New build apartments in vogue – finding the right property

Modern equipment and security – the new building dwelling as new housing trend – still some years ago the old building was the primary Zeil on the housing search. Times have changed and more and more people are interested in the open living concepts and light-flooded rooms in new buildings. A comparison of the purchase and rental prices between old and new buildings no longer shows any serious difference, which has certainly also made an important contribution to the new orientation. However, it is also a fact that the modern equipment and the flexibility in room design are of great interest to buyers. Security technology with maximum burglary protection, smart home equipment and an elevator, sometimes even to the apartment are features that create enthusiasm in new construction. Those who buy their new build condo before completion can benefit from having a say in the room layout and interior finishes. This makes the newly built condominium in the city a domicile that is completely oriented to one’s own needs and allows one to enjoy the urban living space. When it comes to home ownership, young families in particular tend to opt for the newly built condominium, which they usually buy before it is completed and have fitted out according to their ideas. A very clear residential trend has emerged here, indicating an upward trend in popularity. New quarters in particular are attracting the attention of owner-occupiers and capital investors. New construction is clearly a trend of the present, which will continue to occupy an increasingly important position in the future.

What is the best way to search for a new construction apartment?

Before you start looking for a new-build apartment, you should define your own wishes and list the criteria for selection. How big should the apartment be and how many rooms should it have? Do you want to live in the city centre or in a neighbourhood on the outskirts? Do you prefer an open-plan kitchen/living room or should the rooms be closed off? These are all questions you can answer when buying a new build apartment under construction or in the planning stages. The advantages are clear. If you buy before construction and exercise your right to have your say, your new construction apartment will be built specifically to your specifications. A large kitchen island with a connection in the middle of the room is possible, as is the open living area that connects directly to the dining room and flows into the kitchen. To find a suitable new construction home in your price range and preferred location, you should rely on the core expertise and quality of a local real estate agency. You’ll save a lot of time, opt for a smooth process from the first meeting to the handover of the apartment, and have the guarantee that your specifications will be met and the rooms designed to your standards. If you are looking privately, buying a new-build apartment can be very complex. This circumstance leads to challenges with previously built apartments as well as the new construction apartment that currently exists on paper. Many prospective buyers wonder if viewing the model apartment will provide any real information about their own home. Builders follow a clear concept, so you can easily infer your ownership from the show flat and see the materials used, the construction method and the fittings in advance. If you have any special requests, for example in terms of security and networking, you can tell your agent your own ideas. At Lukinski, we act as an interface between the owner and you when you instruct us to assist you with the purchase of a new-build apartment.

Purchase and rent: Conclusion of contract before completion not unusual

In the past, you would view an apartment and then consider whether renting or buying was for you. Today, it is not uncommon to buy an apartment that has not yet been built or to sign the lease for the new building during the planning phase. The practice is a little unusual, especially for owner-occupiers, and raises some questions. Investors and equity investors generally buy new build apartments using this method, securing the best deals that will be available in a neighbourhood. It is well worth it if you are interested in a rental apartment or condominium in new construction, don’t wait until the property is ready. After all, the apartments are in demand and if you wait too long, all the listings could already be sold and rented. To take away the uncertainty and inform you of the practicalities of selling before completion, we at Lukinski recommend a consultation with a real estate expert. He or she can then take care of your concerns right away and help you reserve the new construction home you want. In this case, all contractual transactions are carried out directly through the real estate agent, so that you do not have to check mountains of files or deal with the legal specifics. We offer you a competent handling in the new building and make sure that the purchase or the renting proceeds to your fullest satisfaction.

Offer new construction apartments – tips for builders and owners

As a builder, you don’t have to wait long for interested buyers. Nevertheless, it is advisable to offer new-build apartments via a real estate agency with a local presence. This assignment underlines your serious intentions and relieves you in the administration. While you concentrate on your core business, the construction of the new apartments, we at Lukinski are the contact for all inquiries and reservations. We arrange viewings, inform buyers about the current status and are happy to forward builder-specific questions to you. Even completed new apartments should be professionally marketed. As an owner, you are faced with extensive tasks, such as checking the creditworthiness of prospective buyers. In order to appeal to potential buyers, the professionalism of the exposé and the pictorial presentation play an overriding role. A clear presentation of the equipment, the energy consumption and the possible internet speed are also essential decision criteria. This is followed by an emotional and at the same time professional text that describes the newly built apartment in detail and increases interest. You can be sure that numerous interested parties will contact you immediately and request more detailed information or an appointment to view the property. At that moment the most time-consuming part of the work begins. As a real estate agency, we are there for you from the beginning and accompany your project until all apartments in the new building are sold or rented and the contract signings are legally binding. By pre-selecting solvent buyers and tenants, you can make an easy decision and rely on our expertise and core competencies. Lukinski is your one-stop shop when it comes to new construction apartments and your search for owners or tenants.

Newly built apartment as a capital investment for rent

Due to its enormous and continuously increasing popularity, the new-build apartment is a good capital investment. You already own property and are considering how to provide for your retirement and opt for a profitable investment? Due to the immense demand for new build apartments, you don’t have to worry about renting them out in a timely manner. Buying is definitely worthwhile and offers you an investment that will generate long-term returns and give you some tax benefits as an owner. You can write off the initial investment for tax purposes, so it’s also worth getting low-cost financing to buy a new-build apartment. By renting it out later, you will earn the principal and interest, allowing you to benefit from a short loan term. After just a few years, the rental income will flow into your coffers and your capital investment will pay off. In the bank, the money doesn’t earn interest and housing is a scarce resource. Combining these two thoughts, you are making a decision in the present that will pay off in the future and provide you with a financially secure retirement. The new building will increase in value, so that you can also consider selling the property at a later date. We will be happy to advise you and show you innovative ways to invest in new construction and make a capital investment with guaranteed appreciation.

Luxury and comfort: the differences

The most striking difference between new-build apartments with luxury and comfort fittings can be seen in the price per square metre. In both cases, the highest quality materials are used, so that there is hardly any visual difference. Comfort apartments are preferred for owner-occupancy, as they are less expensive to purchase and carry a lower loan burden. If you are thinking about investing, you should take a closer look at the luxury segment and exceptional locations. The possibilities are many, as builders are creative and always coming up with new ideas. We advise prospective buyers and owners on luxury and comfort apartments in new buildings. In the exposé, we precisely highlight the differences and, at Lukinski, ensure that you address the right target group. Both segments are experiencing an unstoppable boom and are projects with which you make a decision in the present for advantages in the future!

Newly built apartment for sale and purchase through real estate agency / Lukinski

Expertise and know-how are an advantage when looking for or selling new-build apartments. New construction is the residential trend of the future and therefore not only interesting for owner-occupiers. As an owner, you can optimise the purchase price by exuding professionalism from the outset and having the offer and sales process handled by experts. At Lukinski, we are also the right contact for apartment seekers interested in new construction. We can save you time and help you fulfil your dream of owning your own four walls in a timely manner. Looking for a buyer or looking to purchase a new construction home? Contact Lukinski and we will make your order a reality. After contacting us, you don’t have to worry about anything else: we offer you the best real estate service.