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Lukinski.de – Media blog for digital media & content management

I love to write. Media articles, blog posts, books… my website slowly went from an agency site to a magazine. The response, especially to the book and the blog posts in social media management are so surprisingly great that it was time to cleanly separate author & agency site for once for readers & for clients. Sunday I locked myself in my Cologne office to get started. The plan: Separate the Lukinski website into two clear pages: The protal for news & media professional articles and the agency page. And as always with Lukinski, it’s done very quickly, voila! Two pages, double clear: www.lukinski.de (professional articles for media development) and www.lukinski.de (agency for media development) separated from each other.

What is it about? Lukinski.de – Media Blog Topics

News & Media Professional articles can now be found at www.lukinski.de/news.

  • Website creation and content management with WordPress
  • Online shops and product management becomes WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Social Media Management (in partnership with Social Media One)
  • Social media channel design and multi-channel management
  • Simple design techniques and free design templates
  • Small Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign tutorials
  • RocketSEO and Onpage Search Engine Optimization

What’s it about? Lukinski.com – Lukinki Media Services

Agency services & corporate media from the expert at www.lukinski.com

  • Digital Media Creation – i.e. websites, online shops, social media channels
  • Content Creation – i.e. text creation, text editing and
  • Workshops on digital media development in companies on request
  • Digital media management – i.e. website, e-commerce, social media
  • Keyword management – i.e. SEO onpage optimization, SEO keyword analyses
  • Campaign management – i.e. media planning, target group definition
  • Digital Media Design – i.e. web design, graphic design, logo design
  • Print Media Design – i.e. Corporate Design, Advertising Design (S-XXXL)