Luxury Real Estates / Property: Apartment, house, villa & capital investment up to $48 million

Luxury Real Estates / Property: Apartment, house, villa & capital investment up to $48 million – here you will find new and interesting properties from the most important metropolises: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Dubai, Mallorca Hamburg and Berlin. We are always looking for new properties and present them here for free. Come along on unforgettable tours through exclusive apartments in New York, see private lagoons in Dubai or buy now in Los Angeles, directly with Rolls Royce and Lamborghini in our fleet. This makes the start in the new city perfect. Living, renting or as a capital investment, here are our favourites:

New York: Manhattan, Central Park to Brooklyn

Luxury Real Estate New York – Direct view of Central Park in a $40 million penthouse. Extravagant architecture, rimless rooftop swimming pools, welcome to New York City! Pictures say more than a thousand words, what does a video say? We take you to the most luxurious real estate in New York. Do you have questions about the property? Under the videos you will find individual contact persons.

New York City Area: Location

The Triplex Penthouse offers 10,000 square feet (929 m²) of space in the middle of New York’s hotspot. The highest skyscrapers meet a small piece of nature here at Central Park. A truly unique view in New York. The approximately large triplex in Hampshire House offers an unobstructed view of Central Park, all the way to northern Manhattan, as well as the skylines of Midtown. The Hampshire House is especially characterized by the steeply sloping copper roof with two high chimneys. Simply unmistakable! The property has a full-time doorman and concierge, a fitness center, a spa and a valet parking service.

The layout: The interior area is 8,525 square feet (792 m²), distributed among 5 elegant bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. In addition, there is a large, inviting lounge with direct access to the living room, dining room and kitchen. Outside there is an additional 1,125 square feet (104 m²), including a private 425 square feet (39 m²) terrace with direct views of Central Park.

  • Price in Dollars: $ 40 million
    Price in Euro: € 36.05 million
    Price in Pounds: £ 30.29 million
  • Highlight 1: Direct view of Central Park (south)
  • Highlight 2: Unmistakable architecture through a copper roof sloping down a stem
  • Extras: Full-time doorman and concierge, a fitness center, a spa and a parking service
  • Location: New York, Manhattan
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Location and address: 150 Central Park South

Los Angeles: Long Beach, Beverly and Hollywood Hills

Luxury real estate Los Angeles – LA is mentioned in the same breath as the mega cities of the world. The real estate market is correspondingly hot. Houses, condominiums, penthouses: If you are looking for a good property to use, rent or invest in, you need knowledge of the building fabric, location and interior design. Hermès, Fendi, marble, art. A trustworthy estate agent with recommendation, indispensable. High-tech industry such as Google, Amazon & Co. is driving up rents not only in Silicon Valley. There are also musicians, actors, stars and politicians. Welcome to LA – the city of angels. Here you will always find new properties in LA Downtown, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills to Long Beach.

Los Angeles City Urban area: Location

Beverly Hills estate – $38 million

Beverly Hills estate – $38 million including 150 million year old dinosaur skeletons.

  • Price: $38 million
    Price in Euro: €34.25 million
    Price in pounds: £28.78 million
  • Highlight 1: 150 million year old dinosaur skeletons
  • Highlight 2: 80m long, rimless swimming pool
  • Location: Beverly Hills
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Location and address: 1300 Beverly Estate Drive

Miami: Biscanyne Keys to Miami Beach

Luxury Real Estate Miami – Miami offers an excellent retreat especially for wealthy people. Sun, friendly people, unbelievable beautiful nature and above all security and privacy. Especially celebrities, managers and people from business and industry appreciate this almost tropical place in the south of the USA. Accordingly, a lot of capital is drawn to the area. Real estate prices for exclusive estates and villas quickly climb to tens of millions of dollars. Absolute highlights then quickly cost $40, $50 million. This is understandable, because if you look at Miami you immediately see the extremely attractive coastal location. From Miami Beach down to the Biscayne Keys.

Miami city area and map

Penthouse + Rolls Royce & Lamborghini – $38 million

All 201 meters above sea level and over the skyline of Miami. Especially the exclusive stone materials distinguish, rare stones like onyx.

Included in the purchase price is not only the Sky Swimming Pool, also included are 1x Rolls Royce & 1x Lamborghini. Interior and interior design are from Fendi and Bentley.

