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CFD – Cologne Fashion Days 2014

CFD – Cologne Fashion Days 2014: For the first time the fashion days take place in Cologne. The three-day fashion fair presents, among other things, high-quality (but also affordable) fashion, various high-end labels and young couture.

You never forget your first time, isn’t that what they say? Yes indeed, I think I will never forget the first Cologne Fashion Days 2014 in the port of Cologne. For the first time ever the CFD took place, with over 40 different exhibitors from Cologne, Germany and a very special partner country, the Netherlands! The Dutch showed the most creative booths at the Cologne Fashion Days 2014, from very classic, minimalistic black/white patterned fashion pieces from young designers to very creative birds of the fashion scene, who kept themselves and their booth in colorful-psychedelic, 90s patterns.

Teaser and first TV coverage of the CFD 2014

Not only private broadcasters like RTL were on site. The first to report on the CFD 2014 in Cologne was Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR).

[Video no longer available]

The location: Dock.One / The New Yorker Cologne

This year’s Cologne Fashion Days took place at Dock.One, more precisely on the right side of the Rhine in the district of Mülheim (Hafenstraße 1) with the support of The New Yorker. Surrounded by old factories and very emotional, atmospheric docks. The various stands were simple, modern and clearly arranged. So it was also possible to get a quick overview. On the upper floor of the huge white warehouse you found space on white chairs and sofas – chill out. The Cologne Fashion Days 2014 are and were very inspiring for me and my brands. In addition to the various small fashion stands, there were of course also numerous catering in the form of cappuccino, Kölsch and small cakes. An important detail for every model event, after all, we also get hungry once in a while.

Conclusion of the CFD – Cologne Fashion Days 2014

Can you say “small but mighty”? The first CFD were great, nice people, colorful audience, high-quality implementation. The small exhibition areas were filled with hats, clothes but also fancy shoes álla Lady Gaga. The clean white furnishing in Dock.One directed the focus exactly right: on the collections. A little more entertainment would have been nice at one point or another, a few live shoots for example, directly at the stand with exhibition pieces. How about a huge swing with a model in a long gown on it. But: I don’t want to complain on a high level, because it was great! And I bet, in 2015 everything will be even more gorgeous at Cologne Fashion Days 2015.