Real estate agent wanted? House for sale in Bergheim and surrounding area

Do I need a realtor or could I handle the sale of the house or townhouse privately? Divorce? Selling your house with estate agent help in Bergheim: sell your home successfully on the market now! For your benefit, here in the blog we have the various questions that reach me and my team via email but also in our daily work on the site and in planning meetings with clients.

First everything revolves around a professional prelude – real estate evaluation of house and quiet apartment, the first appointments with your new broker. Loft with 80 or 190 m², no matter whether you are currently selling a terraced house or a country property, always be aware of how the optimal preparation proceeds step by step and how you can get the best price for your property after the sales contract. Acquire all the presupposed know-how in selling real estate know comprehensively well in your region. If you are really not interested in all the stress, contact us, thereby all the required know-how in the sale of real estate, research prices that have already been achieved in your area and help you with the valuation and should you want to save time, contact us easily via phone and contact form.

Next on your to-do list is: Architect’s floor plan and plans. Read here Relevant for sale and valuation.As a seller of a house you need various more or less important papers.Among them, for example, applications and also forecasts. Bright photographs increase the possible price of the property. This is important so that your first prospective buyers can literally make themselves much more comprehensive of the house already in the advertisement without much effort for them. The, the edited photos must always be high resolution but also always present the property from advantageous perspectives, because you want to sell. And preferably for a strong value.


The realistic price must be determined

Various factors contribute to the calculation of a sales price, such as proximity to green areas, defects, type of house, quality of construction, location of the object, but also the condition and equipment of a house. In your value determination it does not count which sums you had paid or the innumerable work. As always, supply and demand of real estate in Bergheim determine the selling price that one of your prospective buyers will be willing to invest. You have to consider this fact, demand and supply on today’s market dominate the desired value that one of your coming prospects is willing to go for. You should take this wisdom from business economics into consideration, so that no too big expectations are aroused. Are you not sure about the estimation of the price of the object? Yes, for the inexperienced it is really quite stressful to estimate the value accurately. Your alternative, a property valuation by our real estate experts.

Next up: Preparing an offer for a property from an estate agent. It reminds of the own real estate search, already with the fast overview on the description on an on-line portal selects itself for most prospective buyers whether one is interested, photo photographs see and still more details want to experience, as always counts almost only our first impression to the majority, it counts itself to invest expenditure into a beautiful Exposé in the sales. With all the features on and in the house, you as the owner are guaranteed to know best. Pay attention therefore the consideration of all characteristics. As well as garage or carport, garden or extras of the property. Perfect, the exposé for your sale of the house stands? The biggest sales chances offer the ImmobilienPortal in addition, of course, the local Pressein Bergheim. Afterwards it is called to wait. Is your house well received by visitors to your listing?

Organise enquiries from prospective buyers

Already in a few days the very first reactions come. If you had commissioned a broker for the mediation, he or she collects the questions for you and only then when much more detailed queries come from prospective buyers, he or she contacts you personally.

Arrangement of viewing appointments with your potential interested parties and on-site inspection

Every hour the excitement grows. The commissioned estate agent now arranges new viewing appointments with interested parties every day. If you wish, he or she will conduct the entire appointments. You as the owner can of course also be present at the appointment if you wish. Do not leave anything to the risk.

Next on your to-do list is: Checking the actual buying power of the person interested in the property. If you want to sell your house and land, start with experienced brokers, because brokers check the given creditworthiness of the new owner directly through information from the broker.

The visit to the notary and finalization of the purchase contract

Your estate agent conducts the negotiations for the sale of the house, he also discusses the individual formalities of the purchase contract that still need to be discussed. Your broker will prepare your notarized contract for sale in cooperation with your notary’s office. For a certification of the real estate sale you must come to the notary, whatever your initial situation has been, whether inherited property with the best location, you are already damn close to the conclusion, with him you and the buyer sign the contract of sale now formulated in detail, so you have sold the house certified, my congratulations.

Next turns around: After entry in the land register, the so-called Auflassungsvormerkung, the negotiated purchase price will be paid immediately by transfer order.Your notary now carries out the land register entry, in addition, the priority notice of conveyance, also directly by your notary, is entered, the document ensures, for example, that a seller can not sell his property more than once, that is, to people not known to each other at the same time, your notary gives the buyer the release, if he or his executing bank can transfer the agreed price to your bank, then you should check your account balance for the receipt of payment.

Verkaufsabschluss in Bergheim

Next on your to-do list comes with the item: Settle pending claims of notary and broker.instruct you as a seller in the following the payment of your broker and notary costs, after the achieved conclusion of the purchase contract at the notary, for this you will be sent in each case an invoice for the effort.

