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Selling an apartment without a real estate agent: checklist and tips on the process, costs & Co.

Selling an apartment without a broker – If you want to sell your apartment, there are several ways to do it. One way is to hire a realtor to take care of the sale for you. However, there is also the option of selling your apartment without a realtor. This can be an especially good […]

Partial sale of real estate: advantages, disadvantages, tax, divorce, inheritance… Partial purchase

Partial sale of real estate – Is it possible to sell a part of a real estate? Yes! Partial sale of house, apartment and land is possible. Does a partial sale make sense? You can learn the answer here. For many, their own real estate becomes “too big” at some point, and at the same […]

Partial sale providers in comparison! House, apartment, land + partial purchase test winner

Partial sale provider – Big house, big apartment, but “little money to live”? This partial sale provider comparison saves you 1-2 hours of searching, calculating and “understanding differences”. Here you will learn about all the major providers, their costs, fees and the test winner. “Wertfaktor”, “Hausanker”, “Engel & Völkers”, “Wertkauf”, “Hausvorsorge”, “Heimkapital” or even “Deutsche […]

Partial sale apartment: disadvantages, advantages, costs – condominium partial purchase

Partial sale apartment – old building apartment, attic apartment or apartment with terrace and property, many have in particular in the age a problem, the apartment becomes “too large” and the money somehow “ever less”. For many, the partial sale of your condominium seems to make sense. A look at the advantages, disadvantages and costs […]

Property types: Buying an apartment or a house? Return and investment

Buying your first property! But which one? What type of property should you invest in first? Rather apartment types, house types or still commercial? Let’s briefly compare the different options to find the most profitable, uncomplicated entry into the topic of real estate investment. After the comparison, you will see that apartments are the easiest […]

Buying your first property: House & apartment as an investment or owner-occupier

Buying property – house purchase or apartment purchase, every week we receive many questions from readers and customers – time for a guide! The entire process from A-Z, with all the tips, formulas, definitions for owner-occupiers (self occupy) and capital investors (buy and rent). Personal goals, criteria for real estate search, quick evaluation, as well […]

Living in Hahnwald (Cologne): villa, property & single-family home in affluent location – viewing, square metre prices, tips and co.

Living in Hahnwald – If you are looking for the real luxury real estate, you will find it in Hahnwald. Due to expansive property areas, Hahnwald’s resident density is not particularly high. However, this also means that you are offered enough space and, above all, a great deal of discretion. Fences and high hedges offer […]

Micro apartment: advantages & disadvantages, costs, small apartment – investment and capital investment.

Microapartment – You want to buy an apartment? There are many options to choose from. The microapartment has become a very sought-after property on the German market in recent years, making it an excellent investment. More and more people are moving to the big cities and due to the proximity to the city center, the […]

Selling real estate: Apartments, Houses, New Construction Projects – Construction Company & Developer (Borchure)

Selling condominiums as a developer, houses in new developments or even large new construction projects in the heart of metropolises such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and other German cities. Where can you advertise and sell real estate today? For individuals, construction companies, property developers, GmbHs and AGs – we find buyers for […]

Old building flat: High ceilings, oriel and stucco – investment and capital investment

Old building apartment – You want to buy an apartment? There are many options to choose from. The Altbau apartment is one of the most sought-after properties on the German market and an excellent investment. Due to its distinctive charm, special architecture and unique construction, this apartment is highly sought after by many people. Due […]

Loft apartment: Exclusive living in an industrial look? Advantages & disadvantages, costs and tips

Buy a loft apartment – You want to buy an apartment or sell an apartment? Then you should know about the respective apartment type! No matter whether old building, penthouse or maisonette. Here you can find out everything about lofts. Especially in big cities like New York or London lofts were built for the first […]

Apartment types: What are the types of apartments? Real estate guide

Apartment Types – The real estate market is almost endless, and the apartment division is no exception. There are numerous apartment types, all of which differ from one another by a wide variety of factors. If you are looking for an investment property, rent an apartment, buy an apartment or build one yourself, you will […]