New Build Home: Prices, Finances, Advantages + Disadvantages

Buying a new build home – Most families do not want to wait long from the idea to the realization of their dream of owning their own home. This is where a new build home proves to be a practical solution, as its nature means that it takes far less time to build and therefore less time to wait until moving in. With a new build home you can save yourself the execution of the individual trades by different companies and have one contact person who is there for you from the planning to the handing over of the keys. If you are interested in a new build home and are considering whether this type of construction is the best decision for your project, then you will find the advantages and disadvantages that you, as a builder-owner*, need to know here. Before you choose a house type, visit a show house exhibition and get a feel for the different house models.

The Advantages of New Build Homes at a Glance

The biggest advantage of a new build home is certainly that you can do without a long construction phase. Rather, the components already new build by the manufacturer are delivered to your property and expertly assembled on site. This means that a new build home is ready to move in within a few weeks and is handed over to you ready for occupancy, including interior fittings and floor coverings. new build homes are priced below the costs of solid houses, which means that you can save money and fulfill your dream of owning your own home in a short time despite the additional purchase of land.

However, in very few cases it is possible to buy a house without any financing, so that you have to consult with the bank and work out a financing plan for the new build home. If you buy an existing property, you are limited in the possibilities of expansion and can provide the desired atmosphere by modernization, but not by an independent expansion. With a new build home, you can save additional money if you take care of individual trades yourself and can, for example, help with the interior work or with the facade design. If you are talented in craftsmanship and have time for your new build home, you can noticeably reduce the purchase price and thus the amount of financing. The construction of new build homes is coordinated directly through the manufacturing company, so that you, as a builder-owner, do not need to commission your own structural engineer or architect to check the quality of materials and construction.

The Approach

Regulate all contract details relevant to you before construction begins, as this will give you the greatest possible planning security and, for example, you will know before construction begins when you can move into your new property. Modern new build homes meet the requirements of the KfW for Energiesparhaus. This means that by deciding to build a new build home, you also secure financing advantages through favorable KfW loans for energy-saving houses.

  • Short construction phase
  • Ready for occupancy
  • Low costs

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Advantages and Disadvantages of New Build Homes

What you should consider when planning – a new build home offers many advantages. For one thing, it is built by only one manufacturer and handed over to the client as a turnkey project. This means that you have much less effort to deal with a wide variety of craftsmen and instead have one contact person to turn to. A new build home also has a much shorter construction time compared to a normal house, which is a saving in construction costs for you. Your dream property can be ready after a few days and you can quickly start your new life in your own four walls. In addition, your house is more predictable, because it was built in a factory and not on the property in all weathers. The use of machines and the accurate work saves you money and reduces the risk of something going wrong.

Advantages when Building a New Build Home

  • Shorter construction time than with traditionally built houses
  • Less risk of something going wrong
  • Entire house from one supplier
  • Own output possible
  • Climate-friendly building materials and low energy consumption
  • Economical construction method



What are the Disadvantages of a New Build Home?

Of course, a new build home also has disadvantages. First of all, it is considered to be much more clairaudient than a house made of concrete and stone. In order to avoid this, they pay attention to a careful footfall sound insulation when laying their floors. Have a close look around the show house and check your hearing directly on site. You must also pay attention to what you want to hang in the wall in your new new build home. Wall cabinets, for example, require special dowels and very heavy parts may have to be anchored directly in the construction elements.

A new build home can generally do without disadvantages. It is important that you choose a reputable supplier and opt for an offer with a long guarantee and building security. In the past, the massive house was considered the only durable and therefore really advantageous choice. But modern new build homes are free of disadvantages, especially in the own use.

The life span of a new build building does not differ clearly from other houses, which need a core renovation after 100 years and thus does not last longer than a new build home without appropriate maintenance measures. Only in terms of increased value do new build home owners have a disadvantage. Massive structures are valued higher in market value than a new build home, so that financial losses can occur in the planned resale. If you build a new build home for your family and do not plan to sell it as your primary goal, you can rely on the advantages and do not have to expect disadvantages.

By the timber construction method and the versatile use of gypsum plasterboard a new build home is hellhöriger. Therefore it is suitable for families and couples, but should not necessarily be the first choice as a multi-generation house. You have to take care of the air humidity yourself, since wooden walls are known to provide dry air. However, this also has an advantage: a new build home is practically free of mold and excludes a high risk to health.

Disadvantages of Building a New Build Home

  • Lighter walls and floors than in a solid house
  • Heavy furniture fixing in the walls
  • Loss of value on resale
  • Light hearing

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about New Build Homes:

These are the most frequently asked questions about new build homes. In our article, we will answer exactly these questions so that you can learn everything you need to know about the new build home.

  • How much does a prefab house cost?
  • What is meant by new build home?
  • How long does it take to build a new build home?

Financing of New Build Homes: How does the Bank deal With a New Build Home ?

With each building of houses and house buying the financing is located to favorable conditions in the focus. Banks finance the new build home building problem-free and do not make in this connection another mortgage or land charge calculation than with the massif building. If you decide for a new build home, you enjoy usually even some advantages and can settle a part of the financing over the KfW. The reason for this is the energy efficiency of new build homes, which are offered including insulation and in the function of an energy-saving house.

Optics & Financing

Also purely optically a new build home does not differ at first sight from a massive house. It becomes even more interesting when you combine your desire for a quickly completed house with the solid construction method and decide in favor of a solid new build home. For some years now, potential builders have been able to take advantage of these offers and at the same time opt for a solid house, as if it were a new build home, without having to wait a long time until moving in. Since new build homes are usually cheaper than massive houses, the liability with the bank is reduced and the credit becomes “smaller”. For this reason, new build homes are usually financed more easily than old buildings, which have to be purchased and then completely renovated. The new build home invites you to move in immediately after its completion, without “freezing out” a winter and only being able to continue building in spring. Also this point saves costs, because you do not have to pay unnecessary long additional costs for rent besides the financing repayment.

