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Partial sale of real estate: advantages, disadvantages, tax, divorce, inheritance… Partial purchase

Partial sale of real estate – Is it possible to sell a part of a real estate? Yes! Partial sale of house, apartment and land is possible. Does a partial sale make sense? You can learn the answer here. For many, their own real estate becomes “too big” at some point, and at the same […]

Partial sale of land: procedure, taxes, costs for partial purchase

Partial sale of land – Can I sell part of my land? Yes! Many people think that it is possible to sell only a part of a house or a condominium. The technical term for this is: partial sale, or partial purchase. But in fact it is also possible to offer land for partial purchase. […]

Your Inheritance: Distributing Real Estate and Property

Your Inheritance – A death in the family is often the trigger for a bitter dispute over the estate. A will can remedy this problem by providing clarity about the estate during one’s lifetime. You can find out what needs to be considered and how real estate can be included in a will below. Please […]

Erbgemeinschaft Explained: German Inheritance Law, Heir + More

Erbgemeinschaft – Real estate can lead to numerous disputes within an Erbgemeinschaft, henceforth called “community of heirs”. Especially if there are different ideas about how to handle the property. A community of heirs is usually the children of the testator. This comes about when the deceased does not leave a will, as in this case […]

Moving in: Owning an inherited property

The regular procedure for inherited real estate rarely provides for self-occupation. If you own a house yourself, you will usually not think about moving into your parents’ house or any other inherited property yourself. It is also difficult with communities of heirs if you want to move in and have to pay off the other […]

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Partition auction in community of heirs: procedure, costs and the last resort?

Partial auction in community of heirs – The partial auction is a special variant of the forced sale and is used when several persons have ownership of a thing. This often involves land or real estate that is auctioned off and the proceeds divided among the owners. This situation often occurs in communities of heirs […]