Insulation – Roof, Facades & Styrofoam

Insulation – Insulation refers to a covering of roof surfaces and facades that prevent the loss of heat inside and the penetration of cold from the outside. The most commonly used materials for insulation are rock wool and polystyrene. When insulating individual floors in the house, the insulation is placed under the screed or the floor slabs under the floor. The insulation is part of the energy renovation and can be subsidized by public funds. For the realization of the insulation a specialized company is necessary, which plans and carries out the whole thing. Insulation” means “insulation”.

Insulation at a glance

  • Covering of roof surfaces and facades
  • Protect against heat loss and cold penetration
  • Insulation is part of the energy renovation
  • A specialist company is required for planning and implementation
  • In English – “insulation”

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