Since the new build home is a new building, the bank takes the regular object value into account in the financing and does not make any deductions. This circumstance is of particular advantage for buyers who want full financing or who finance with less than 20 percent equity. The financing is calculable and the bank accepts the new build home as security. Especially for owner-occupiers, this construction method pays off and is a way to get into their own four walls quickly and inexpensively.

Turnkey and yet Freely Plannable – the New Build Home

A fundamental question for all building owners is based on financial planning. Who builds substantial, must count by longer building stops with rain or by failing trades and a reorientation on a craftsman on unmanageable extra costs. With the new build home such surprises remain outside, since the building planning and realization take place from a hand.

Nevertheless, one should not speak of an all-round carefree package, since unforeseeable events can always occur. If you choose the manufacturer of your new build home with care, you exclude eventualities and can rely on the fact that all work, even official procedures, will be taken care of. Despite new build components delivered to your property, a new build home is not a static decision. You can give free rein to your creativity in room planning, floor and wall design as well as facade design already in the planning phase. In the case of a new build home, it becomes an advantage if you can carry out some tasks yourself and thus reduce costs. Depending on the expertise of the craftsman, the personal contribution and thus the savings can be considerable. In principle, a new build home is not very individual. If you become creative, you still have some possibilities to realize your own ideas and to design the house according to your requirements.

Construction Times, Prices and Manufacturer

You have weighed up the pros and cons, compared prices and construction times and come to the conclusion that a new build home is exactly the right decision? Lukinski – your house sale not only advises you on your options, but also offers you a convincing proposal of conditions for financing.

Since we as real estate agents have many years of experience with new build homes and their manufacturers, we are happy to take care of your project from the first thought and are your contact person if you want to build a new build home. Our tip for buyers: Not only a new, but also a used new build home is a good and cost-saving solution.

A new build home should definitely be considered as an alternative to conventional house construction. But what exactly is a new build home? How is it built, what are the differences to a normal house and can a new build home really compete with a conventional house both visually and practically?

After the individual parts of the house have been manufactured in the factory and the basic scaffolding has been assembled, it usually takes only a few weeks until the builder can move into the house. A new build home is in this sense a house that is not made of brick and concrete, but is built with the wooden panel construction method. Many questions arise at first but in particular it remains to be clarified whether a new build home can really keep up with one made of concrete and walls.


Step by Step – How to Build a New Build Home

If a builder decides now for the method ‘new build home’, first the attendance with the show house exhibition lines up. This allows him to assess which house he likes and how it relates to the property situation. If he has decided, a discussion with the sales consultant and usually the architect is on to specify the wishes. If everything is now completed, it can already start and the following steps are carried out.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about New Build Homes:

These are the most frequently asked questions about new build homes. In our article, we will answer exactly these questions so that you can learn everything you need to know about the new build home.

  • How much does a prefab house cost?
  • What is meant by new build home?
  • How long does it take to build a new build home?

The Production in the Factory

Only after receiving the building permit, the house will be built as discussed in advance. Here the individual equipment and the change desires are dealt with. The manufacturing in the factory brings thereby many advantages with itself, because instead of developing with wind and weather directly on the building site, with new build homes the individual parts such as walls, covers or roof parts can be manufactured directly in the workshop and under optimal conditions. The quality is therefore much better and the working time is reduced.

The houses are built with professional CAD software, which means that individual parts can be produced by computer-controlled machines. All these steps save a lot of time in the production process and since time is money, the builder-owner saves enormously on costs.

The individual parts are put together in the hall from beams and panels with millimeter precision, whereby directly the insulation, windows, blinds but also sockets and cables are received and plastered. All these steps and the most precise work thanks to machine application, allows for quick assembly on the construction site. Once the elements are finished, they are loaded onto the truck in the correct order of assembly and unloaded back at the construction site accordingly.

The Assembly on Site

The basis for the individual parts is a solid base plate, which is used on the property. A basement is also possible, which is also built by new build construction. The new build parts are mounted on the floor slab, which now takes only a few minutes thanks to millimetre-precise work during production. Due to the base plaster, which the walls have already received in the factory, they can be plastered, painted or wallpapered on site after a short filling of the joints. Depending on the size of the first floor, after the walls are set, the ceiling can follow. The other walls are then erected on top of this, as on the first floor. The beams of the roof truss follow and then the roof. A new build home is complete from the outside after the first 2-4 days.

The Interior Work and the Handover of the House

The probably largest advantage with new build homes is that during the building process moisture cannot penetrate the house substance for weeks. As soon as the exterior scaffolding made of the new build parts is in place, the interior work can be started immediately. Now there are only a few differences between a new build home and a traditionally built house. Different craftsmen lay the floors, tiles, paint, install the kitchen and bathroom. Here, too, the exact customization in advance saves a lot of time. Once everything is assembled, nothing stands in the way of the keys being handed over and the builder moving in, and this only a few months after the order is placed.

Diversity and Individuality – a New Build Home Can be so Special

New build homes are on the advance and are at the forefront not only in terms of energy efficiency but also design. The new build homes can be obtained with any exterior facade you want. Whether it should be a modern city house or rather a country house style. There are no more limits to the design but also in terms of energy efficiency the houses are catching up enormously. Whether solar system on the roof, triple glazed windows, special insulation or fireplaces that heat the house. No wish remains unfulfilled here and the green heart also enjoys the particularly environmentally friendly houses. At the same time the wallet is spared and the dream of owning your own house is more than fulfilled.