Attic – Apartment, Insulation & Penthouse

Attic – By definition, the attic refers to the top floor of a building that is habitable. The attic of a house often has sloping ceilings. Depending on the ceiling height, part of their area is included in the calculation of the living space. The difference between this and the attic is that the attic is habitable, not largely used for storage, and also in any case there are stairs and not a fold-out ladder. From a certain size, the attic is then also considered a regular full floor and then also has good insulation in the vast majority of cases. It can therefore easily be converted into a bedroom or even an entire attic apartment and furnished according to your ideas just like a normal floor. The English synonym for attic “penthouse” is also often used in German.

Top floor at a glance

  • The uppermost habitable floor of a building
  • Sloping ceilings reduce living space
  • Furnish as bedroom or whole attic apartment
  • English – “penthouse”

Here you can have a look at how the development of an attic runs off.

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