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Partial sale disadvantages? Conditions: Usage fee, total sale – experience

Partial sale makes sense? – More and more people are thinking about the partial sale of their property, whether it is a house, an apartment or a plot of land. But, can a partial sale have disadvantages? In this short guide I want to point out the conditions of the providers and companies, more precisely: […]

Deal Trader for real estate: Broker house, apartment & Co. as a tipster + earn commission

Deal Trader(tipster) – Today this strong article about“Deal Trader” (external), appeared at the colleagues of Frequently reaches me the question, how to make money with real estate, even without equity? The question for many beginners who lack the equity capital to finance a property. Yet there are ways to make money with real estate, […]

Now in USA! House + apartment as an investment in Germany – cities, taxes, tips

Lukinski – All real estate tips for Germany, now also available in USA! Are you looking for real estate as an investment in Germany? Learn here the most important things, about real estate in Germany. From basic topics: Buying real estate, valuation of a property or even the sale of a property. Up to special […]

Inflation high, interest rates rising: Real estate loan & follow-up financing tips

Inflation high, interest rates rising – Inflation is higher than it has been for decades! The consequence: Rising interest rates for loans. What to do when inflation is high and interest rates are rising? The best idea: buy real estate and do it quickly to secure the favorable interest rates now. What only 1% interest […]