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Maybe you have already noticed that Lukinski is developing more and more in the direction of fashion. Besides the various engagements in different model and fashion agencies, CM Models is my baby – can you write it like that? Yes! In this environment, we naturally want to expand the media offer many times over, which is why, in addition to the various online strategies, we have pursued one in particular, that of multimedia content in blog form.

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

After some creative sessions in Cologne’s Mediapark we wrote the concept: We are not going to reinvent the blog world, here we want to redesign it! That’s why we got one of the best newcomer fashion bloggers in Germany on board, Jasmin Kessler (Mina). Jasmin Kessler is already known from many different platforms and social networks in fashion and fashion blogging. She reports about new products, new collections, lifestyle trends and of course make-up and accessories.

Media Background, SEO & more

The media background is the decisive tool for the success of the fashion blog. We create not only a fashion blog with high quality content and content, such as high quality photography, sound opinions and articles but also various online marketing methods up to conversion optimization. Here we will focus mainly on the topic of search engine optimization in the field of fashion, but also use various social networks. Here we work firmly together with our partner agency Social Media One – the social media agency. In addition to YouTube, Facebook and Google Plus, we serve all important channels, from Twitter to Facebook via Bloglovin.



Of course also Mobile

Of course, we have also optimized our blog for mobile devices. Whether with the iPhone or with the latest Samsung smartphone, you can reach us at any time and from anywhere. Whether in the office or subway. With our new fashion blog, we want to create a new place on the Internet for many people for the best trends the latest news from professionals in the industry! Our reports and articles are objectively recorded, short and to the point. - der neue Fashionblog!