NFT Picture Frame: Present digital art in the screen (4K/8K) – Recommendation

NFT Picture Frame / Screen – What would art be if no one saw it? People buy art for one main reason: I can afford it. NFT picture frames allow digital artwork to be physically displayed, whether in the living room, foyer or gallery.

NFT Picture Frame – Coming soon!

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What is NFT? Guide for beginners

NFT – Digital Art, a new phenomenon. Here you will learn everything: What is an NFT? How do you buy NFTs? What marketplaces are there and how is the art market developing for investors. Meanwhile, higher prices are being achieved in the digital art market than in the physical one. Collections like“CryptoPunks” ,“Bored Ape Yacht Club” are just two of the most famous works of digital art. The work “5,000 Days” made the artist overnight the 3rd richest living artist (sold at the price of $69 million at Christies). Buy, sell, collections and picture frames for digital art. Welcome to the world of NFT.