of Lukinski Lukinski’s core services! By the way, contrary to widespread opinion, the time of year of the sales date is completely irrelevant for achieving a good sales price.

However, the market situation in Worms is important. This results fundamentally from the supply and demand for properties of various types. In Worms, single-family homes have been in high demand for some time – and will certainly remain so in the future. Again, the size of the house, the size of the plot of land or the state of construction are only of secondary importance.

Investors are also looking for apartment buildings in Worms. In B-cities, the A-locations are particularly in demand, as they promise the greatest possible increase in value. Precise knowledge of the city, its currently sought-after locations and those that will develop in the future are therefore the hallmarks of a top broker. Lukinski Lukinski is at your side as such a partner for the successful sale of your property.

Our services for real estate sellers at a glance

  • Valuation of the property
  • Credit check
  • Creation of a professional exposé
  • Creation of meaningful photos of your object
  • Procurement of all documents necessary for the sale
  • Preparation of documents for the sales process
  • Objective appraisal and evaluation of the object
  • Advice on construction and contract law
  • Determination of the appropriate target group of buyers
  • Development of a marketing strategy tailored to the target group
  • Access to our extensive customer file
  • Unsolicited reporting on the sales process
  • Prospect Pre-Screening
  • Coordination and execution of viewing appointments
  • Preparation of the purchase contract
  • Cooperation with notaries
  • Conducting sales negotiations until closing
  • Accompaniment of the notarisation procedure
  • Professional object handover
  • Aftercare
  • Payment first on success

Real estate sales with market knowledge and know-how

If you are still unsure about contacting Lukinski Lukinski for an initial no-obligation discussion, here are a few thoughts on the topic of “private sale or broker”: A private sale without the appropriate prior knowledge is often problematic and usually leads to you setting the price too high (and thus delaying the sales process) or losing money due to an underestimation of the market value.

As an owner, you certainly have a more or less “rough overview” of how much your apartment, property or house is worth. However, for a successful and professional real estate sale you need more information and should refer to detailed market analyses. The determination of the market value alone contains numerous aspects which are not in the layman’s view. In addition, you need to obtain all the necessary documents for the sale, issue a legally required energy certificate, clearly define the target group and organize the parcel map and the development plan. If you entrust the sale of your property to a specialist estate agency, you will not have to deal with these time-consuming and costly tasks.

Another point that speaks for the sale by an experienced real estate agency is the negotiation competence with the prospective buyers. It is irrelevant whether you want to sell your property to owner-occupiers or to an investor. Every potential contract partner wants to negotiate with you about the price and other core conditions of the sale. This costs not only nerves but often also money, should you be sitting opposite a skilful negotiator.

Basically, the right sales strategy is also important for the successful conclusion of the sale. The objective valuation and meaningful preparation of an exposé are the basis of your success. This then forms the basis for a strategy to place your property with the right target group of interested parties at the right time using the right media. At this point at the latest, knowledge and experience in the real estate business are in demand. Only so much is betrayed: “Much” does not help with the real estate sale usually much! It is not the quantity of publications that makes the difference, but the quality!

Sale of condominiums

In many places you can find tips on the various risks that you will encounter when selling a house or apartment. However, do not necessarily assume that you are protected against all pitfalls. For example, if you want to sell your condominium in Worms, the sale must be agreed with the other owners in the complex. Only when the community of owners unanimously agrees with the new owner can the sale be legally completed. Let Lukinski Lukinski advise you on these complex sales issues as well!

Sale of apartment buildings

If you want to sell your own apartment building and thus appeal to capital investors, the question often arises: Is the occupied or unoccupied condition better for the sale? Full occupancy can be an advantage. For example, if the annual rental income exceeds the expenses for maintenance and management and a clear return is apparent. It is a disadvantage if the buyer has his own ideas about the layout of the property and cannot implement them because of the existing rental situation.

The credit check: difficult but essential

Since a credit check on prospective buyers is important and essential, you as a private seller are faced with another costly and complex task. In contrast, Lukinski Lukinski offers a comprehensive service. We check the solvency of prospective buyers for you and give you recommendations for the best prospective buyer. There is no easier and safer way to sell your house, flat or plot of land in Worms and to achieve complete satisfaction by getting the best price.

Conclusion: The right partner for real estate sales

Selling real estate in Worms is a complex and time-consuming matter. Instead of embarking on this time-consuming process yourself, you should opt for a professional service provider. Your money – which is of course only paid via the estate agent’s fees once the sale has been completed – is well invested. The Lukinski Lukinski team has all the local market knowledge and national experience to sell your property in Worms quickly and in line with your target group. Simply get in touch with us. We will then arrange a first meeting – gladly also on site.