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Selling an apartment in Cologne-Deckstein – Find out everything you need to know about selling an apartment in the elegant district of Deckstein in Cologne. From prices per square meter in Deckstein to the process of selling an apartment to the entry in the land register, with our guide you are well prepared for a successful apartment sale. In addition: The tasks of a real estate agent at a glance and the most important criteria of real estate valuation – Welcome to Cologne-Deckstein! Back to: Selling property in Cologne.

Apartment for sale in Cologne-Deckstein

Köln-Deckstein is one of the most upscale corners of Cologne. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the standard of living is high and the infrastructure and connections to neighboring districts are very good at the same time. Deckstein is rather a cozy neighborhood that invites to rest and relaxation. Here, apartment buildings and villas are lined up next to each other. Both private gardens and public green spaces are always well maintained and the streets are clean. Thus, the quiet location and proximity to nature make the Veedel one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods in the city’s Speckgürtel.

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Therefore, in Deckstein you can count on a fast apartment sale:

  • High standard of living
  • Good infrastructure
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Well maintained green areas
  • Quiet location

Coveted residential location in the elegant district of Lindenthal

The elegant Deckstein is located in the Lindenthal district in the west of the media metropolis Cologne. Neighboring districts include Braunsfeld and Kriel. And by public transport, Altstadt, Neustadt and Junkersdorf are also not far away.

Now a look at the mesolayer of capstone:

Militärringstraße, Decksteiner Straße & Co: Tips

Whether maisonette, loft or micro apartment, Deckstein is considered one of the city’s most attractive residential districts. The most sought-after residential location in the Veedel is in the west between Militärringstraße, Viktor-Schnitzler-Straße and Decksteiner Straße. Top prices can also be found in the north above Dürener Strasse. The exact real estate prices are the same.

In advance, our guides on the subject of selling an apartment:

High prices in one of the most expensive neighborhoods!

How sought-after an apartment is in Deckstein is reflected in the prices per square meter here. If you want to sell your apartment in upscale Deckstein, you can look forward to an average of 6,050 euros per square meter, and even 6,900 euros in the most expensive corners. One of the absolute record prices in Cologne! How high exactly the purchase price is in the end can only be determined by a professional property valuation.

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Meaningful photos are among the important documents you need for a quick and efficient sale:

Moderner Balkon einer Neubauwohnung mit Glasgeländer und grünem Fenster an weißer Fassade

Preparation: Documents & Valuation

Selling a property is a time-consuming, knowledge-requiring and nerve-wracking task. The planning and preparation are more complex than most owners realize. From the idea to sell, to the marketing and finally to the conclusion of the contract and the handover, a lot of time passes and the seller is faced with a whole series of tasks. That is why we always recommend detailed preparation. Because: The better the planning, the more stress, mistakes and time you will save later on.

Prepare apartment sale – checklist:

  1. Assemble important documents
  2. Set time
  3. Include incidental costs
  4. If necessary, hire a broker
  5. Setoffer price
  6. Prepare property

Prepare documents: Energy certificate, floor plan & Co.

There are some important documents that you need for the sale of your apartment. You will need them for the valuation during the preparation phase, as well as at the end during the settlement. In addition, these documents serve you as a very good basis for argumentation during the sales talks. Therefore, it is advisable to compile all important documents from the beginning and collect them in a folder.

Everything about obtaining the documents & the respective costs: Documents – Checklist

You will need these documents:

  • Documents relating to the property (construction plans, site plan, etc.)
  • Current extract from the land register
  • Area plot / residential
  • Service charge overview
  • List of recent renovations and modernizations
  • Insurance documents (fire insurance)
  • Energy certificate

Time of sale and financial planning

When you think about planning the sale of real estate, you should focus on a certain period. This is, of course, significantly related to the reason for the sale. In addition, you should take into account all the important additional costs in advance. The procurement of documents, the preparation of the legally required energy certificate, the coordination of viewing appointments also cost time and money. In addition, there are the costs for the broker’s commission, notary fees and taxes.

You will incur these additional costs:

Valuation: Determine offer price

One of the most important steps is setting the bid price. However, pricing also provides the greatest margin for error. Do not let your gut feeling guide you. Therefore, you should always have a professional real estate app raisal performed. Market analyses, property data, location and equipment, as well as comparative values of other properties in similar locations and with similar equipment are included in the market value assessment by experienced real estate experts. Due to the neutral valuation, which is carried out without any emotional attachment to the house or apartment, you have the certainty that the offer price does not show the ideal, but the authentically attainable sales price.

Based on these factors, the value is determined:

  • Location
  • Equipment
  • Year of manufacture
  • State
  • Comparative values of other properties

Renovation and refurbishment, as well as high-quality furnishings can increase the value of the apartment immensely:

Gemütliches Wohnzimmer mit Couch, Sessel, Teppich und Einbauküche

Procedure: From the exposé to the notary appointment

The apartment is prepared for sale, If you are selling your apartment in Deckstein, you should develop a targeted marketing strategy and focus all details on the successful conclusion of the contract on your terms.

Sales phase: contact with interested parties & price negotiations

You have decided to sell the apartment, developed the strategy, selected portals for advertisements, obtained the energy certificate and gathered the documents. But some important aspects are still missing. You need an exposé that must contain all the facts about the property, a meaningful description and expressive pictures. We recommend to listen to your mailbox and to check your mails daily, starting from the day of the advertisement, in order to get in contact with prospective buyers. This is followed by viewings and sales talks – the core of the sales phase.

Reading Tip! Marketing real estate: Strategy

Here is an overview of the sales phase:

Processing at the notary: notarization & handover

During the final steps of the apartment sale you will be accompanied by a notary. The hiring of a notary is required by law. As a neutral and impartial mediator between seller and buyer, he draws up the purchase contract, clarifies final questions, notarizes the contract and initiates the change of ownership in the land register. Once you have received the purchase price, either directly or via the notary’s escrow account, you hand over your apartment in Deckstein to the new owner, settle the final bills and taxes, and the sale is complete.

The sales process summarized:

Hire a broker or sell privately?

Those who look into the future and see their professional or private perspective in a local reorientation, think about selling their real estate. For a quick execution and the achievement of the desired selling price it is recommended to invest in a local real estate agency with know-how. All preparatory and executive actions will be carried out with the utmost competence and will lead to a satisfactory result. Mistakes that happen to you during a private sale are prevented and time and stress are saved.

The advantages of a real estate agent:

  • Years of experience
  • Essential expertise
  • Market knowledge
  • Own buyer network

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