  • Price: $38 million
    Price in Euro: €34.25 million
    Price in pounds: £28.78 million
  • Highlight: $1 million sky swimming pool
  • Extra: Rolls Royce & Lamborghini
  • Location: The Mansions at Acqualina
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Location and address: Acqualina Tower

The property is located in the Acqualina Tower.

  • 17749 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160, USA

London: Westminster and London City

Luxury Real Estate London – The United Kingdom has always been the hub of the global economy. Banks and finance in particular conduct their EU business via the City of London, and the situation remains stable even after the brexite. Property prices are rising, because not only Europeans speculate on property in London, but also Saudis, Chinese and Americans. The right contacts, the exclusive network, the real estate agent – this is what determines success. Here we present you a new property in London, with direct contact details to the local estate agent.

London City City area: location

Apartment City – $14 million

How amazing is this?! This apartment is now on the market. At $18.49 million, the property is playing in the higher end of the market and will sell quickly. Did you know? Recently a parking lot for £245,000 was auctioned off (roofless, right next to the street). Here the parking is included!

  • Price: $18.49 million
    Price in Euro: €16.66 million
    Price in pounds: £14.0 million
  • Location: On request
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Location and address: On request

Mallorca / Balearic Islands: Holiday home to Finca

Luxury properties Mallorca – Welcome to the favourite island of the Germans. Lots of sun, relaxed people, the sea and only 1-2 hours by plane from cities like Berlin, Paris and Madrid. Mallorca is therefore one of the most popular regions for many from business and industry but also celebrities who are attracted to the island. Especially on the mainland, a little away from the coast, you will find villas, fincas and condominiums of the extra class. But beware! If real estates are committed, you pay fast too much. We therefore strongly recommend to work with a local real estate agent. Because in Mallorca are also Spanish laws, from residence obligation (subject occupied houses) to tax issues. Before we therefore take a look at available apartments and houses, we briefly shed light on property prices in Mallorca.

Island, cities and area: location

Plots of land and houses (or fincas) are accessible all over the island. In Palma, Magaluf but also in the interior of the island, in Manacor.

Designer House (new building) – $6.7 million

Newly built & turnkey. A modern masterpiece of architecture awaits you here. The designer luxury villa is for buyers a stylish oasis to live in or as a capital investment (rental possible) near Puerto Portals Marina, Mallorca. With a total of 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, its own private fitness room and a separate guest apartment for visitors.

Of course the property also offers the latest technical standards. Keyword: Smart Home! This property is for buyers with the finest taste.

  • Price in dollars: $6.67 million
    Price in Euro: €6 million
    Price in pounds: £5.04 million
  • Highlight: Own fitness studio
  • Extras: Separate guest apartment
  • Location: Near Puerto Portals Marina
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Location and address: Near Puerto Portals Marina

The object is located near the Puerto Portals Marina. The exact address is available on request.

Luxury Real Estate Dubai – International and ultra-modern, in Dubai all cultures meet, Americans, Europeans, Asians, who lives here is looking for the proximity to international business. Dubai offers highest security, exclusive properties and high class. Even the police drives Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati. Up to absolute highlights, which can only be found here. Everyone knows the XXL building projects around “The Palms” or even bigger “The World”. Billions of tons of sand for new building land. But the best properties are currently available in the Dubai Hills: new, modern and stable in value. Currently, for example, a city villa with exclusive, direct access to the largest artificially created crystal lagoon in the world. This is in the middle of Dubai and 40° in the shade. It could not be more exclusive. Welcome to Dubai!

City Dubai: Area and location

Town villa + exclusive lagoon – $32 million

This new property offers one of the most coveted status symbols in Dubai: water. While “The World” or “The Palms” are built for billions and need constant renovation, here you have the option of an exclusive property that many in Dubai will envy you for. The purchase price is currently $32 million.

This seven-bedroom Mediterranean mansion includes a classic formal dining room (a must have in Dubai), entertainment lounge, a series of family lounges, gym, basement, cinema, Jacuzzi and of course, best of all, direct access to the world’s largest man-made crystal lagoon.

  • Price in dollars: $32.0 million
    Price in Euro: €28.84 million
    Price in pounds: £24.23 million
    Price in UAE: 117.54 million
  • Highlight: Direct access to the largest artificially created crystal lagoon in the world
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Interest in the object? Contact the agent: Liam Jeffrey at or via

Location and address: District One, lagoon

Al Meydan Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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