Top 3 Tumblr Blogs – with Whatsapp!

Have you ever wondered ‘what keeps the internet alive’? Cute cats and blogs. And pornography. I thought I’d take a look at blogs today. Tumblr blogs. Right on time, early at 9am I set out to find them! Now I have seen about 80 Tumblr blogs and how shall I say: Crazy!!! – for all of you who are also close to the weekend, here is a favorite list of mine:



Cheaper than Whatsapp!


Whatsapp Blog auf TumblrWhatsapp! This secret tip came today with Micha as a new ‘shit’ in the office. What’s it about? Very simple: ‘Things that are cheaper than Whatsapp’! The Hubble Space Telescope for example, or the best 20 soccer clubs of this planet – great. Have a quick look while the hype is still there!




FashionHipster Jackie from Rosanne!


Hipster Blog auf TumblrI love this blog! For ale Fashion Victoms here is the El Doraro for trends! From Berlin Prenzlauerberg to Cologne Ehrenstraße. Inspiration doesn’t come from just anyone though! It’s Jacky, from the popular TV series Rosanne. Man, she was hip!

> hipsterswhodresslikejackie




ClassicWinner of the hearts: Loddar!


Loddar Blog auf Tumblr A real gem that I’ve been following for a long time and has been around for a relatively long time for our fast paced internet.

> loddarholdingthings




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