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Selling an apartment in Cologne-Bayenthal – Find out everything you need to know about selling an apartment in the sought-after Bayenthal area of Cologne. From the procedure to the important documents to the purchase contract, with our guide you are well prepared for your apartment sale! Also: Our tips on property valuation – Welcome to Cologne-Bayenthal! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne-Bayenthal

Bayenthal combines big-city flair with suburban idyll. The city center can be reached quickly by bus, train or on foot, and the banks of the Rhine are not far away. Not only the very good infrastructure makes Bayenthal an attractive place to live. The large number of green spaces, such as the Mathiaskirchplatz and the community garden NeuLand Köln, the numerous shopping opportunities along Bonner Straße and Goldsteinstraße also inspire newcomers and long-time residents. Not to forget the Bismarck monument on Gusthav-Heinemann-Ufer and the flood pumping station on Schönhauser Straße!

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In Bayenthal, you can therefore count on a quick sale of apartments:

  • First class location
  • Very good infrastructure
  • Proximity to the Rhine
  • Several green spaces & parks
  • Many monuments & sights

Exclusive location directly on the Rhine

Bayenthal is located in the charming district of Rodenkirchen and borders Marienburg to the south and Köln-Altstadt to the north. Upscale Sürth and elegant Weiß are also not far away by car.

Now a look at the mesolocation of Bayenthal:

Between Bayenthalgürtel, Bernhardtstrasse and Hölerlinstrasse

Divorce, inheritance, family reunification or professional reorientation – apartments in Bayenthal are in demand, not only at he Oberländer Werft. Hölderlinstrasse, Hebelstrasse and Bernhardtstrasse are among the most sought-after addresses, as is Bayenthalgürtel in the south toward Marienburg.

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Real estate prices directly at the Oberland shipyard

The popular location makes apartments in Bayenthal particularly popular and thus also causes apartment prices to skyrocket. On average, you can expect 5,400 euros per square meter here. The closer the apartment is to the banks of the Rhine, the more you can charge. The best thing to do here is to contact an experienced real estate agent. His expertise and negotiating skills will get you the best possible price.

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Procedure: planning, documents, processing – tips

Whether it’s an old apartment or an exclusive loft, you need to know how to be smartest in the process and how to get the best price for your property. Acquire the necessary knowledge in the sale of your apartment on our blog.

The proximity to the Rhine is a real plus:

Backsteinhaus, Giebelhaus und Fachwerkshaus - viele Mehrfamilienhäuser, die sich am Rheinufer befinden umgeben von blauem Himmel und bunten Blumen

Prepare important documents

Important for sale and valuation: As a seller of your property, you need numerous relevant papers. These include, for example, the energy certificate as well as the floor plan of the house. Show your property in the exposé with good, high-quality photographs that show your home in a favorable light.

The most important documents in the overview:

Valuing real estate: Calculate purchase price

Size and neighborhood play a decisive role in the calculation of the purchase price. It does not count what amounts you yourself once invested in your apartment in your personal past. As always, supply and demand determine the selling price. You should take this rule into account so that no unfulfillable wishes are included. For private individuals, it clearly becomes complex to seriously assess the actual value. Therefore, we recommend to consult the expertise of an experienced real estate agent for the real estate appraisal.

Reading tip: Evaluate apartment

This has an impact on the purchase price:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Room layout
  • Year of manufacture
  • Equipment
  • Apartment condition

Important! Create real estate exposé

It pays to invest time in a really good exposé. In addition: As the owner, you know all the necessary details. Make sure that all the extras you want to describe are listed in the property’s exposé, e.g. garden, swimming pool and garage or carport. You can then publish your apartment and the exposé either in daily newspapers or also in real estate portals.

In the exposé should be, among other things, photos of:

  • House from outside
  • Input
  • Garden
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Carport
  • Single room
  • Features of the apartment

Walking through Bayenthal, the beautiful cityscape inspires:

Die charmanten Straßen von Bayenthal

Organize viewing appointments

Every day the excitement grows. In order for the property to be best sold very quickly and successfully, the real estate agent organizes new appointments every day for a home inspection with potential buyers who are interested in the type and location of your home. The real estate agent makes each appointment autonomously. Of course, you may also be present at the viewing appointment if you wish.

Draw up purchase contract & sales processing

In the following process, your real estate agent will conduct the final talks about the sale of the apartment and discuss the details of the forthcoming purchase contract. Then, in cooperation with the notary, he prepares a draft of the notarized contract of sale. For the notarization you have to come to the notary. You and the buyer sign the contract at the notary’s office.

Here are the final steps:

  1. Drawing up the purchase contract
  2. Review of the purchase contract
  3. Notary appointment
  4. Signature & Notarization

Finally, the entry in the land register follows, as well as the payment of the purchase price and the handover. And congratulations! With this, the apartment is really sold notarized.

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