Free of charge: 6+ steps to an immediate house sale in Fulda

Fulda is a city in the east of Hesse with a population of just under 65,000, making it one of the ten largest cities in the state. The city was named after the river of the same name. It is also one of the eleven metropolitan regions in Germany. Fulda is situated in a very scenic location. The culture and historical sites make the city a very popular excursion and holiday destination. However, the influx of new residents also continues unabated, so that the purchase prices for real estate in Fulda are higher than in other German cities. If you are planning to sell your property in Fulda, Lukinski – Ihr Hausverkauf will be happy to advise you. Reduce the stress of selling a property and decide to commission an estate agent with the sale. We look back on a high degree of experience and have specialised in the regions in the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. We know the market and can help you not only with the sale itself, but also with the determination of the purchase price. Reduce the stress and work involved in selling your property in Fulda and hire a professional. We are happy to be at your disposal for an initial non-binding discussion.

Core city and districts – the structure of the city of Fulda

Fulda consists of a core city with a strong historical connection and adjacent districts that were annexed to the urban area in the course of several municipal area reforms. The entire Fulda area has more than 105,000 inhabitants. For the sale of your property, the district in which the property is located plays a not insignificant role. Prices are highest in the core city, and there in the area of the centre. Properties are in high demand, and most sellers don’t have to wait long to sell their property for the price they want. If you want to offer a property in one of the districts, you can also expect a good value. Only the outskirts and the area that is slightly outside the city area are not as high in terms of the purchase price.
Fulda is located on the edge of several nature parks, which are a popular holiday destination not only for locals but also for visitors all year round. True to the motto that you live where other people spend their holidays, you can expect the sale of your property to bring a high response. Not only the agriculturally attractive surroundings, but also the conditions on the job market are positive in Fulda. All these criteria have a high influence on the value of your property. In a Germany-wide comparison, properties offered in the Fulda area are more expensive than in other German regions. Furthermore, even within Hesse, Fulda is one of the cities where rents and property prices tend to be high. You will benefit from this development especially if you want to offer a property that is in very good condition and is located in an area with a very good infrastructure or in the core city of Fulda.

Real valuation of the property before purchase

The purchase price is the decisive criterion to which the successful sale of a property is tied. Sometimes it is not so easy to define an amount that corresponds to the value of the property and at the same time is considered a normal market price. Various criteria flow into the calculation of the purchase price. These include the location, the size and the equipment, but also the age and the need for renovation. In principle, you as the owner have the right to determine a purchase price that corresponds to your expectations. If this price is in line with the market, your property in the Fulda area will sell quickly. A purchase price that is too high will inhibit the sale. If you decide on a price that is too low for reasons of a quick sale, you will certainly find a buyer quickly. This is especially true if you put an attractive property on the market. You will get the money in the short term, but still give away a large portion of the value. This doesn’t have to be the case even if you are in a life situation where you desperately need the money. Lukinski is happy to offer assistance with the sale of your property. If you wish, we can also advise you on the purchase price. It is often possible to cushion a financial bottleneck that may arise in the period between the intention to sell and the payment of the money, for example by means of financing. Let us show you different ways that suit your personal situation. Together we will find a solution and can initiate the sale of your property at a reasonable price.

Real estate sale costs time and high activity

At first glance, the sale of a property is often quite simple. You advertise the property in a newspaper or on the Internet, interested parties come forward and you organise a viewing. If you offer a house or a plot of land that is in an interesting location and in good condition, potential buyers will certainly get in touch with you at short notice. However, this involves a time commitment that many property owners looking to sell their property are not even aware of. They have to answer questions about the condition of the property and are not infrequently confronted with demands for an appraisal. Potential buyers who do not live in Fulda or the surrounding area expect an exposé with photos and a comprehensive description. If you are confronted with the request for the presence of an expert during a viewing, you need to react correctly. And last but not least, you need time to answer mails and phone calls and to organise viewing appointments for the property.
If you decide to hire an agent, the costs that you can share with the buyer are very well invested. You save time, money and nerves, because after all, the sale of a property is often also a matter of the heart. This is especially true if you once lived in the property yourself or if it has been a family property for a long time. We offer you an interesting all-round service with which we can bring the sale of your property in Fulda to a successful conclusion and achieve a purchase price that meets your expectations.

Services of your broker in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate

Lukinski is a real estate agency specialising in the federal states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. We have a high level of experience and know the market very well. The sale of real estate in Hesse varies greatly from region to region, which has an effect on the purchase prices. This also applies to the city of Fulda. Our services begin with a personal meeting in which you present your property to us and define your purchase price requirements. We can advise you on pricing and provide you with reference properties that we have successfully sold in the past. If you wish, we can take care of the entire contract processing. We will prepare an exposé that will answer even the most persistent questions of prospective buyers. You can let the entire communication with the prospective buyers run over us. The same applies to the arrangement of viewing appointments. You save yourself a lot of stress and do not need to be prepared for unpleasant questions or purchase price negotiations. We know how to handle such questions. We act solely in your interest and remain in close contact with you throughout our work. If you wish, you can initially remain anonymous to the potential buyer. However, such anonymous buying is only possible up to a certain point. If a purchase contract is concluded, an extract from the land register will be requested, showing you as the owner of the property. However, personal contact with potential buyers can be avoided if you do not wish this.

Conclusion: Selling real estate in Fulda successfully with an estate agent

Take advantage of Lukinski’s individual services if you want to sell a property in Fulda or the surrounding region. We advise you individually and competently, and we bring our experience in the Hesse area to every sale. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to offer you a personal appointment for a consultation.

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