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Selling an apartment in Cologne White – Find out everything you need to know about selling your apartment in the coveted White district of Cologne. From the most important documents to the real estate appraisal to the purchase contract, with our tips you are well prepared! Also: Everything you need to know about the real estate exposé – Welcome to Cologne-White! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne White

Cologne-White is not only a popular destination for excursions, but also a sought-after place to live. Especially those who are looking for some peace and quiet in the midst of the big city hustle and bustle are in the right place here. The “Weißer Bogen” nature reserve offers plenty of rest and relaxation, while the Chapel of St. George invites visitors to immerse themselves in Cologne’s history. The local campground also offers variety. The connection to the other parts of the city is very good and the standard of living is high.

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Therefore, in white you can count on a quick sale of apartments:

  • Quiet and family friendly neighborhood
  • Proximity to the banks of the Rhine
  • Variety of green spaces and parks
  • High standard of living
  • Varied range of leisure activities

Between Rodenkirchen and Sürth: Map

The Cologne-White neighborhood is located directly on the banks of the Rhine in the Rodenkirchen district. It borders Sürth and is not far from the Auenviertel and Flussviertel. The sought-after Bayenthal and upscale Hahnwald are also not far away by bus, train and car. To the east towards the riverbank, the district is covered with a lot of forest and green space.

Now a look at the mesolayer of white:

Weißer Hauptstraße, Alte Rheinstraße & Co: Popular residential areas

Apartments are particularly popular in the north of Cologne-Weiss. The top locations here include Weißer Hauptstrasse, Ritterstrasse, Kantstrasse and Alte Rheinstrasse. You can also expect high prices per square meter in the east. Am Sandpfad, Am Treidelweg and Ensener Weg are particularly in demand due to their proximity to green spaces.

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Historic half-timbered houses & gabled houses: prices

Due to the attractiveness of the district, prices here have been rising steadily for several years. Currently, you can expect to pay around 4,050 euros per square meter. Above all, the historic half-timbered houses in the center of the district contribute to the charming flair of Cologne-White, as do the numerous gabled brick houses. In order to determine the selling price, it is worthwhile to carry out a valuation. This can be done professionally by a real estate agent or privately.

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The charming half-timbered houses of Cologne-White:

Drei Fachwerkshäuser nebeneinander vor einem strahlend blauem Himmel

Procedure: Valuation, purchase contract, documents – Tips

So you want to sell your apartment in Cologne-White? If this is your first property, it can be quite overwhelming at first. We show you here step by step how to sell your apartment.

Assemble important documents

The important thing is the preparation. For this you need a wide variety of more or less decisive documents. These include, for example, entries from the notary, as well as valuations. A general tip from real estate agents: refine your home with professionally created photos. So that so all your prospective buyers can make themselves a much more comprehensive picture.

Some of the important documents you should prepare:

Valuing real estate: determining the purchase price

Next on your to-do list is the item: Determine the price of your real estate offer. The calculation of the selling price, which consists of credible basic data, a lot of information is valuable for buyers, such as size, type of apartment, quality of construction, defects, transport connections and likewise property condition and equipment. What counts here is not how much you have spent. As always, supply and demand determine current apartment prices. You should take this fact into account, so that no too high wishes are in play.

These factors influence the selling price:

  • Size
  • Real estate type
  • Construction quality
  • Deficiencies
  • Transport connection
  • Real estate condition
  • Equipment

For the inexperienced, it is really quite stressful to accurately assess the value of the house. Therefore, we recommend here a professionally conducted real estate appraisal from the real estate agent.

Create exposé: Photos, tender & Co.

The next step: creation of the portfolio (exposé) for future prospective buyers of the object. Already at the first glance many apartment seekers decide whether they are interested in your property or not. The time spent on a structured exposé pays off. In addition, as the owner of the apartment, you know your property best. In the advertisement or in the exposé of the property, everything must be written down, such as special features on the property, or pool for children, etc.

This should be found (possibly with photos) in the exposé:

  • House from outside
  • Input
  • Garden
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Carport
  • Single room
  • Features of the apartment

Have you repainted the facade? Modernized the windows? You should also take photos of this for your exposé:

Eine Nahaufnahme eines Backsteinhauses mit seinen modernisierten Fenstern

Your exposé is ready? Then publish it online on real estate portals or in the local newspaper.

Prepare & conduct visits

Next on your to-do list comes the item: manage inquiries about the property and general calls. Soon the first inquiries come, had you brought in a broker for the mediation of your house, he or she takes the responses. Only if detailed questions come, he or she will contact you personally right away.

Tip: Prepare for questions from prospective buyers!

The new task: meeting for viewing with potential interested parties. Every hour the tension increases. To ensure that your apartment is sold as easily and quickly as possible, your real estate agent makes regular viewing appointments in Cologne-White.

Check creditworthiness: Prevent payment default

Next on the list is the credit check: confirm the purchasing power of the person interested in your property. A prospective buyer wants to purchase the property? Of course, your experienced real estate agent will now immediately obtain credit information to check whether the would-be buyer can also afford the house.

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Last step: Notary appointment & purchase transaction

On to the notary visit and conclusion of the final purchase contract: A new owner has been found. Now the broker conducts the final talks with the possible next owner of the apartment. He clarifies the details of the contract. Then, together with the notary’s office, your agent prepares the notarized contract. And sure, for the notarization you definitely have to go to the notary. Once the purchase contract is notarized, and the purchase price is received by you, the handover takes place.

Here is the purchase procedure in the overview – checklist:

Thus, you have sold your apartment certified. Congratulations! So now you are left with only small tasks for sellers.

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