FOUR Frankfurt: New skyline for the banking metropolis + construction phase

FOUR Frankfurt – One of the most impressive construction projects of the year, the “FOUR Frankfurt” makes the hearts of architecture and city enthusiasts beat faster. When I first heard about “FOUR Frankfurt”, I initially thought of projects in Las Vegas, San Francisco or a place called “Little Frankfurt”. But my assumptions were wrong – this is actually Frankfurt itself! This project promises to transform the city’s skyline in ways never seen before.

As project that moves the city

To illustrate the fascination of this project, I do not want to dwell on long texts, but rather refer to videos that illustrate the current status of the project. Because often pictures say more than words!

A vision becomes reality

The “FOUR Frankfurt” construction project embodies the vision of a new urban way of life. Four unique high-rise buildings housing apartments, offices, a hotel, a daycare center, a foodhall, and a variety of restaurant and retail spaces are being built in the heart of Frankfurt. This project goes beyond the mere construction of buildings – it creates a neighborhood of its own within the skyline. New pathways, public squares and roof terraces will become hubs of urban life.

“FOUR Frankfurt” is not just a structural development, but a lived idea for the future. It arouses emotions and becomes a magnet for the city.

The construction phase in action

A crucial part of this outstanding project is the construction phase itself. GP con, a construction company, is working with PERI, a leader in formwork and scaffolding. The special feature: Four high-rise buildings are being constructed at the same time. Each of these buildings presents different challenges for which PERI has developed customized solutions. The construction site presents an impressive number of PERI products in use.

A look into the future

“FOUR Frankfurt” is not just a construction project, but a turning point in the development of Frankfurt’s city skyline. The skyline will not only be enriched by architectural masterpieces, but also by a new way of urban living. This project will not only make history in the construction phase, but will also significantly shape the way we experience the city in the years to come.

Combining visionary planning, cutting-edge construction technology and the collaboration of world-class companies, “FOUR Frankfurt” will undoubtedly become a shining jewel in the urban landscape. Frankfurt’s skyline will never be the same again, and this project reminds us how architecture shapes our cities and our future.