Manage real estate despite separation pain: guide divorce – problems & solutions

Separation pain – time for great happiness: marriage, children and a joint property. These are the dreams of many couples. But unfortunately, everything rarely works out the way you dreamed it would. It is not all too rare for life to throw a spanner in the works. Many people are devastated after a breakup and do not have the strength to even care about the division of the joint property. In such cases, it often makes sense to put the management of the joint property in the hands of an experienced estate agent. Back to the guide: Divorce & Real Estate.

Manage property – Who can help?

As soon as a divorce is decided, the question arises for many: What will happen to the joint property now? Especially when children are involved, many parents pursue the goal of not tearing the children from their familiar environment. Conversely, this means that one party must decide to take over the house completely or buy out the partner’s share. If you need support in managing your property in this emotionally difficult situation, we at Lukinski will be happy to assist you!

Division of property

There are three different options for dealing with your property. You can part-auction the house, sell it to a third party or one party can decide to transfer their share to the other person. The different options each have both advantages and disadvantages. Selling the joint property to a third party is one of the more agreeable options, as the house is sold and the proceeds can be split between the parties. Consider together which is the most agreeable course of action for all.

Separation – Possible Problems & Solutions

Finally, you’re married, you’ve found a good job and you’ve already started a family. It couldn’t be more beautiful, could it? Unfortunately, it often happens exactly at these times that couples separate. There are many reasons for a separation: Financial problems, different basic views or no trust are some of these possible reasons. Some couples also simply drift apart. Everyday arguments should finally come to an end, because they not only put a strain on the couple, but the whole family suffers as a result. Nevertheless, even after deciding to separate, you can not push everything away from you, because then there are a lot of questions. The most common questions that couples ask themselves after a separation are:

  • What will become of the joint property?
  • How is common property in the house handled?
  • Who do the kids stay with?
  • How are disagreements handled?

All these issues will cause negative feelings on both sides, so they should be resolved as soon as possible and preferably with the help of outsiders. Outsiders find it easier to look at the whole thing objectively. They can usually take factors such as the children’s journey to school into account better in the decision. Of course, the final decision remains with the couple, but it gives the spouses the opportunity to look at the situation from a different point of view. If you can no longer imagine reaching an agreement with your former partner, you should find a trusted person to mediate on your behalf. It is important that both sides try not to get emotionally involved in the situation, but to think seriously about what is the best solution for all.

Who is allowed to stay in the property?

If both spouses are registered owners of the property in the land register, then there are different ways of dealing with the property. It is not always the case that it is immediately clear that one partner wants to stay in the property and the other does not. Often this is exactly why disputes arise. Weigh up together which is the most agreeable solution for everyone and try to involve all the people involved. Which solution might be best for your children? Who is more emotionally attached to the property?

Would you like to find out exactly how the whole process will work and what you should bear in mind? Then read our article, which deals with the process of selling a property in a divorce. Here you will also get all the important information and tips.

Prenuptial agreement – The solution for everything?

Signing a prenuptial agreement is a rather unromantic, but still sensible solution. Most couples do not expect to separate at some point. At the time of buying the property, most people are freshly in love and entering into a prenuptial agreement is out of the question for most. Unfortunately, you never know how life will turn out and no one can predict the future.

Those who have agreed to conclude a prenuptial agreement after all are spared a lot of stress during the times of separation. There are no tedious discussions to be had about how to deal with the property. Everything is already fixed and you hardly have to deal with your partner anymore.

Divorce: guide, help and tips

Divorce is complex, it’s true. But you are not alone! Many let themselves separate and in fact, a large part always finds a good solution. Only a small part ends in a quarrel. So that you can prepare well, you will find here our small guides and tips on divorce, family, money and real estate.