Sell apartment Cologne-Sürth: property, land, procedure

Selling an apartment in Cologne-Sürth – Find out everything you need to know about selling an apartment in the upscale Sürth district of Cologne. From prices per square meter in Sürth to the process of selling an apartment to the entry in the land register, with our guide you are well prepared for a successful apartment sale. In addition: The tasks of a real estate agent at a glance – Welcome to Cologne-Sürth! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne-Sürth

The Cologne district of Sürth still inspires today with its rural charm paired with modern metropolitan flair. Thus, Cologne-Sürth is considered one of the most attractive residential areas. An excellent basis for sellers! Sürth used to be an idyllic fishing village. The numerous boathouses are still a reminder of this today. The many single-family homes and apartment buildings made of brick add to the charm of Sürth, as does the local historic and listed colony of villas. The standard of living is high and the infrastructure is very good.

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In Sürth, you can therefore count on a quick sale of apartments:

  • Historic townscape
  • Very good infrastructure
  • Proximity to the banks of the Rhine
  • High standard of living

Excellent location in the west of Cologne

Charming Sürth is located directly on the Rhine in the sought-after district of Rodenkirchen and borders on Weiß, Hahnwald and Godorf. It is also not far to Cologne’s old town and Neustadt by bus, train and car.

Now a look at the mesolocation of Sürth:

From Industriestraße to Sürther Leinpfad

Apartments in Sürth are very popular, both in the center of the district and on the banks of the Rhine. The most sought-after residential locations here include Falderstrasse and Bergstrasse in the town center, as well as In der Aue. If you sell an apartment here, you can look forward to high demand and an above-average sales price. More about the prices per square meter in a moment!

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High prices per square meter on the banks of the Rhine

Due to the sought-after location, prices in Sürth are higher. Here, for example, you can expect to pay around €4,050 per square meter. Whether divorce, inheritance or family reunification – the reasons for selling an apartment can be manifold. So when determining the purchase price, your emotions can get in the way. To avoid this, we recommend using the expertise of a real estate agent to determine the value.

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The lively Sürth directly on the banks of the Rhine:

Eine Vielzahl bunter Fachwerkshäuser direkt am Ufer des Rheins mit blauem Himmel im HIntergrund und bunten Schirmen eines Cafés im Vordergrund

Basics: procedure, documents, brokers & Co.

If you want to sell your property privately, then of course you do not need to hire a real estate agent. However, we always recommend that you seek the expertise of an experienced real estate agent. Especially if it is your first property.

Hiring a real estate agent: tasks

The first step is to make an appointment with your real estate agent for a structured apartment valuation. The first step is to achieve the optimal selling price, no matter if it is a loft, an old building apartment or a maisonette. Property valuation depends on expertise, experience and knowledge of the region and the real estate market. A real estate agent will also advise you on taxes and financing and guide you through the entire sales process.

Tasks of a real estate agent summarized:

  • Market analysis
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real estate marketing
  • Processing
  • Advice on taxes and financing

Prepare apartment sale: Documents

As a seller of your apartment you need various, crucial documents. These include, for example, offers but also forms. A general tip: Present your property with professionally created photos. So that so any prospective buyer can make a much more comprehensive picture of your apartment.

Tip: Present your property with photos

Market apartment: Online & offline

Interest in buying, that shows quickly in the first seconds when you read an ad on a housing portal as a buyer. The effort for a perfectly prepared advertisement is therefore worthwhile. You know yourself as a real estate owner guaranteed best. Attention to detail is required here! The exposé for the sale of the apartment is ready? Real estate portals as well as daily newspapers are suitable for advertising.

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Viewing dates in Cologne-Sürth

Now it becomes more and more exciting: Your mediating broker then organizes appointments for an apartment viewing every day. If you want it that way, he conducts the talks autonomously. Almost all sellers let your broker do all the work. Of course, sellers are allowed to be present at the viewing appointments.

From one of the top floors, the view of the city and the Rhine is fabulous:

Oberste Stockwerke eines Mehrfamilienhauses mit Schornsteinen und Erkern

Check creditworthiness & create purchase contract

Next on your list is: Checking the purchasing power of prospective buyers. Should you want to sell your house with land, work with a reputable broker, because he or she will directly verify the solvency of the new owner.

Credit check protects you from non-payment!

Next on your list: Conclude real estate purchase agreement with the notary. In the rest of the process, your real estate agent will conduct the final negotiations on the sale of the apartment. He clarifies the still to be disputed formalities of the purchase contract. As the seller, you prepare the purchase contract together with the notary.

Handling the sale: Checklist

At the notary you and the buyer sign the contract. After that follows: Payment of the negotiated purchase price after updating in the land register, or as a technical term: priority notice of conveyance.

Here is an overview of the last steps:

You have now officially sold your apartment – congratulations!

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