Coworking Space – Cologne instead of Berlin! Start working office in the Media Park

Coworking spaces are more popular than ever. While Berlin enjoys a lot of media presence, great new concepts are also emerging in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. One particular gem is Startplatz in Cologne. This is where ideas sprout, think big! While the average coworking space in Germany has 33 workstations and 43 members, Startplatz has completely different dimensions. Well over 100 members are spread over two floors, each with two wings. The focus of the Cologne coworking spaces is on digital activities: E-commerce, Amazon Trader, online marketing, consulting and media development. This is where ideas, companies and market leaders are born. You can find all information here: Coworking Cologne.

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The article at a glance:

  1. Working in coworking – What makes the starting place special?
  2. Coworking in the Media Park – combining work, friends & free time
  3. My time in coworking – Two instructive years as an entrepreneur
  4. Coworking in Germany – Working offices for entrepreneurs

Working in coworking – What makes the starting place special?

Those who want to found their startup will find excellent opportunities to educate themselves here! With a lot of know-how from people and through lectures. Especially entrepreneurial and media skills you can find here at every corner. On the one hand, interesting conversations develop, at the cafe vending machine, at the foosball table or on the big balcony. Every week there are also interesting workshops, from classic seminars on search engine optimization to more specific topics such as: “Online rating portals – the sales turbo for sales”.

  • Large office space and meeting rooms instead of small individual offices
  • Mediapark view with lake and green spaces, right in the city centre
  • Community of young entrepreneurs
    Perfect also to combine professional and private interests
  • All-round service: cleaning lady, caretaker, etc.
  • Media services: Laser printer, beamer, etc.
  • Friendly staff

Check out all seminars & offices here: Coworking Cologne.

Coworking at Media Park – combining work, fitness, friends & free time

With a perfect location in the Media Park, you can easily combine work and leisure. Especially as an entrepreneur with many appointments, occasional night shifts and frequent weekend visits, the city location of the coworking space with many leisure facilities is a real benefit. Real highlights include the large gym. At JustFit, you can work out on no less than four floors. It also offers a spacious sauna area and a swimming pool with two lanes. In addition, there are many courses and a lot of free space, full machines are the exception here. In the large Cinedom cinema, right next door, films run until late at night. That’s why there are often hundreds of people in the large square. This makes the Media Park very lively. It’s a nice feeling when you spend a lot of time at your desk as an entrepreneur. With just one step, you are in the middle of life!

  • Sports & Fitness – At JustFit or BetterYourself
  • Cinema – In the big Cinedom
  • Food – Vapiano, Kandinsky, SushiOne, Currywurst Weltmeister, and more.

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The offices are located in the Media Park, on the 3rd and 4th floor of building 5.

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What a magnificent view, also for meetings and small talks a top address.

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Just another day at coworking, here at a workshop!

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My time in coworking – Two instructive years as an entrepreneur

I myself joined very early, the second wing of the first floor had just opened. There were always ten to twelve other young entrepreneurs sitting in my room. From flirt coaches (Flirtuniversity), to online food retailers (Bauerntüte), Facebook advertising (AdBaker) to SeoDay organizers. I came as a designer, media manager, just moved to Cologne and looking for first projects. In coworking I quickly found connections, first small projects and many interesting conversations. In the first year I still designed a lot, built websites, image brochures, but also helped with apps and everything to do with media. This year we did a lot of entrepreneurial but also crazy things – like 30 online shops in one month, with 30,000 items. On the side, just out of an idea. Why not!

Just do it! Ambition, synergies and know-how transfer

That’s exactly the spirit of coworking. You work efficiently and find new, strong options for yourself. The many conversations with other entrepreneurs also helped me to develop new business models. After 1,5 years, with all the knowhow from my years and the new influences in online marketing, I started to create a new company: A modeling agency. Two years ago, I would have never thought to be able to handle such a project. Now, we are in the top rankings throughout Germany and are preparing for the worldwide conquest. In North America, Europe and Asia.

My conclusion: Coworking is top. Starting place is top!

The personal and entrepreneurial development are enormous due to the positive environment. From the all-round service, i.e. cleaning lady, laser printer, coffee machine, meeting rooms, etc. to the atmosphere, for me the way to a coworking space was probably the best decision I have made in recent years. Of course, the overhead is a little higher here than it is in the suburbs. However, with the extra services, it offsets very well. Also, saves you time because you never have to worry about repairs, cleanliness, etc. With a good environment, good ideas and good entrepreneurship, Startplatz is the place-to-be for young entrepreneurs.

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Coworking in Germany – Working offices for entrepreneurs

Whether coworking Berlin or coworking Hamburg, there are many good addresses. New ideas are looking for spaces to grow. Coworking offers ideal opportunities to advance your own company or start-up. Media development, business strategy and sales methodology – here you can quickly learn from other entrepreneurs. Likewise, you can develop your own personality through conversations and closeness to other companies. Therefore, thumbs up for coworking!

Here are a few tips for Berlin, Hamburg and Munich:

Coworking in Berlin


Coworking in Hamburg


  • Beta House
    Eifflerstraße 43, 22769 Hamburg, Germany
  • Lilienhof
    Lilienstraße 11, 20095 Hamburg
  • Places
    Schopenstehl 15, 20095 hamburg
  • Werkheim
    Planckstraße 13, 22765 Hamburg
    and in the Schützenstraße 9, 22761 Hamburg

Coworking in Munich