Germany in Decline: 0.3% Growth, Calls for Caliphate, Islam 78.6% of Immigrants

Germany is spiraling further and further downwards. Economic growth is expected to be a paltry 0.3% this year (Tagesschau) (inflation currently 2.4%) and stagnation continues. Crime is at a record high, +5.5% last year and more and more immigrants (78.6% Islam) are demanding the caliphate. Last night again, in Hamburg with over a thousand people. […]

Crime statistics: Location downgrade Germany +5.5% Crimes & burglaries

I have only just updated the Capital Investment Atlas Germany when I receive the news of the new crime statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). When I talk to investor friends and entrepreneurs about Germany, 98% of them say “No”. Real estate unattractive, economy weak. On top of that, crime is at its […]

Selling an apartment building in Berlin: steps, estate agents, taxes – what to look out for?

Selling apartment buildings in Berlin – Fully rented or with vacancies, the sale of apartment buildings (also apartment buildings ) is more special, but also more lucrative, if you evaluate everything from the types of apartments to the land. The sale of old apartment buildings is more specialized, depending on the year of construction. But […]

Solar greenhouses in Spain: Megaproject Organic Farming – Solution for the Planet?

Organic farming megaproject in Spain – In many parts of Spain, especially in regions with high sunshine potential such as Andalusia and Murcia, solar greenhouses cover thousands of hectares. These impressive facilities are not only efficient, but also extremely profitable. They make it possible to grow fruit, vegetables and other crops all year round, regardless […]

Selling a supermarket: Valuation, discreet marketing, successful transaction

Selling a supermarket : Planning the sale of a supermarket is a demanding task that not only requires specific expertise, but also the utmost discretion and professionalism. With us, you can be confident that your supermarket will be sold off-market, and according to your individual wishes. An insight into the topic of selling commercial property. […]

10% tipster commission Hamburg: 1.5 million penthouse – buyers for this and other properties

If you are looking for exclusive properties in Hamburg or have contacts in your network who are on the lookout for such offers, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Our referral program offers you the chance to benefit from a generous 10% commission. Contact us at any time using the contact details below. Our […]

Real Estate TikTok: Learn investment 1×1, investment quickly, simply explained

Real Estate 1×1 on TikTok – Real estate as an investment, become a real estate investor, step by step, simply explained, short and sweet – learn now everything important about real estate as an investment on TikTok. I make my videos in everyday life, on business trips, between meetings, when someone asks me a question […]

Happy Places Los Angeles: where would I want to buy / live? – new video

Happy Places Los Angeles – In this video I share with you my 3 absolute favorite spots in Los Angeles, where I feel so comfortable and where I could imagine living. The good life, enough business and palm trees: my top 3 places in Los Angeles! Subscribe now: Lukinski YouTube! My 3 favorite spots in […]

How high can the return on real estate be? Apartment, house, investment – new video!

How high can the return on investment be in real estate – I’m just on my way back from the famous Hollywood sign, where I’ve prepared another video for you about the fascinating investor story of Hollywoodland. It’s a perfect fit for the Hollywood Hills, where things are literally on a high. In today’s video, […]

Sell apartment house quickly: Most important tips + Immediate purchase

Sell multifamily house fast – The decision to sell your multifamily house fast can be motivated by various life circumstances. In such a sensitive situation, it is of great importance to manage the selling process efficiently without neglecting the importance of proper presentation. This article provides a practical guide to help you complete the sale […]

Sell your apartment quickly: Experience for immediate sale

Sell your apartment quickly – The decision to sell your condominium quickly can be motivated by various life circumstances. In this sensitive situation, it is important to manage the sales process efficiently without neglecting the importance of proper presentation. This article provides applicable guidance to help you complete the sale of your condo quickly without […]

Real Estate Job Cologne – Consultant:in, Broker:in for penthouse, villa, multi-family house & Co. – full time or internship (entry level)

Real Estate Job Cologne – You are interested in real estate, people and business and you want to combine profession and passion? Then you are exactly right with us! My name is Stephan Czaja (pictured above) and I need support. We and I are pretty much the newest players in the Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and […]