Find property abroad in France: Online portals & popular residential areas

Real estate abroad in France – Every holiday you treat yourself to, you always spend in France? France almost feels like your second home? Have you ever considered buying a property in France? Of course, such a decision needs sufficient consideration and must be weighed. We will help you with the decision and show you in this article online portals where you can find the most beautiful properties abroad in France and show you the most beautiful residential areas. Buy or rent a holiday home, welcome to France!

The right property abroad: Paris, Alsace or Côte d’Azur?

The decision has been made and you have decided to buy a property abroad in France? Then be sure to read this article, because we offer you helpful tips. In order for your search to be successful, you first need to discover the right online portal for you. Although many online portals have the same basic structure, different filter functions and the focus on the country France can make a difference for the selection.

The most beautiful residential areas France

As everyone knows, France has various charming cities and Mediterranean beaches. No wonder that many do not immediately know where to start looking for a property abroad in France. While there are various beautiful places to live, not all places to live will satisfy your desires. For this reason, we have picked out 5 different places to live in France to help you make your choice.

Investing in real estate: France

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Toulouse: The pink city

Toulouse is located in the southwest of France and is the fourth largest city. In Toulouse there are very many buildings that are made of red bricks and for this reason it is often called the “pink city”. Not only is it often very windy here, but there is also no shortage of tourists as there are many places of interest. Toulouse is also a good starting point for those who want to make a career. That is why there are also countless students.

Toulouse city video with resident

Map & Location

Paris: City of Love

The city of love. Just about everyone wants to have been there at least once in their life. You’ve already been there, fallen in love with the city and are now considering buying a property abroad in Paris? One thing should be clear to you right from the start, especially with this city: Paris is very expensive. But Paris is not for nothing one of the most famous cities in Europe. Here you will not only find good French cuisine, but also culture and art play a significant role. No wonder that the city seems very crowded. However, you still have the choice whether you want to live directly in the hectic city or in the somewhat quieter surrounding countryside. While the surrounding countryside is more often chosen by families, students often like to choose the city centre.

Paris from above: Video

Paris Map & Location

Eifel Tower 360°: International Relevance & Landmark

Nice: Port city

The port city of Nice is particularly popular and there is often a lot going on here as well, because there is a large shopping mile and the nightlife is not neglected either. Families therefore like to choose residential areas that are a little further away from the centre. If you are interested in what sights Nice has to offer, you will mostly come across museums and famous old buildings. Should you decide to buy an overseas property in Nice, you will benefit from plenty of sun and beach. Here you have the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the good weather.


Map & Location in France

360° harbour view

Bordeaux: City on the Atlantic

Bordeaux is a very popular city to live in – but why? Quite simply, this city fulfils all wishes. On the one hand you have the city life and many career opportunities and on the other hand it is not far to the sea. So, should you buy a property abroad in the middle of Bordeaux and have too much of the hectic city life in between, you can just grab your car or bike and be at the sea in not too long.


Bordeaux: Map & Location

Lyon: Little Paris

The city of Lyon is often known as “Little Paris”. Students are especially drawn to this city, as there are countless universities here. The advantage of Lyon? Compared to other cities, such as Paris, it is much cheaper here. Lyon has a lot to offer. Besides shopping and nightlife, there is also a charming old town and great French cuisine. Since it is only “little Paris”, people here are less stressed and hectic and thus often more open to be found. If you are interested in a property in Paris, but find it too expensive, or if the hectic pace of life makes you doubtful in the long run, Lyon could be the perfect alternative for you.


Map & location: Lyon

Monaco and Monte-Carlo: principality

If you like the French Mediterranean coast, you’ll love the Principality of Monaco. As in many exclusive places in this world, it is not so easy to buy a property in Monaco. Those who are often in Kitzbühel in winter, for example, know that one has to live in Kitzbühel for 5 years in order to be allowed to buy a property or a plot of land. But why does a city council do such a thing? It is mainly to protect the residents, because the more “speculators” come to such a relatively small town or principality, the greater the vacancy of properties. Used once a year as a holiday home or never if the property is considered a pure speculative investment. But Monaco also wants to protect itself from this by such regulations. Accordingly, there are laws that clearly regulate the acquisition of real estate and land.

House & Apartment for sale in France

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Buying: Portals for cheap real estate

Real EstateScout24

Everyone knowsImmobilienScout24. This real estate website brokers properties all over the world. Here you will not only find properties for sale, but also if you are looking for a property that is rented, you are exactly right here. If you are looking for a property on ImmobilienScout24, you will benefit from a clear presentation and also the popularity of this portal.

This online portal focuses on France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. This could be the right place for you if you are already sure that you want to buy a property abroad, but still doubt whether France is the right country. You have the possibility to make comparisons, which can concern the price, the area or also the location.


As the name“Franimo” suggests, this online portal focuses solely on France. Accordingly, this website has a lot of properties for different places in France to offer. If you haven’t found a favourite place in France for yourself yet, you can read our place recommendations further down in the article beforehand.


The online portal“auSud” also only deals with the country of France. The most important information about a property is clearly presented here in a table and there is also a small description of the property. You can specify the price range from the outset and also the location.


The portal Immowelt mediates real estate all over the world and for this reason also has a large offer for France. Sellers have the opportunity to create clear advertisements for their properties. The contact is usually directly under the ad and you have the opportunity to immediately contact the seller.

Buying property abroad: Tips