Tödliche Konsequenzen von Udo Ulsperger - Buch - Kriminalroman

Book cover design “Deadly consequences

Now on sale! “Deadly Consequences” by Udo Ulsperger! Crime novels have always been among the most popular narrative forms in the history of literature. With real elements and fictional pieces. I am proud of the creative design project!

Custom designs for books in online stores

Tödliche Konsequenzen von Udo Ulsperger - Buch - KriminalromanThe Internet poses special challenges for authors. A book cover design is not like a corporate design, but creative design (emotions, stories, …). It’s not just about convincing the reader with a beautiful cover design, it’s about and here especially online stores to set clear signs and accents already in the preview image – quickly recognize, quickly understand. Readers can choose from a variety of books in online stores and stores such as Amazon, Thalia or BOL. Therefore, it is essential to pick up the reader with gripping preview images in order to arouse interest in a fraction of a second. Our design shows clear edges: It’s about black and white, right and wrong. A gun, a car, a question: Who is the murderer in Frank Baumann’s first case?

The book by Udo Olsberger is about Frank Baumann’s first case:

Udo Ulsperger – Deadly Consequences – Private detective Frank Baumann, likeable swashbuckler with a soft core, observes by chance how a well-known local politician is murdered. The police, however, do not want to believe him, so Baumann and his always good-humored and thirsty for action buddy Charlie take on the case in their own way. More murders follow and Baumann and Charlie get deeper and deeper into a thicket of white-collar crime, politics and prostitution. In the process, they themselves get into mortal danger and have to defend themselves more than once with all means of their skin… (Book excerpt from Amazon.de)

Cover + extract of “Deadly Consequences”.

Tödliche Konsequenzen von Udo Ulsperger - Buch - Kriminalroman