Selling luxury real estate – What you need to consider

Selling luxury real estate – It is a fact that buyers of luxury real estate have very high expectations of the object they favour and its presentation. Here, larger sums of money change hands than with classic homes in the “normal price segment”. Accordingly, you should pay very close attention to the offer and the sales process and trust an agent who is familiar with the sale of luxury houses and apartments.

Luxury properties need special presentation

First and foremost, you should make sure that your offered property shows itself from its best side and arouses desires at first sight. How can this be achieved and what influence does the sales experience have on the effect that a luxury property has on the prospective buyer? The “language” in the upper price range is different than on the conventional real estate market.

The expressiveness of the pictures, the well-founded descriptions and the special procedure during viewings influence the achievement of the desired sales price just as much as the time span between the publication and the conclusion of the contract. When it comes to a luxury property, your primary choice should be professional brokerage. Pitfalls are a risk in the entire preparation and sales process, which you can only avoid through competence.

High prices require high competence!

The sale of houses and apartments with luxury fittings is based on a comprehensive property valuation. For the buyer, the value development plays just as important a role as the comparative price that properties in the same location and with similar equipment achieve. As an owner, you can dedicate yourself to your core business by outsourcing the sale of luxury properties to specialists.

Real estate agent tips

You want to sell a house or an apartment, have no experience in the real estate market and want to avoid mistakes at all costs? Then you are well advised to use the comprehensive services of an estate agent and simplify the time-consuming and complex sale of your residential property. When you hire an agent, you don’t have to factor the sale of your property into your schedule, as all tasks are handled directly by your real estate agent and carried out in your best interest.

Tasks of a broker

Basically, a real estate agent fulfils all tasks that are important before and during the sales and rental phase. He creates an exposé, determines the market value of your property, advertises your property and is then the interface between you and interested parties. While the creation and publication of an advertisement is a time-consuming but unique task, answering customer enquiries is part of the daily business of an estate agent.

Commission for the broker – The most important regulations

More than 80 percent of all properties for sale or rent are brokered. This means that the owner commissions a real estate agent to advertise the offer and to carry out all tasks up to the conclusion of the contract on his behalf. Professional brokerage is a service that is agreed between the client and the real estate agent. After the service has been rendered, a commission, the so-called brokerage fee, is due. Who pays the commission depends on the type of commission and the reason for the commission. If you sell your property through an estate agent, the buyer usually pays. In the case of lettings, the buyer principle has applied since 2015, so that the invoice recipient and commission payer is identical to the person who has commissioned a brokerage service.