Annuity Loans: Explanation, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Repayment Schedule

Annuity Loans – This type of loan has replaced mortgage financing and is now considered the classic, solid and most frequently chosen form of mortgage financing. This type of construction financing provides you with several advantages and gives you security, as you pay a continuous amount for a fixed agreed term, which consists of the repayment and the interest payment. With each repayment, your loan amount decreases, whereby the amount of the actual repayment portion increases and the interest liability to the bank decreases.

Annuity Loan Explained: Real Estate Financing

The classic in the construction financing – the absolute advantage of annuity loans: You can secure advantages through constant annual payments in the repayment.

Typical questions about annuity loans are

  • When is an annuity loan useful?
  • How do you calculate an annuity loan from ?
  • What is the difference between annuity loans and amortising loans?

With annuity loans you can pay the annuity monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

You are flexible at the time the contract is agreed and can freely decide at what intervals you would like to pay the constant annual payment. This advantage gives you the possibility to create financial leeway and to adjust the repayment to your personal financial background and the desired repayment modality.

Planning Security and Flexibility for Construction & Purchase

Planning security and flexibility go hand in hand if you repay the entire term at a constant rate and secure the planned interest rate for the term you choose.

Period of 5 to 30 years

An annuity loan can be fixed for a period of 5 to 30 years and you can therefore decide individually how long you want to secure the interest conditions at the time of signing the contract.

Building Interest at Record Low

Nowadays, while building interest rates are at record lows, the longer-term fixation of the annuity is particularly worthwhile and gives you an opportunity to finance at unchangeable conditions, independent of changes in the mortgage interest rate development. By the constant annual performance you prevent unforeseeable interest rate increases and can effectively prevent against risks in building loans.

Loans in Comparison

As with all mortgage loans, your personal conditions for an annuity loan are based on your creditworthiness, the equity you have invested and the current mortgage interest rate.

Would you like to have solid financing and secure not only the most favorable interest rate, but also a constant one? Then an annuity loan is the best decision for your house or apartment purchase. You secure the construction financing as an annuity using the same criteria as for other financing options. In principle, an annuity loan is accompanied by a land charge, which means that you generally do not have to provide additional collateral for the construction financing.

Real Estate Loan: Possibilities & Alternatives

Would you like to fulfill your dream of your own home, a condominium, a building plot or a commercial property? Then the right choice of real estate loan will decide how high the interest burden and thus the total costs for your real estate loan are. Already when choosing a real estate loan, you as a potential buyer are faced with many questions and considerations, for example, whether you should choose the classic annuity financing or opt for another form of financing.

Follow-up financing is also possible in various ways. Ultimately, you are faced with the question of whether you are better advised with a long and fixed debit interest period or with a flexible real estate loan.