Simple and safe – selling a house in Pirmasens

Pirmasens, the second smallest town in terms of population, is located on the western edge of the Palatinate Forest. The oldest documented mention of the city goes back to the founder of the Hornbach monastery in 860. The city has numerous cultural monuments and buildings that tell of its long history and offer glimpses into the past. Who looks into the future and sees his professional or private perspective in a local reorientation, thinks about the sale of his real estate. There are many reasons for selling a house or apartment in Pirmasens. If the house becomes too small for the growing family or if financial reasons are the focus, these aspects can promote the decision to sell the property. For a quick transaction and to achieve the desired sales price, it is advisable to invest in a local real estate agency with know-how. Lukinski is an accomplished contact in Pirmasens when it comes to selling your houses, land or condominiums.

Things to know about selling real estate privately in Pirmasens

Selling a property is a time-consuming, knowledge-requiring and nerve-wracking task. The planning and preparation are more complex than most owners realize. From the idea to sell, to the marketing and finally to the conclusion of the contract and the handover, a lot of time passes and the seller is faced with a whole series of tasks. If you are selling your house or apartment in Pirmasens, you should develop a targeted marketing strategy and focus all details on the successful conclusion of the contract on your terms. In order to know the real value of the property and thus an appropriate offer price, a market value assessment should be one of the basics. As a private individual, the valuation can lead to a bill of more than 1,000 euros and represent the largest, but by no means the only item on the debit side of your agenda. Obtaining documents, preparing the legally required energy certificate, coordinating viewing appointments all cost time and money. Costs are incurred for every advertisement in real estate portals, without you knowing in advance whether your offer will meet with interest.

The extensive planning and preparation when selling a house

You have decided to sell your house or apartment, developed the strategy, selected portals for advertisements, obtained the energy certificate and gathered the documents. But two important aspects are still missing. You need an exposé that must contain all the facts about the property, a meaningful description and expressive pictures. Professionalism plays an overriding role here, as the exposé establishes the initial contact with potential buyers and, together with the offer price, is a primary decision criterion for or against a closer look. If you are thinking about planning the sale of real estate, you should focus on a certain period of time. This, of course, is significantly related to the reason for selling the house. If there are financial reasons, prompt settlement can protect you from foreclosure. If you plan with an experienced realtor like Lukinski in Pirmasens, the complex tasks of the sale will not present you with a challenge. All preparatory and executive measures will be undertaken with the utmost competence and led to a satisfactory result.

For what price can the property be sold?

This is the first question, regardless of whether you are selling your property privately or with the help of an estate agency in Pirmasens. At the same time, pricing is also the biggest margin for error. Do not let yourself be guided by your gut feeling or assume that the purchase price you paid at the time will ensure a quick resale. Market analyses, property data, location and furnishings, as well as comparative values of other properties in similar locations and with similar furnishings are all taken into account in the determination of market value by experienced real estate experts. The result of all these factors is a sum which the estate agent will propose to you as an offer price. By the neutral, without emotional attachment to the house or the dwelling made value determination you have the certainty that the offer price does not show the ideal, but the authentically attainable selling price. In the conversation with the real estate agency, you can name a negotiating range and learn all the details about the valuation. You unnecessarily exclude long-term marketing and avoid offering your high-value property below the real market value and making a losing deal. Neither a too low, nor a too high valuation has a positive effect on the sales success of houses and apartments. An overvaluation reduces the interest of buyers and an undervaluation makes you as an owner lose a lot of money.

Professional real estate sales by Lukinski – Lukinski

You would like to sell your condominium, your inherited parental home or a multi-family house for capital investment in Pirmasens? Do you have a property with your own home for which you are looking for a new owner for personal or professional reasons? We at Lukinski offer you professional support and order realization from the very beginning. If we sell your house or apartment, we will find a solvent buyer promptly and accompany you until the property is handed over to the new owner. We create the exposé, manage the communication with potential buyers and coordinate viewings. Present your property to us and we will reliably ensure that the sale takes place within the timeframe you desire and at a price that is satisfactory to you.