Foreign property: Find your dream property in Italy

Foreign property Italy – sun, beach and sea. Italy is not only one of the most popular destinations in Europe, because many decide to emigrate to this beautiful country. But not everyone can decide to take such a step, because in Germany lives the family and many memories are firmly connected with this country. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford another property abroad, then this would be the ideal alternative for you. Buy or rent a holiday home, welcome to Italy!

Sun, warmth & good mood: Life in Italy

You need a break from the daily grind in Germany? What is nicer than having the opportunity to escape for a few weeks in your property abroad in Italy? Nothing at all. If it is financially possible for you, a property abroad is a great investment. Here we have a few examples of beautiful places in Italy and show you examples of beautiful properties that are available there.

Lake Garda: life on the lake

Lake Garda is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Not entirely improbable is the thought for holidaymakers who visit the same holiday destination in Italy every year to buy their own small holiday home here. They save not only the search for a suitable accommodation and have to worry whether this is then also available at the planned time, they also save a lot of money. Nevertheless, you should consider that a foreign property requires a certain care. At this point you should weigh up whether the purchase is worthwhile for you.

Lake Garda Map & Location in Italy

Ambience and view

Sardinia: Italian Mediterranean Island

The Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia is also an extremely popular destination in Italy. No wonder, because here there are incredibly many sandy beaches and also the landscape is ideal for hiking. The villa from this video is for most people not a foreign property in question, but it is interesting to see how beautiful life can be in Sardinia. It is possible to find your dream property here. Use the best for a suitable real estate portal.

Sardinia Map & Location in Italy

South Tyrol: The natural paradise

South Tyrol is the northernmost province of Italy. This holiday resort convinces the holidaymakers by the fabulous nature. Here you can experience a combination of wine landscapes and the Alps. Especially those who want to switch off from the big city stress in a more rural way of life are exactly right here. The landscapes are ideal for hiking. If you are enthusiastic about South Tyrol and want to invest in a foreign property, the most diverse portals are suitable for a successful search.

South Tyrol Map & Location in Italy

House & Apartment for sale in Italy

From the valuation to the speculation tax. In this guide you will find all the important factors simply explained. Learn step by step the procedure in the apartment sale to be able to answer the question: Selling with or without an estate agent? The private sale of real estate involves many risks and sources of error, starting with the apartment valuation to the offer price to the individual marketing, from “advertising” to internal customer network and off market real estate sales.

Buying: Portals for cheap real estate

The decision has been made and you are now looking for a property abroad that fulfils your wishes? If you search the internet for a property abroad in Italy, you will come across countless portals that present the best offers for you. They often have different filter functions that you can use to narrow down your search. We have selected the best portals for you, on which the search for a suitable property abroad can be worthwhile. The Italy Specialist

If you should already be quite sure that you are looking for a property abroad in Italy, then this real estate portal could be just right for you. Here, the focus is entirely on the beautiful country of Italy. On this portal you can not only find properties to live in, but also if you have the idea to build up your life abroad and want to open a restaurant or a small business, you could find here a commercial property. The website also offers various filter functions from the district to the price to the type of property.

Immowelt: A large selection

The large real estate portal Immowelt could be the right thing for you if you are not quite sure yet whether you want to buy a property abroad in Italy. Perhaps you are still in doubt between Italy and Greece and for this reason it is just right for you to have a larger selection available on the real estate portal. This way you have the possibility to compare prices and the quality of the properties you are interested in. The information you need is clearly presented on this portal.

Immozentral: The multifaceted portal

The real estate portal Immozentral also focuses on real estate around the world. Here you can not only discover many properties, but also advertise some yourself. Those who want to get rid of a property abroad and do without an agent can easily try their luck here. On this portal you will find properties from over 90 countries. Especially for Italy, the website has a very large selection.

Immobilienscout24: The portal that informs at the same time

On the portal Immobilienscout24 you can get some basic information about the country you decide to live in. Here you can not only search for a suitable property around the world, you will also receive important information about popular places to live, financing tips and other things you should consider. With just a few clicks and filter functions, you will find the offer that interests you in no time.

Renting out a property abroad: The advantages

The beautiful property abroad is too bad for many that it remains unused in the time in which one stays as an owner at home. Why not use the opportunity to rent out this property and thus create a small extra income? In addition, the property is occupied and the likelihood of someone gaining unauthorized access to the property is much lower. You don’t have to worry, you create the possibility for others to spend an unforgettable holiday in your apartment or house and at the same time you even earn money.

Investing in real estate: Italy

Living and working abroad is a very memorable experience, professionally, personally, culturally and of course financially. In this free guide, you’ll get investment tips for all the major cities in Europe, America and Asia, from New York to London to Paris.

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