Cosmetic repairs – definition, specifications tenancy law & deadlines

Cosmetic repairs – Cosmetic repairs are by definition minor, non-essential repairs to the apartment, such as painting, wallpapering or painting doors and heating systems. Landlord and tenant must agree before moving in and include desired clauses regarding cosmetic repairs in the lease. If nothing is stipulated in the rental agreement, the statutory provisions of tenancy law apply and the landlord bears the responsibility and the costs for the repairs. Also, many clauses requiring the tenant to carry out cosmetic repairs during the rental period or when moving out have been declared invalid by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). Cosmetic repairs are prescribed with intervals of: -3 years for kitchen, bathroom and shower, -5 years for living rooms, bedrooms, hallway, hallway and toilet, -7 years for other adjoining rooms.

Overview of cosmetic repairs

  • Definition – Minor non-essential repairs, example: wallpapering
  • Landlord bears costs in principle
  • Clauses in the lease can change this
  • Time limits for intervals: -3 years for bathroom, kitchen -5 years for living rooms, toilet -7 years for adjoining rooms

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