10 tips to find the perfect building plot

Finding the perfect plot of land to build on can be very difficult. But this foundation is crucial and should not be taken lightly, because in the end it’s not just a nice house that counts, but also a great location and a beautiful plot of land.

Top 10 Tips – How to find beautiful and affordable properties

The plot of land is the basis for building a house. So it should not only be well located and beautiful, but also meet some requirements. We have summarized the best tips for the search for the perfect building site for you.


Tip 1: Acquire land by ground lease

This is a special case, because here you do not acquire the land by purchase, but by paying the ground rent. The land is thus rented, so to speak, but can be used and built on according to one’s own ideas. This so-called hereditary building right expires after an agreed period of time, which is usually 99 years. Such hereditary leases are usually granted by municipalities, churches or foundations. A good way to get a relatively cheap property and to design it according to his own ideas and wishes. You can find out more about ground leases in our article on the subject of acquiring land with a ground lease.

Tip 2: Acquire land from municipalities

When looking for the perfect plot of land, you should also definitely take a look at the website of the municipality in which you want to build. Many municipalities publish their own real estate offers and plots, which are usually even cheaper than those of brokers or private individuals. The brokerage commission is omitted, so you save money and municipalities work less profit-oriented, which is why the properties are often offered very cheap. So you might find a potential plot for your dream property, quite simply online.

Tip 3: Use gaps between buildings

Before new building land is developed in communities, they first try to get rid of the gaps between buildings. Such plots are not very attractive for developers, as they are usually narrow and not suitable for large detached houses. Such building gaps usually require a specially planned architect’s house. For those who are not afraid of such a solution, this is a great way to acquire cheap building land. Here even the advantage exists that these building gaps can have mad situations and lie thus in the proximity of many purchase possibilities, schools or green spaces. So not only do you have the opportunity for a great, unique home but also a great neighborhood where you may not have been able to find a vacant home and now simply use a vacant lot for it.

Tip 4: Move from the city to the country

For many an impossible notion, it seems more and more attractive when you take a closer look. Cities have many advantages, but the country life also has its advantages. In the countryside you can find comparatively very cheap properties and even in the suburbs, the properties are not as competitive as in the city. Especially when family planning is just around the corner anyway, the countryside shows many advantages for children as well. Safe streets, lots of opportunities to play, the great outdoors, and great schools. In addition, there are also great connections to the city in suburbs, so you are not completely excluded from this life.

Tip 5: Let relationships and contacts play

From his own circle of acquaintances you often get the best insider tips, especially in the region, because someone knows someone who knows someone and very quickly you get insider tips and great recommendations for companies, construction financiers, brokers or even free land. Also, the experiences of friends who have already built and have gone through the same thing can be very valuable and tips from all sides, especially with such a large project, you really should not do without.

Tip 6: Search classified ads yourself

Many great properties and real estate are not on well-known portals, such as Immobilienscout24 or similar to find, so it is also worth in free portals to look. Portals like ebay classifieds but also newspapers and other portals can be helpful. So spending a Sunday afternoon with newspaper ads can already lead them to their dream home.

Tip 7: Resort to property development sites

Property developers buy suitable building land and sell it on to their customers. These then undertake to build a house with the same developer and receive a favourable plot of land in return. Who had no particular house in mind, can use these offers well, because then the choice of the developer is unnecessary. However, one should not make a hasty choice in the developer, because with this they still have a while to do and the whole house construction runs through him. So one should get well informed beforehand.

Tip 8: Participation in a builder’s association

A community of builders is a relatively simple principle. Here, several builders – i.e. people who want to build a house – join forces and jointly acquire a plot of land on which they share the land transfer tax and the development and surveying costs. This is usually a large plot, because each of the builders needs enough space to build his house. Such large plots are often not very sought after, as they are far too large for the normal ‘house builder’. Accordingly, the prices are relatively cheap. But here you should make sure that the builders get along well with each other, because they will be future neighbors.

Tip 9: Start a search yourself

Many owners of building plots own plots of land, but do not sell them because they do not need it financially or because they are afraid of the effort. So if you have a certain plot in mind that is simply not sold, you can find out the name and contact information of these people relatively quickly at the city. Asking does not hurt and perhaps one has luck and the building plot is really not used and one can acquire it simply directly with the owner. A rather unusual but often effective way to develop a plot of land, whereby the effort itself is relatively high, but for the perfect property you do this with pleasure.

Tip 10: Acquire land from foreclosure auctions

A rather questionable, but still very effective method. These properties are usually cheap and often very well located. Unfortunately, someone is forced to sell, however, it is for seekers a great opportunity to acquire a super plot. Beforehand, however, one should inform oneself exactly about the property, the bidding and the price. The property should be inspected and approved and you should be absolutely sure that it is the perfect property before you put your money on it. Before the auction, you should set a fixed budget that you do not exceed when bidding, otherwise there may be unpleasant surprises.