Your new job: pay land transfer tax – you’re about to. . If there are not a full ten years between, you may have to pay tax on the capital gain. In addition, there may be church tax and solidarity surcharge, of course, some exceptions are still made for private sales. For example, if the property owner has lived in the property himself for over 3 years and has never rented it. However, if you have lived in your house yourself for more than 3 years and have not acted as a landlord here, you do not have to pay any tax on your earnings.

Condominiums, real estate and new construction in Bergheim

Out of 49,695 of the apartment dwellers are satisfied with their living situation in Bergheim to residents in Bergheim. There are currently 60,288 residents in Bergheim, from west to east on 96.34 km². Bergheim is so clearly one of the important cities in Germany. Moreover, Bergheim is relatively close to North Rhine-Westphalia’s state capital Bergheim. With 626 people per square kilometre, affordable living space automatically becomes scarce, especially for those with lower incomes. In total, 0.07% of the German population lives in Bergheim.

Housing and new construction demand in the future

Rent or buy, where do you live in Bergheim? The Federal Statistical Office recently collected current figures, according to these 23,416 people live in houses, such as the owner-occupied home, terraced house or apartment building, which is in their own possession, in a condominium live 3,708spend their lives. In addition, there are 29,185 people who live in a rental property. Of those, 35,570 are married and 24,718 are single. Backlogs of new construction, at best, with upsizing housing units in all counties. Over the next 10 years, half of the new calculations assume 21,923 new apartments, still 33% assume 18,269 by then, and only 17% of the projections come up with the need for 25,577 completed apartments. What number of apartments will really be built according to the calculation? This year only about 169 apartments will be created. With an investment amount 2.335.959.040,00 Euro annually.

Tenants and owners are satisfied with their neighborhood

At the same time, most Bergheimers are satisfied in surveys where they live, of all owners there are 49,695 happy people who appreciate just this location and neighborhood, against only 10,593 dissatisfied, a whole 39,103 more, the same feeling is shown by the many tenants in Bergheim, with 44,324 inhabitants. The large number of Bergheimers live in houses for one family, in no flats, in single-family houses live 31,570 Bergheimers, thus clearly more than in multi-family houses, there live 18,734 and 9,350 people in two-family houses, so is Bergheim.

Development and age structures in Bergheim: trend

Bergheim has some young inhabitants, such as 2,219 young adults aged 21 to 23, but also many older citizens, such as 10,556 people aged over 65, what does the future say?the trend continues, because already in four years, according to statistical probability, about 62,280 inhabitants will need housing, an additional 1,992 city residents. Now take a closer look at the development of the population over the next 15 years.

Real estate and financing in Bergheim

The unused money is astonishingly high, a whole 0.4 billion euros in liquid funds, according to statistical data basis of the German Federal Bank currently on savings accounts, much larger sums, a whole 0.4 billion euros are deposited in real estate business. The total amount of transactions from purchases and sales, is in Bergheim, purely statistically 5.5 billion euros. In the same period, 2,335,959,040.00 euros were used in residential construction, and up to 2.8 billion euros are currently invested annually in the modernization of apartments and houses. In total, the market for real estate in Bergheim generates an impressive 10.6 billion euros every single year.

Who lives rent-free? Bergheim real estate ownership

With ownership of real estate life is clearly easier thereby Bergheim has owners of houses and apartments from 0 to 99 years. let’s look now at a two of the examples. According to statistics (source: empirica) 2.536 children up to 10 years live in real estates, in the increasing age there are a few more. Possibly due to the survived toddler age and the consequent finding that the parents are working on their own career again, now most buy their house or just in metropolitan areas a condominium for the small family, from 11-21 years 3,140 live in their own home, then the curve almost collapses, with 21 to 30 years, only 687 live of them in their own home. The percentage increases as you get older. Thus it rises with the 31 to 40 year olds again 2.603 and with the today 41-50 year olds create it on 4.501. Between 51-60 years own 4.121 Bergheimer property, with the 61 – 70 year olds create it still on 3.148, many sell and thus the number of the real estate owners, who still use the own real estate, sinks on 1.951von all 60 288 persons.

Statistical development in Bergheim: Property and land with optimal transport connections in a central location

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house 23.416
Condo 3.708
Apartment for rent 29.185
WG 3.973

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowners in Bergheim (years) Quantity
0-10 2.536
11-21 3.140
21-30 687
31-40 2.603
41-50 4.501
51-60 4.121
61-70 3.148
71-80 1.951

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Growth
1 24.718 26.527 1.809
2 20.498 21.704 1.206
3 7.235 6.029 -1.206
4 5.426 4.823 -603
5+ 1.809 1.748 -60

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 31.953 33.761 1.809
2 17.484 16.881 -603
3 5.426 4.823 -603
4 3.617 3.557 -60
more than 5 1.206 1.085 -121

Source: Federal Statistical Office