Comic tablets for Germany’s pharmacies

About two weeks ago I started to work on a whole new topic – medicine. More precisely, pharmacies! It’s about a new business idea, which is already very popular among all pharmacists in France and the USA. It involves consumers being better informed about their medicines than ever before. Do you know the problem when buying medicines of getting a huge leaflet, a lot of information and in addition a quick word from the pharmacist? But what exactly do I have to do, how often which capsule to take, …? To this question we now have an answer a very simple answer: Apothekengefluester®!


Tabletten Masskottchen Design für Apothekengefluester®


Corporate & Mascot Design

For this new idea (more details coming soon), we designed two mascots that quickly and easily make it clear to consumers what it’s all about. Less cumbersome for us large package inserts, but more accurate and informative details. It becomes easier to use different products. Companies can become more transparent than ever before.

For the design, it was therefore naturally important to have a special focus on medicine. That’s why we decided on two tablets – one small, one large. This makes it quickly apparent to consumers what it’s all about. With the two cartoon characters, we reach not only adult consumers, but also a young target group. Because it often happens that mothers and fathers go shopping with their child.

I am very happy to make a small contribution to more transparency and information with the two mascots – hopefully quickly throughout Germany!