Learn Currency Trading: Experience, Tax & Example for Forex Trading / FOREX

Learn currency trading – First: Learn! ETFs are speculative, stocks are more speculative, currency trading is to stay with it all the time. Financial news, price development. For beginners, this means building understanding step by step. What is it about? The foreign exchange market (currency market), or Forex (FX) for short, is a decentralized marketplace […]

Stocks, ETF, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Social Trading: My Experience and Mistakes!

Stocks, ETF, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Social Trading – Here’s a little list with a few learnings that cost me money but are so simple you should know them! You want to buy stocks, index funds, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, foreign exchange (currencies)? You’re thinking whether house bank, direct bank, online broker or app? Trading all […]

Buy stocks: Direct bank, share deposit, online broker + costs example

Buy shares – shares, especially real estate shares, are an alternative to the capital investment real estate. If you have never bought a share or a security, we have the most important tips for you today. How to proceed step by step when buying a share? The most important thing is to get acquainted with […]