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L’Culture: K1 – 27.06. – Downtown Galleries

Summer, sun, Cologne and art! An insider tip for everyone that we can’t keep to ourselves! On 27 June all Cologne city centre galleries will be open until 24:00 – free of charge! Vernissages, events, etc. in over 15 Cologne galleries are involved. L’Kultur in Cologne: Lukinski has already taken a look at the most interesting and provocative artists in advance. My recommendations for the K1 in Cologne!

Yes I love art, especially the galleries Cologne city center. Art is always new. It is like fashion, constantly changing and constantly up to date. Fortunately it is different with the art galleries, they are and they stay. Some of them even become primeval. So that you don’t get lost in Cologne and have the most beautiful inner city galleries at a glance, we have summarised the most important galleries in Cologne city centre for you here. If you are interested in art, Cologne is definitely the right place for you. We have great museums, a young artist scene but also chic rooms for every exhibition, vernissage and all other highlights in the art world. Here you can find the most important galleries in the city center of Cologne:

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15 Top Galleries Cologne City Centre

Inspired? 15 downtown galleries and all open until midnight (June 27)! The galleries are hosting various exhibitions and live events with the artists. Here are the hotspots, here are these and other events:


15 Cologne galleries – one city

Lageplan 2014 | K1 Galerie Köln | Lukinski

Peter Rudl says: “Art is the natural enemy of normality!” He’s right! New is better! New art is a trendsetter. From art we can interpret a lot for media & fashion. We see current trends in society, but also in the individual – the artist/designer. Artists dare new things, just like we do! Who wants to be inspired has the chance in a few days, on 27.06.2014 in Cologne.

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“Oil on canvas” by Nathalie Pirottes

Nathalie Pirottes| K1 Galerie Köln | LukinskiNathalie Pirottes photographs pinup girls who are sensual and extravagant at the same time. Nathalie reduces the backgrounds of her pictures to the essential. This makes her models very present in the photo. Nathalie’s speciality is her focus on the model. She becomes a lioness, a deer or gets fluffy, blue bunny mask.

#1 Nathalie Pirottes in “Die Kunstgallerie”, 50667 Cologne .
Preview event is on June 28, 2014. The exhibition is then until August 2014 and can be found at “Die Kunstgalerie”, St.-Apern-Straße 20, 50667 Cologne.

Info and contact via 0157 76657983 or via mail to


“Courtesy Galerie” by Hannes Norberts

Hannes Norberts| K1 Galerie Köln | LukinskiHannes Norbert’s third solo show is like Nathalie Pirotte’s, except Noberts doesn’t limit himself to the painting alone. The entire gallery is white. Only white. The only colour impressions come from his impressive paintings. A blue swimming pool, a diving board over water, blue. Fonts that fill entire canvases. Hannes Norberts will inspire you. His exhibition invites you to ‘see’.

Hannes Norberts in “Galerie Klaus Benden”, 50667 Cologne.
Small special here, Norbert’s personal guided tour through the gallery, on Friday at 20:00. To be found at the “Glalerie Klaus Benden”, Helenstraße 2, 50667 Cologne.

Information and contact via 0221 2806858 or via mail to
Website of the Klaus Benden Gallery


“After the image” by Marina Gadonneix

Marina Gadonneix| K1 Galerie Köln | LukinskiMarina Gadonneix’s works are staged spaces. Yes, rooms! The reference to the fashion world is not immediately obvious, but Marina’s entire spatial designs are an absolute eye-catcher. From pure, intense colour gradients in which the boundaries of the room disappear for the visitor to monotonous shadow walls. Marina is a professional in visual effects. Born in Paris and awarded the Prix HSBC pour la Photographie in 2006. Our third HAVE TO SEE recommendation for June 27, 2014.

Marina Gadonneixs in “Gallery Kaune, Posnik, Spohr”.
You will find the vernissage until August 16th in the Gereonskloster 12, 50670 Cologne, Germany.

Website of Kaune, Posnik, Spohr