Capital investment real estate – real estate purchase councellor for house & free-hold flat

Real estate as an investment – step by step, from the basics to specific questions about buying real estate. Earn money with real estate! Here you will find tips from professionals. Good luck.

  • What do I need to consider when buying an old house?
  • What points should I focus on during the visit?
  • What do I look for when searching for real estate?
  • Which property is worthwhile as an investment?

Real estate financing – How does it work?

Explanatory video on private real estate financing – How does it work? – from DHBW Stuttgart

Youtube description: “In this explanatory video, it is explained how the classic private real estate financing works. Based on simple everyday examples, the most important basic elements of financing are clearly conveyed.”

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The most common mistakes when buying real estate

Buying real estate: the most common mistakes – and how to avoid them – by immocation.

Youtube description: “Making mistakes when buying real estate can have serious consequences. What to look for when buying real estate is therefore a central question that you should ask yourself when buying real estate as an investment. How you can avoid mistakes when buying real estate we show you in today’s video. The first of many real estate mistakes is certainly that you are not purposeful in the selection of location. Once you have committed a sound location analysis, you should also commit and stand by your choice. […]”

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What do I have to pay attention to when buying real estate

What to look out for when buying real estate (as a landlord, capital investment, investment) – by Alex Fischer.

Youtube description: ” What do I have to pay attention to when buying real estate (as a landlord, capital investment, investment)? Before you invest your money in a property, you probably ask yourself questions about questions: In which location should the investment property be located? Which apartment size is the most optimal? What do you have to pay attention to when choosing a property manager? Is it best to invest in a new or an old apartment? The real estate investor Alex Düsseldorf Fischer reports here from his own experience, what you have to pay attention to when buying real estate as a landlord, capital investor and investor!”

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Property inspection with professional investor

Real estate as an investment / The property inspection with Jens Rabe.

Youtube description: “Object inspection”.

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Step by step #1 – The right procedure

What to look for when buying real estate? Part 1: The right procedure – by immocation.

Youtube description: “Real estate investments or real estate as an investment are among the most profitable investments at all. Only with real estate as an investment, the leverage effect can be ideally exploited. By using the borrowed money from banks, one or the other real estate investor has already become very wealthy. But: Investing in real estate is a relatively extensive undertaking and requires some preparation. How does real estate work as an investment? What is especially important in investment real estate? Are there differences between a house and an apartment as an investment or a condominium as an investment? […]”

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Step by step #2 – coaster assessment

What to look for when buying real estate? Part 2: Beer mat valuation – by immocation

Youtube Description: “Buying real estate or getting into real estate has been one of the most financially rewarding decisions we have ever made. However, getting started real estate is not all that easy. Especially the real estate search or finding real estate is often a real challenge. At the time, we too were faced with the question, “How do I find real estate?”. Buying your first apartment often means intensively observing your own location for weeks (apartment search) and already knowing exactly “how do I buy an apartment” – in order to then be very quick in case of emergency (finding an apartment). […]”

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Step by step #3 – You need to check this

What to look for when buying real estate? Part 3: What you need to check – from immocation.

Youtube description: “When renting an apartment or buying and renting a property, a lot of time can be saved through good preparation and many mistakes can be avoided. It is worthwhile to deal with some basics before the property renting or apartment renting: What should you look out for when viewing an apartment? What is a good checklist for the first flat viewing? […]”

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Apply to several banks for favourable interest rates?

Real estate loans: Approach multiple banks for low interest rates? – From immocation.

Youtube description: “In this video we explain how we ourselves proceed in the search for a suitable bank for an apartment as an investment. In any case, it is useful to ask several banks to make a comparison to the interest rates offered. The conditions from the real estate loan significantly affect the return and favorable interest rates are a great lever. […]”

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Evaluation factors: Slides

Buying real estate for investment and real estate valuation – by Philipp Haas

Youtube description: “This video explains how to invest in real estate for capital investment and what to look for. It also introduces investresearch’s real estate valuation model.”

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Living space calculation – What to measure and what not?

Calculating living space: what to measure and what not to measure? – by Vanessa Wenk.

Youtube description: “In today’s video I explain to you in detail and even with an example in a property how to measure a living space correctly. What about sloping ceilings? What kind of rooms count as living space? These questions are answered for you in this video.”

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Buy real estate below market value

Buy real estate below market value from immocation.

Youtube description: “How do you manage to buy apartments below market value as a real estate investor? Basti is a professional investor, owns over 60 residential units and tells us this time how he bought an apartment within 7 days after publishing the ad. The funny thing: right on the side street where Alex from Alex kauft ne Bude, bought his first property in Essen. […]”

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